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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 32 Recap

Lu Yingying lied that Lu Qi rejected King Liang’s proposal because she already had a sweetheart, and her sweetheart was King Liang. King Liang did not easily believe it, and asked if Lu Yingying wanted to use him to save Lu Qi and Lu Yunji. Lu Yingying said that there are both. Liang Wang wanted to promote Lu Yingying as the princess, but now he only wanted to give her the identity of a child. Liang Wang wanted to take Lu Yingying away on the spot, but Lu Yingying asked Liang Wang to save Lu Qi and Lu Yun first.

With halberd, King Liang promised Lu Yingying that when Lu Yunji and his son came out of prison, it was the day that Lu Yingying entered the Liang Palace. But King Liang didn’t intend to really work hard, he just planned to wait and see the changes, because no matter what the outcome of the Lu family and his son was, he could easily win Lu Yingying.

King Qin’s teacher told him a two-month leave. The Queen was worried that King Qin would waste his studies, so she sent Fu Rou to review his homework for King Qin. However, King Qin pestered Fu Rou to tell him stories. Fu Rou told King Qin stories. The emperor was at the door. After listening to the story told by Fu Rou, the emperor asked Fu Rou to tell more stories about his filial son to King Qin, and asked King Qin to visit the Supreme Emperor.

Fu Rou followed the emperor to the Temple of Ganlu, only to find that King Han had returned with Sheng Chumu. King Han explained to the emperor that Sheng Chumu was suffering from a hidden illness, and he went to heal after learning that there was a worldly expert. When the emperor saw that Sheng Chumu came back, he wanted to reward him for his merits. First he rewarded Yan Zifang for catching Hong Yide for his merits, and promoted Yan Zifang to one level and was responsible for the public security of Chang’an Xicheng.

He thought that Sheng Chumu would take this opportunity to marry Fu Rou, but Sheng Chumu offered to leave Chang’an to defend the country, to break everything from the past, and to temper his mind in the frontier. Fu Rou listened to the side and felt very heartbroken, but Sheng Chumu He didn’t look at her. He mistakenly thought that Fu Rou intentionally hurt himself. The emperor looked at Sheng Chumu with admiration and allowed Sheng Chumu’s request, but Fu Rou was heartbroken. After the meritorious deeds, the emperor left the prince alone.

Yan Zifang approached Fu Rou to apologize and asked Fu Rou why she didn’t report on herself. Fu Rou said that she had promised Lu Yingying to keep a secret, and asked Yan Zifang to cherish Lu Yingying and not to disappoint those who loved him. King Liang went to visit Lu Yunji and his son in the prison, and expressed his position. Lu Yunji and his son were a little strange.

They didn’t understand why Liang Wang suddenly changed his attitude, but with the help of Liang Wang, they had the hope of going out. Soon after King Liang left, King Zhou went to the prison to interrogate Hong Yide, but Hong Yide said that he only confessed to the prince. When King Liang heard the news, he told the prince about the matter and asked the prince to intervene in the matter quickly. Don’t let King Zhou. Meritorious service. King Liang suddenly found Fu Rou and snatched the pill that Daochang Yuan had given her.

For the sake of self-reliance, Lian Yan’er and Ma Hainiu made a set of jewelry and sold them to Princess Han, and asked Lian Yan’er to dress Princess Han. The dress of Princess Han attracted Princess Siling’s attention, and Princess Han recommended her to her. Mahai Niu.

The prince went to the prison to find Hong Yide. In fact, all of this was an arrangement to cover the water. He took Hong Yide’s grandson as a hostage and wanted Hong Yide to die. Hong Yide was forced to agree, and Hong Yide saw it. After arriving at the prince, he committed suicide. The purpose of covering the water was to blame the prince for killing Hong Yide. Only Hong Yide and the prince were in prison. Hong Yide was dead. The most suspected one was the prince.

The emperor was so angry that he thought the prince was for the sake of killing Hong Yide. Only after saving Lu Yunji did he kill Hong Yide, he ordered the prince to be imprisoned and no one was allowed to visit. Zhan Xuanzhi and Sun Tan both interceded for the prince. If the prince is not released, they will be replaced to hear the case of Dacangshan. The emperor was furious and was dragged down by both of them. However, King Zhou voluntarily asked for a change of party to hear the case.

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