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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 29 Recap

After King Liang captured Cao Yuan Cao General Cao, he took a fancy to Cao Yuan’s wife and concubine, and asked his subordinates to arrest Cao Yuan’s wife and concubine for interrogation. Soon, his subordinates gave Cao Yuan’s confession to King Zhou. He admitted that he had conflicts with Lu Qi, but he refused to admit the leaked line. King Zhou also felt that Cao Yuan had no motives for colluding with the party, so he asked his subordinates to be more careful. Investigate other people’s confessions. Concubine Yan came to Zhou Wang to visit him, read Cao Yuan’s confession, and persuaded Zhou Wang to forget Fu Rou and not be too sad.

Sheng Chumu worked as a guy in the inn, but he had a conflict with the guests. He was arrogant and would not nod and bow down to serve people. He fought with a few guests. Fu Rou suggested that he should do embroidery to make money. Sheng Chumu But he didn’t want to let Fu Rou be wronged. In order to make a living, Sheng Chumu said to go to the mountains to eat game.

Sheng Chumu hit the prey and was baking it and handing it to Fu Rou, but the two met a pair of grandparents. Fu Rou was softhearted and gave the prey to both grandparents and grandchildren to eat. The old man talked about himself. In his hometown Lion Mountain, there were bandits, burned, killed, looted, and committed no evil. Although officers and soldiers came to suppress bandits, it was ineffective.

Sheng Chumu was a little angry, saying that if he gave himself an army, the bandits would be wiped out. The old man talked about before. Sheng Xiaojing came and praised Sheng Xiaojing as a great hero. Sheng Chumu listened to his old man and missed his family a little. He had a nightmare at night and called Sheng Xiaojing to wake up. When Fu Rou saw Sheng Chumu like this, he knew that he was homesick. She asked the two to go back, but Sheng Chumu had to stick to it.

Lu Qi was still in a coma. Fu Yin was hit by Jasmine and the last medicine was gone. Fu Yin looked at Lu Qi. Although she was not at ease when she approached Lu Qi at first, she really didn’t want Lu now. Qi died. Fu Yin stayed by Lu Qi’s side for the night. When she woke up, she found Lu Qi holding her hand, indicating that Lu Qi was already conscious. She hurriedly asked Jasmine to call the imperial physician. After the imperial physician came, he told Lu Yunji that Lu Qi was already well.

After this level, as long as you take good care of it, you can heal. Fu Yin just breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly fainted. The doctor quickly diagnosed Fu Yin’s pulse, and he hurriedly reported good news to Lu Yunji, saying that Fu Yin was happy. Lu Yunji was overjoyed. It seems that Lu Hanxing’s rush has brought a lot of joy, so he ordered his servants to prepare for the marriage of Lu Hanxing and the Zhao family, and don’t feel sorry for the money.

Only Lu Yunji and his son were left in the room. Lu Qi took this opportunity to tell Lu Yunji that it was Lu Hanxing who had colluded with Hong Yide and leaked the Queen’s return route. Lu Yunji called Lu Hanxing over, and Lu Hanxing was a little disappointed when he saw Lu Qi wake up. ,

Lu Yunji slapped Lu Hanxing to the ground. In a rage, he drew his sword and wanted to kill Lu Hanxing. Lu Hanxing hurriedly begged for mercy. At this time, Lu Hanxing’s mother, Lu Mu, came to the Lu Mansion. Lu Yunji could only let people put Lu Hanxing first. Tie it up and lock it up. Lu Hanxing found a chance to escape.

Sheng Chumu came back from hunting and found that Fu Rou was missing. After searching, she found that Fu Rou was bathing in the lake. Sheng Chumu’s eyes were straight. Fu Rou was a little shy, and asked Sheng Chumu to bring her clothes over, making him inaccurate. Taking a peek, Sheng Chumu saw Yan Zifang’s longevity lock in Fu Rou’s clothes, which made him wonder how Fu Rou escaped from Dacang Mountain. He did not question Fu Rou, only that he was going to take the prey to the city and sell it for money. However, the two met the officials and levied miscellaneous taxes.

In order not to reveal their identity, Sheng Chumu could only swallow the prey and give it to the officials. Fu Rou saw Sheng Chu. The feeling of grievance was really unbearable, so they suggested that the two returned to Chang’an, betraying their relatives and staying with their homeland. Fu Rou felt it meaningless. Sheng Chumu misunderstood Fu Rou’s meaning and felt that Fu Rou was still thinking about Yan Zifang, so she wanted to return to Chang’an.

Sheng Chumu threw the longevity lock to Fu Rou and left. Fu Rou hurried back to find Sheng Chumu, but met Chen You on the road. Chen You wanted to act on Fu Rou. Fortunately, Sheng Chumu rushed to rescue Fu Rou. Chen You asked who Sheng Chumu was, and Sheng Chumu took a look. Hong Yide’s wanted warrant stated that he was a subordinate of Hong Yide.

Fu Tao returned from Guangzhou to Chang’an to find Lu Qi, only to find that Fu Yin had become Lu Qi’s concubine. The two brothers and sisters suddenly met and were very surprised. The two found an opportunity to meet in private. Fu Tao was very disappointed with what Fu Yin had done and wanted to take her away. Unexpectedly, Lu Hanxing would listen to the conversation between the two. Lu Hanxing hid in the small courtyard where the two met. The people in Lu Mansion found that Lu Hanxing had escaped.

After searching the small courtyard, Fu Yin sent them away, but Fu Tao found Lu Hanxing’s trail. Lu Hanxing heard Fu Yin and Fu Tao. Then, he proposed several people to cooperate against Lu Yunji. Fu Yin disagreed, and told Fu Tao that the fire of the Fu family was set by Lu Hanxing. Fu Tao acted on Lu Hanxing as soon as he heard it. Lu Hanxing was stabbed and said without a word. The arson was Lu Qi’s mastermind, and he was just an accomplice. Fu Yin could not accept the facts for a while.

He took the knife and stabbed Lu Hanxing several times. Lu Hanxing completely died, and Fu Yin threatened Fu Tao with his life to let him leave. Fu Yin lied to Lu Qi, saying that Lu Hanxing was going to insult him, and he accidentally killed Lu Hanxing when he resisted. Lu Qi did not suspect him. In order to prevent Lu Yunji from punishing Fu Yin, Lu Qi took the initiative to take the charge. Said he killed Lu Hanxing himself.

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