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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 22 Recap

Xie Xiaoni was in charge of Jiang Pingchuan, Ouyang Ziyu was in charge of giving lessons to the two children on weekdays, Chengtian and Xiaolu watered and fertilized the big trees, Xie Xiaoni studied with Asuna and Jiang Pingchuan, Jiang Pingchuan gave her a lot of books, only to lay them out. The foundation can understand other things. Asuna came to bring tea to Xie Xiaoni, persuading her to rest early, saying that Ouyang Ziyu saw her studying here, distressed but couldn’t bear to disturb. The soup these days are still made by Ouyang Ziyu, and Xie Xiaoni is very moved. . Ouyang Ziyu often walks around Xie Xiaoni to help. It’s a grind and a record. The days just pass by.

Asuna asked Xie Xiaoni to draw flowers to Ouyang Ziyu, and Ouyang Ziyu stared at her intently. Asuna understood when she saw it. Ouyang Ziyu and Xie Xiaoni came out to pick flowers, and when they were tired, they sat down to rest for a while, Ouyang Ziyu took out a handkerchief to help her wipe away the tears from her temples. This handkerchief was made for him by Xie Xiaoni before, and Ouyang Ziyu kept taking it here.

Everyone on this trip to Xizhou was very good, but although this beautiful place is not Xie Xiaoni’s place, Ouyang Ziyu will always be by his side. Uncle received Chengtian’s letter, Yuanxiang opened it quickly, saying that they would be back at the end of the month, and the store would be able to reopen by then. Yuan Xiang took the letter and returned to the room. Chengtian said that she was noisy, but she was still a little uncomfortable without her. Yuan Xiang couldn’t hide her loss and didn’t even want to eat food. She kept crying when she looked at Xin, and her aunt was very distressed.

Su Mansion. Su Wenyu hasn’t been out for several days. Yan Wenxiu said that Su Gongming had already taken care of the several shops in the south of the city. She planned to open a powder shop, and she would have fun. Now Su Wenyu abandons herself, and Su Gongming sees no hope in him. , Yan Wenxiu scolded Su Wenyu, but Su Wenyu remained unmoved.

Chengtian saw a hairpin on the street. Although he thought it was a bit expensive, he bought it. Su Wenyu came to Su Gongming and said that he could not buy and buy the Su family to outsiders, but Su Gongming was unwilling. After all, Su Wenyu is a waste. If Su Wenyu and Yan Wenxiu were married early, they would not fall into this field.

Xie Xiaoni left some fabrics and clothes for Asuna, Chengtian wished to go back immediately, Xie Xiaoni joked about Yuanxiang every day, but he was still duplicity. I heard that Chengtian bought a gift for Yuanxiang. Xie Xiaoni encouraged him to admit it generously. Sooner or later he would regret it if he continued like this. Instead, Chengtian told her to keep an eye on Ouyang Ziyu, and heard that he has been running to the Songji Hall for the past few days. .

Ouyang Ziyu and Xiaolu came back from the singer’s hall. Xie Xiaoni was upset because of this incident. Chengtian heard that the girl called Aita to find Xie Xiaoni quickly, and Xie Xiaoni drove him out with an upset. Early the next morning, Ouyang Ziyu waited outside Xie Xiaoni’s door. Xie Xiaoni felt like he was too lazy to care for him and asked him to find a beautiful woman for a drink. Ouyang Ziyu deliberately said that he had spent a lot of money, but the person the Aita girl was looking for was actually Xie Xiaoni.

Ouyang Ziyu and Xie Xiaoni came to see Aita together. Aita heard that she would embroider with both hands, and said that she would also embroider different patterns. Ouyang Ziyu also wanted them to learn from each other. After seeing Aita’s hands embroidering together, Xie Xiaoni started practicing without eating or drinking all day. Chengtian worried that her hard work would not be good, but Ouyang Ziyu knew Xie Xiaoni very well. She understood the reason why she didn’t press her body with many skills. . Aita is so talented that it is difficult for Xie Xiaoni to do one mind and two purposes. Ouyang Ziyu asked her to put one hand in the air and the other to write different words on her own heart. Xie Xiaoni refused to tell Ouyang Ziyu what she wrote on the right, but Ouyang Ziyu saw at a glance that she was writing a bun, and Xie Xiaoni was naturally thinking of him.

Ouyang Ziyu and Xie Xiaoni are about to return. Asuna is still asking when Xie Xiaoni will be married to Ouyang Ziyu, and persuade him to take good care of them and wait for their good news. Jiang Pingchuan gave Xie Xiaoni a gift, which was regarded as a parting gift. His will to drive the vanilla hall back to the Central Plains was entirely up to Xie Xiaoni. After saying goodbye, the group returned to Beijing, Jiang Pingchuan and Asuna were very sad. Su Wenyu found Yan Wenxiu and advised her to return to Huaizhou not to cause trouble to the Su family. She shouldn’t stretch her hand so long. Yan Wenxiu was stubborn, Su Wenyu knocked her out, and he would send Yan Wenxiu back tomorrow morning, not letting her show up as the Su family.

The next day, Su Gongming found that Yan Wenxiu was missing, and quickly called someone to look for it. Su Gongming rushed to Su Wenyu’s room and found Yan Wenxiu who was locked in a cabinet by him. Su Gongming violently beat Su Wenyu. Yan Wenxiu cried and asked Su Gongming to be the master, otherwise he would only die. Su Gongming said that Su Wenyu ruined Yan Wenxiu’s reputation. Regardless of whether Su Wenyu wanted it or not, he wanted someone to hire at Yan’s house. Su Wenyu still refused, threatening Su Gongming to tell those things, Su Gongming fainted in a hurry.

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