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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 30 Recap

Lu Hanxing was dead, and Lu Yunji could only tell a lie to trick Lu’s mother Lu Hanxing to send the letter to the border town, and it would take three or four months to return. Mother Lu lived in Lu’s house. She met Fu Yin when she went to visit Lu Qi. She told Fu Yin many things about Lu Qi when she was a child. After knowing that Lu Mu was Lu Hanxing’s mother, Fu Yin felt guilty and didn’t know the situation. Mother Lu also gave Fu Yin a bracelet as a meeting ceremony.

After Fu Yin killed Lu Hanxing, he was always uneasy. Lu Qi comforted Fu Yin to tell her not to think too much. Even if there is retribution, it will be reported to her. Seeing that Fu Yin was depressed, Lu Yingying asked her to drink together to relieve her boredom. Fu Yin thought that Lu Yingying was drunk, and accidentally said that he killed Lu Hanxing. Lu Yingying was shocked and felt that Fu Yin was too vicious, and left the tavern. ,

Fu Yin chased him out, but accidentally ran into King Liang. King Liang was upset and wanted to snatch Fu Yin back. Lu Yingying couldn’t bear to turn around and went back to save Fu Yin. However, Wang Liang was worried about him. . When Liang Wang was drinking with Lu Qi, he said that he was in love with Lu Yingying. Lu Qi’s face changed. He knew what kind of person Liang Wang was, and how could he be willing to marry Lu Yingying to Liang Wang.

Sheng Chumu took Fu Rou to live in the inn, but they were penniless, so Sheng Chumu chopped firewood at the inn to make money without letting Fu Rou help, but Fu Rou secretly borrowed red silk from the store and arranged the room. After waiting for Sheng Chumu to come back, Sheng Chumu was very happy to see Fu Rou’s carefully arranged bridal chamber flowers and candles.

Fu Rou asked Sheng Chumu if he wanted to be his husband. Of course Sheng Chumu was willing, and the two decided privately. For the rest of his life, Sheng Chumu hugged Fu Rou after he drank Hepu wine. In the early morning, when the two were warming up, Sheng Chumu said that he would definitely think of a good way for the two of them to stay together and reunite with their families. Before that, Fu Rou was not allowed to go back to Chang’an. Sheng Chumu got up to buy cakes.

Before leaving, she was a little worried. She was afraid that Fu Rou would secretly return to Chang’an after she left. Fu Rou comforted a few words. After Sheng Chumu left, Fu Rou went downstairs to help the boss sew clothes. There were officers and soldiers searching for Hong Yide’s accomplices, and Fu Rou remembered that Sheng Chumu had used the name of Hong Yide’s accomplices to rescue herself before, which attracted the officers and soldiers.

After Sheng Chumu bought the dim sum, he also found the officers and soldiers arrested. He hurried back to the inn to ask Fu Rou to leave, but found that Fu Rou was no longer there. Fu Rou went out to find Sheng Chumu, only to find that the officers and soldiers were arresting the benefactor, and he also arrested Xu, who was speaking for the people. In order to save the eldest sister and brother-in-law, Fu Rou had no choice but to stand up and show his identity and let him go.

Xu Youtong, but this fan derailed deliberately planted and framed Xu Youtong to vent Lu Yunji’s anger. He wanted to torture Xu Youtong regardless. Fu Rou was about to take out the pardon given by the queen, and Zhou Wang rushed to save him in time. Come down everyone. Without waiting for Xu to thank him again, King Zhou took Fu Rou away.

In fact, King Zhou had seen Fu Ruong and Sheng Chumu eloped in Dacang Mountain. King Zhou had thought that if Fu Rou were to remain anonymous, he would let Fu Rou go. Rou, but now that Fu Rou has revealed his identity, he will no longer give Fu Rou a chance. He immediately sent the news that Fu Rou was alive back to Chang’an, and then took Fu Rou away with a threat. Sheng Chumu saw Fu Rou Rou got into Zhou Wang’s car, a little desperate for a while.

Sheng Chulingzheng and Princess Xinnan secretly had a private meeting in the imperial garden. The pearl on the watch came to remind the two guards that they were coming, and the two ran away, but they met Concubine Yan, who kindly asked Sheng Chuling to hide, and sent people away. The guards are gone.

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