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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 25 Recap

Di’er invited Xie Xiaoni into Su Mansion, and Xie Xiaoni could only go in. Maybe she could find out about Su Gongming’s interception and killing from Yan Wenxiu. As soon as Yan Wenxiu came up, he satirized Xie Xiaoni to favor Luo Wang, and said that he and Su Wenyu were going to get married and asked Xie Xiaoni to help her take care of the clothes and makeup.

Di’er took a bite of a young woman, and Xie Xiaoni fought back cleverly. Xie Xiaoni opened the door to do business and couldn’t leave easily. She could only stay to help Yan Wenxiu make up, but Yan Wenxiu insisted on embarrassing her and asked her to try the effect on her feet. Xie Xiaoni swallowed her to help her take off her shoes, and Yan Wenxiu was ironic.

She seduce a man, Xie Xiaoni was so angry that she moved her hands, and Di’er directly threw Xie Xiaoni’s things. Su Wenyu heard the sound and heard that Yan Wenxiu claimed that her young lady was very angry, and slapped her angrily. Xie Xiaoni lowered her head to pack her things, Yan Wenxiu and Su Wenyu quarreled, and Su Wenyu said that she would never marry her!

Su Wenyu chased Xie Xiaoni out, and kept saying that Xie Xiaoni had herself in her heart, and he wanted to take her away from the capital. Xie Xiaoni coldly refused. Su Wenyu became more and more emotional. Ouyang Ziyu appeared in time and pushed Su Wenyu away, taking Xie Xiaoni to leave Su Mansion. Ouyang Ziyu was a little angry because Xie Xiaoni went to see Su Wenyu alone, what should he do if something happened to Xie Xiaoni in Su Mansion, Xie Xiaoni quickly apologized, Ouyang Ziyu asked her not to see Su Wenyu again, Xie Xiaoni quickly agreed. Ouyang Ziyu refused to admit that he was jealous, and even nagging that Xie Xiaoni should take Chengtian with him in the future.

Ouyang Ziyu rejected all Yuan Daocheng’s entry list, and wanted to make the list public to the people. The Heavenly Family had already asked Ouyang Ziyu to supervise this matter, which caused Yuan Daocheng’s headache. Ouyang Ziyu plays the piano in the garden, but Xie Xiaoni is a little sad. She thinks of her family. She failed to clean up their grievances.

Ouyang Ziyu must have a chance to comfort her. Yan Wenxiu came to Su Gongming for the matter of entering the palace market, for fear that the vanilla hall would enter the palace market. Su Gongming said that this matter would be left to him. Su Wenyu sent a lot of money to Xie Xiaoni, leaving only one letter. Xie Xiaoni knew that Su Wenyu wanted to help herself, but she couldn’t accept it. This is the only opportunity for Herb Hall to enter the palace market. Ouyang Ziyu said that he will uphold justice and believe that Xie Xiaoni will succeed.

Xie Xiaoni came to Su Wenyu to return the silver, but Su Wenyu said that the silver was not his, Xie Xiaoni left it and left. When Di’er saw it, she misunderstood. Yan Wenxiu asked Su Wenyu why she had reported to Herb Hall, and she was furious. The poor people can’t use Su-style things, nor can the poor people use things in the vanilla hall, so Yan Wenxiu decided not to fight for money honestly. Xie Xiaoni made samples of the Herb Hall stuff and let everyone distribute them to the people on the street for trial. Some merchants were seized by Ouyang Ziyu, and Yuan Daocheng asked Mrs. Gao to leave it alone as if nothing had happened.

Both Vanilla Tang and Su’s family entered the palace market, and Yan Wenxiu did not stumble this time, because she knew Xie Xiaoni’s personality, and she certainly wouldn’t use silver. Yan Wenxiu was very happy and said a lot about Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu beside Su Wenyu. Xie Xiaoni opened the window excitedly when she heard the sound of the flute, but did not see Ouyang Ziyu’s figure until Ouyang Ziyu appeared outside her door.

Ouyang Ziyu said that he had something important to talk about when he came. In a few days, Princess Lan Zhao came to Vanilla Hall, but it was a good opportunity for Herb Hall. Ouyang Ziyu pointed his face to Xie Xiaoni and asked for a kiss, but Yuan Xiang happened to run into him and Yuan Xiang was scared. He had to run out quickly.

Seeing Xie Xiaoni’s embarrassment, Ouyang Ziyu quickly dropped his flute and left. Xie Xiaoni sent Ouyang Ziyu away. Su Wenyu appeared drunk and accused Xie Xiaoni of agreeing to be with him but with Ouyang Ziyu again. Ouyang Ziyu hurriedly guarded Xie Xiaoni behind him and scolded him for being affectionate. Xie Xiaoni said that Ouyang Ziyu is the only one in his heart. If he does not leave, I will not give up. Su Wenyu walked alone in the night, extremely desolate.

Su Wenyu came back to Su’s house early the next morning and had a fever. Yan Wenxiu hurriedly asked Di’er to help him back to the room for the doctor.

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