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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 24 Recap

Su Gongming wanted to let the newly opened rouge gouache store into the palace market, Gao Daren asked him to go through the formalities tomorrow and pay the head fee according to the rules. Su Gongming could only do so, secretly scolding them for eating people and not spitting out bones. Ouyang Ziyu arranged a banquet, and Ouyang Ziyu invited Xie Xiaoni, Chengtian, Yuanxiang, and his uncle and aunt to banquet. Xiaoqin and Xiaolu hurriedly greeted them. Ouyang Ziyu said it was a celebration banquet for Vanilla Hall. Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu invite everyone to take their seats.

Yuan Xiang is still mad at Chengtian. Chengtian said that there will be something for Yuanxiang to give to Yuanxiang, and Yuanxiang arrogantly said that others don’t want it. s things. Aunt took out a bracelet and said it was for Xiaoqin, Yuan Xiang thoughtfully. When Gongshi vacated a place, Herb Hall would definitely have a chance to have a place. Ouyang Ziyu quietly took Xie Xiaoni’s hand and put it under the table. Xie Xiaoni wanted to take it out. Ouyang Ziyu molested her for a while before willing to let it go.

Su Gongming wants to manage the marriage of Su Wenyu and Yan Wenxiu, and the Su family’s family will be emptied by the Palace and City Bureau. Su Wenyu is still watching Xiaoqi, Su Gongming decides to repair a book and give it to Father Yan. Ouyang Ziyu accompanies Xie Xiaoni for a walk, and imitates the way Xie Xiaoni was drunk last time, and the two suddenly looked very sweet. Ouyang Ziyu took out a bunch of flowers, hoping that Xie Xiaoni would tell her if he had anything on his mind in the future, not to be bored in his heart and not to cry secretly. The petals were scattered, Xie Xiaoni was very happy looking at the petals in the sky, Ouyang Ziyu kissed Xie Xiaoni affectionately.

Chengtian brought Yuanxiang to a place, took out the hairpin he bought from Xizhou and said that he bought it for Yuanxiang, and put it on her. Yuan Xiang was still entangled in her heart. She didn’t know if Chengtian was on purpose or by the way. Chengtian sighed that it was so beautiful, and Yuanxiang closed her eyes. He didn’t expect Chengtian to say that the hairpin he picked was too beautiful, and the fragrance of the yuan was too beautiful. The hairpin pierces the sky. Ouyang Ziyu is inconvenient to come forward.

This time Xie Xiaoni is going to the palace city to find Lord Gao, but if Lord Gao wants silver and grabs the handle, Ouyang Ziyu can also come forward. Yan Wenxiu is about to put a new store into the market. Su Wenyu has recently cleared out many of Su Gongming’s old guys. Su Gongming is called back and placed in Yan Wenxiu’s store. He does not want to head-on with Su Wenyu for the time being. Su Gongming wanted to take back all of Yan Wenxiu’s craftsmanship. Butler Xiao suggested that Di’er should start with her and let her learn it secretly. Su Gongming asked Butler Xiao to do it.

Ouyang Ziyu retired fifty-three households. Gao Daocheng and Yuan Daocheng were very dissatisfied. People who wanted to enter the market before asked to see Yuan Daocheng, and Yuan Daocheng guided them to Luowang Mansion to make trouble. The merchants took a lot of things and clamored to ask Ouyang Ziyu to help them enter the market. Ouyang Ziyu was a little confused when he heard the voice, and Xiaolu was even more depressed.

Before Bairiluo Palace accepted bribes, the capital was all over the city. Ouyang Ziyu knew that this must have been instigated by the Palace and City Bureau, so he took everyone to the Palace and City Bureau and said in person that Gao Daocheng and Yuan Daocheng would handle the matter of entering the Palace City. If someone bribed him, he would not be merciless, Yuan Daocheng and Yuan Daocheng. Mr. Gao waited to see how Ouyang Ziyu’s bribery became a big deal.

Di’er asked Yan Wenxiu to take her own business skills. Yan Wenxiu let her know who she was from now on. Di’er quickly said that she understood. Su Wenyu accidentally heard the two talk about Xie Xiaoni’s return, and she rushed out to her own question without results. Go find it. Su Wenyu came to the vanilla hall and finally saw Xie Xiaoni who was still alive. Xie Xiaoni was very cold towards him. Chengtian hurriedly appeared and accused the Su family of killing him as a guest. Xie Xiaoni hurriedly took Chengtian back. They had no basis and they could only endure it until the investigation was clear!

Su Wenyu came back eclipsedly. Su Gongming asked Xie Xiaoni and Su Wenyu what they said. Su Wenyu said that Xie Xiaoni hadn’t mentioned anything about Xizhou. Yan Wenxiu also persuaded Su Gongming to be relieved and she would never lose to Su Wenyu. Su Wenyu was very entangled in thinking of what Chengtian had said. Xie Xiaoni already knew about Su Gongming’s murder, how could he compensate her.

Ouyang Ziyu received the roster from the Palace and Municipal Bureau, but there was no Herb Hall. Chengtian also came to ask Ouyang Ziyu to visit the Herb Hall. Xiaolu felt that Ouyang Ziyu should avoid suspicion, but my team members were upright, he did nothing to avoid suspicion. The Palace Bureau refused to accept Xie Xiaoni’s famous posts, obviously to embarrass them, most of the Su family was in the middle of it.

Ouyang Ziyu had other ways to comfort Xie Xiaoni, but he hadn’t figured it out yet. Yan Wenxiu wanted to overwhelm Xie Xiaoni and quietly ordered Di’er to help her. Su Wenyu asked Di’er what she was going to do when she found out. In order to avoid questioning, Yan Wenxiu asked her to count Su Wenyu’s eight characters. Su Wenyu angrily said that Yan Wenxiu wanted to marry. Wait for the next life! Seeing Su Wenyu humiliating herself, Yan Wenxiu decided to take revenge on his sweetheart.

Yuan Xiang was worried because he couldn’t enter the palace market, but Xie Xiaoni was very heartened. A girl said that her wife insisted on asking Xie Xiaoni to go there. Xie Xiaoni wanted Yuanxiang to go, but she could only follow. Aunt also wanted her to go out and get some air. The girl didn’t speak all the way, Xie Xiaoni saw that Su Mansion was leaving here, but she didn’t expect Di’er to suddenly appear with many guards, saying that she must do something when she collects money.

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