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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 23 Recap

Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian returned to the Fang family. Uncles and aunts were very happy. Chengtian directly picked Yuanxiang and went around for a few laps. After eating a lot of meals made by her aunt, Xie Xiaoni mentioned that she wanted to make some changes to the garment shop, and wanted the shop owner to sell rouge and gouache to sell ready-made garments. The two kinds of businesses are done together. If they can do it, it will be more popular, uncle. My aunt is very supportive. Xie Xiaoni decided to open a vanilla hall in Beijing.

In the evening, Xie Xiaoni and Yuanxiang told her the story in Xizhou, brought her a gift, and said that Chengtian bought something to give to her sweetheart. Xiaoqin came to the store to deliver a batch of things, which was ordered by Ouyang Ziyu. Uncle hurriedly asked Chengtian to give Xiaoqin a thank-you gift, but Xiaoqin refused to accept it. Yuanxiang encountered this scene by chance and thought that Chengtian’s sweetheart was Xiaoqin and was very sad. It turned out that he really didn’t like himself.

The opening of the vanilla hall shop attracted a lot of rumors. Xie Xiaoni ignored them. Everyone had never heard of vanilla hall and refused to go in. Uncle and aunt were a little anxious. Xie Xiaoni said that everything in the store was tried by himself. The life is safe. A elder sister jumped out and said that she was afraid of disfigurement. Xie Xiaoni made a bet with her, saying that applying makeup from Vanilla Hall would make her ten times younger and more beautiful, otherwise she would give her twelve years younger. silver.

Xie Xiaoni put on makeup and put on the clothes in the shop. When the Buddha was replaced by a person, everyone was amazed. The eldest sister was dizzy and crying when she saw herself in the mirror. Thanks to Xie Xiaoni, saying that she is more godly than a god. Xie Xiaoni talked about the products in the store. The eldest sister went in directly to buy things, and immediately attracted many customers.

Yan Wenxiu also opened several rouge gouache shops. Hearing everyone talked that things were not as good as Vanilla Tang, Yan Wenxiu was a little dissatisfied and drove them out directly. Butler Xiao was very curious about what the vanilla hall was. The other party replied that it was opened by Xie Xiaoni before. He heard that she had gone to Xizhou to learn a lot of skills. Yan Wenxiu was shocked, angry and annoyed. Su Gongming didn’t believe that Xie Xiaoni was back, he had already sent someone to kill her!

Su Gongming asked Yan Wenxiu to visit the vanilla hall. Don’t let Su Wenyu know about this. After a big quarrel with Su Gongming that day, Su Wenyu began to fight, but Su Gongming still only trusted Yan Wenxiu, expecting her to carry the burden of the Su family. Su Gongming felt that Yan Wenxiu could not play any new tricks when dealing with a woman, and he was not worried about sprawling.

Yuan Xiang has always been too lazy to talk to Chengtian recently, and Chengtian is a bit at a loss. Yan Wenxiu was very angry when she heard the comments made by the streets to Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni happened to meet Yan Wenxiu when she went out. Yan Wenxiu was yin and yang strange, and Xie Xiaoni went back unceremoniously, full of gunpowder. Butler Xiao found that the female assassin had disappeared. Su Gongming was very angry. There was no evidence of the attack on Xizhou. Xie Xiaoni had no evidence. Yan Wenxiu felt that Xie Xiaoni was fighting against the Su family. Su Gongming asked her not to act recklessly.

Ouyang Ziyu came, and his uncle and aunt, Chengtian and Yuanxiang left quickly and interestingly. Ouyang Ziyu fell in Xie Xiaoni’s ear and asked if she missed him. Xie Xiaoni said that she was so busy and Ouyang Ziyu was a little unhappy. Ouyang Ziyu left a kiss on Xie Xiaoni’s face. Speaking of business, he has never found out why Su Gongming started Xie Xiaoni, but he found out that Su Gongming had bribed Yuan Daocheng. Xie Xiaoni knew that Su Wenyu was not bad and did not participate in it.

Xie Xiaoni felt that the pearl powder and the Palace and City Bureau of the year were inseparable, and there must be clues to follow. However, it is very difficult for Herb Hall to enter the Palace City. Ouyang Ziyu is about to report to Tianjia Qing to leave some businesses to leave some space. Although the power of the palace city is intertwined, Xie Xiaoni is not afraid, and Ouyang Ziyu said that she will always be with her.

Yuan Daocheng was very angry because of Ouyang Ziyu’s report to the Heavenly Family, and he was the leader of the Palace and City Bureau! Yuan Daocheng decided to persuade the youngest person to quit, and when it was done, he replied to Ouyang Ziyu that he had retired, and he wanted to see what Ouyang Ziyu wanted to do. Mr. Gao came to give Ouyang Ziyu back to send the roster. Ouyang Ziyu was not satisfied after reading it.

There were more than these seven merchants with insufficient qualifications. Ouyang Ziyu decided to personally supervise the cleaning of the merchants. Ouyang Ziyu knew that Yuan Daocheng had to deal with himself, but he had to move. Yuan Daocheng became even more angry, and Su Gongming came when he was angry. Su Gongming was panicked because of the withdrawal of the merchant, although nothing could be found out from the account. Su Gongming wanted to let the newly opened rouge gouache shop into the market, so Yuan Daocheng and Gao Dao naturally had to take the opportunity to squeeze the wool.

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