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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 31 Recap

When Lu Qi heard that King Liang was about to marry Lu Yingying, he wanted to find an excuse to decline, but King Liang refused to give up and shook his face at Lu Qi. Lu Qi went back and told Lu Yunji about the matter. Lu Yunji was very embarrassed. King Liang was co-organizing the case of Dacangshan. If he offends King Liang at this juncture, the consequences are unpredictable, but Lu Qi can’t control that much, so he will Such a sister must never ruin her happiness. Lu Yingying wanted to come to Lu Qi to talk about Fu Yin, but he heard about King Liang at the door.

Hong Yide was rescued by Fushui, and Fushui saved Hong Yide’s only grandson. Hong Yide was grateful to Fushui, but Fushui offered to let Hong Yide do something. Fu Shui tied Hong Yide and gave it to Yan Zifang. Yan Zifang was overjoyed. As long as Hong Yide was sent to the emperor, Lu Yunji would undoubtedly die. Lu Qi’an who was inserted in Yan Zifang’s mansion heard this and hurried to Lu’s mansion. I wrote a letter asking Lu Qi to make preparations, but this letter was seen by Fu Yin. Fu Yin remembered that Lu Hanxing said before his death that Lu Qi was the mastermind of setting the Fu family on fire, so he burned the letter. .

After Fu Rou returned to the palace, the queen gave Fu Rou a great appreciation and asked Fu Rou to have lunch with her. Fu Rou lied that she was scared by the tiger and fell into the river in a panic, and was taken to Guangzhou by a passing merchant ship, the queen. However, she did not easily believe that she was abducted by Sheng Chumu. Fu Rou hurriedly begged for mercy, saying that all the guilt was borne by her alone and had nothing to do with Sheng Chumu. The queen did not punish her and gave Fu Rou an access token. ,

Allowing her to enter and leave the palace, no longer subject to January 1st restrictions, although the queen suspected her and Sheng Chumu, but because Fu Rou rescued King Liang and Emperor Taishang in Dacang Mountain, the queen forgave her and no longer pursued this thing. Sheng Chuling took an opportunity to find Fu Rou, and wanted to ask Fu Rou about Sheng Chumu’s whereabouts. Fu Rou was about to speak. King Zhou suddenly appeared to stop Fu Rou and dismissed Sheng Chuling. Zhou Wang warned Fu Rou not to mention her and Sheng. Chu Mu’s matter, otherwise it would be bad for both of them.

At the court, the king of Zhou reported the case of Hong Yide to the emperor. The leak of the route could not be investigated clearly. Cao Yuan admitted that he had leaked the route under the great punishment, but because of the torture, the confession was doubtful, so the emperor let him King Zhou tried Fan Zhang again, and told him that he could not be tortured against Fan Zhang. King Zhou also said that Hong Yide was not dead.

This shows that Lu Yunji did not really kill Hong Yide in those days. Lu Yunji sophistry said that Hong Yide feigned his death, the prince helped Lu Yunji speak, and King Liang stood on the opposite side of Lu Yunji because of Lu Yingying’s affairs. At this time, Yan Zifang saw the right time and said that he had seized Hong Yide and Hong Yide had already confessed. It was said that Lu Yunji accepted the bribe and released Hong Yide privately. The emperor sent Lu Yunji and Lu Qi away and waited for investigation. The prince was also reprimanded by the emperor for speaking on behalf of Lu Yunji.

After the prince returned, he was scolded by Zhan Xuanzhi. The prince was in a bad mood, and Zhan Xuanzhi’s reprimand made him even more upset. When the prince was upset, he went to Chen Ji’s tomb, only to find that Sun Lingshu was crying in front of Chen Ji’s tomb, and Sun Lingshu was crying. While crying, the prince had a sudden abdominal pain. The prince hurriedly called the emperor’s doctor, Sun Lingshu had a dystocia, and the midwife came out and asked whether the prince was taking care of the prince or the prince. A method was proposed to help Sun Lingshu produce. According to Fu Rou’s method, Sun Lingshu and the prince, mother and son are safe.

The queen and the emperor were very happy to have the emperor’s grandson. Next, he would have a celebration to celebrate. King Zhou recommended King Han to the emperor. King Han wanted to resign, but due to Concubine Yan’s persuasion, the emperor let King Han come to the celebration. . The empress again told the emperor for Fu Rou’s merits. The emperor wanted to reward Fu Rou. Fu Rou told her grandson she had met outside, and asked the emperor to send troops to suppress the bandits. The emperor looked at Fu Rou with admiration and rewarded her for her right to speak. From now on, Fu Rou could speak freely in front of the emperor.

Lu Yunji and Lu Qi were imprisoned, Lu Hanxing died, and no one ran for them. They offended King Liang, and there was no hope of turning over. Lu Yingying wanted to save her father and brother, so she went to Yan Zifang, but Yan Zifang said that he I don’t care about it. Lu Yingying had no choice but to approach King Liang as a dancer.

King Han drank too much wine in the palace. After returning home, he was vomiting. Princess Han took good care of King Han. After the King Han woke up, he saw that Princess Han was embroidering pomegranate embroidery. King Han knew that Princess Han wanted a child, Han. The princess has not been pregnant, and this has always been her annoying thing. Besides, Princess Han was suffering from Sheng Chumu’s headache. At this time, Sheng Chumu fell drunk in front of the palace of Han.

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