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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 28 Recap

When Lu Hanxing saw that Lu Qi was unconscious, he planned to kill him. Fortunately, Fu Yin came back with Jasmine. Lu Hanxing quickly let go. Fu Yin was very defensive against Lu Hanxing. After driving him away, he told Jasmine to guard him when he was away. By Lu Qi’s side. When Lu Yunji saw that Lu Qi was seriously injured, he planned to marry Lu Hanxing and the Zhao family’s wife to give Lu Qi a joy.

Yan Zifang banned Fu Ruan. Fu Rou remembered the friendship between herself and Yan Zifang, and resisted adding harsh words to Yan Zifang, saying that she had only brother and sister affection for Yan Zifang. Yan Zifang became excited and said that she had been in various dangers over the years. The spiritual pillar that supported him to survive was Fu Rou, an untimely wife. Fu Rou explained that she had never had sex with Yan Zifang, and that Yan Zifang might not like herself, maybe just not reconciled with her own things.

Yan Zifang was really unwilling to take it away. He took out the longevity lock and said that as long as the longevity lock was still there, the marriage contract between himself and Fu Rou would still be counted. When Fu and Yan Zifang snatched the longevity lock, he accidentally scratched him. Yan Zifang’s face was lost. No matter what Fu Rou said, Yan Zifang stubbornly refused to give up Fu Rou. Yan Zifang got drunk outside the house and looked back to Fu Rou.

Here, Sheng Chumu and King Zhou are still looking for Fu Rou. King Zhou guessed that Fu Rou had been killed and had a desire to retreat, but Sheng Chumu refused to believe that Fu Rou was killed, and insisted on searching for Fu Rou. When Sheng Chumu was desperate, Fu Rou suddenly appeared in front of Sheng Chumu. Sheng Chumu was already unconscious and thought it was Fu Rou’s ghost that appeared. Fu Rou held Sheng Chumu softly and comforted.

Yan Zifang thought that she and Fu Rou had a spring night. After waking up in the morning, she realized that it was Lu Yingying who was lying next to her. It turned out that Lu Yingying wanted to ask Yan Zifang for help last night, so she followed all the way, and while Yan Zifang was drinking outside, she and Fu Rou changed her clothes and let Fu Rou escape.

Lu Yingying begged Yan Zifang to be a husband and wife for a day, but Yan Zifang refused. Although Lu Yingying was sad, she had spent the night with Yan Zifang. She was already worthy of her feelings. When Lu Yingying was about to leave, Yan Zifang suddenly said that she was in her hands. There is a medicine that can save Lu Qi, and the condition of the medicine is to make Lu Yunji die in front of him. Lu Yingying was speechless for a while and could only leave.

Yan Zifang felt soft for a while, catching up with Lu Yingying and giving the medicine, saying that if Lu Yingying took the medicine, the two would be cleaned up. Although Lu Yingying was unwilling, she could only accept it in order to save Lu Qi. She proposed that as long as Yan Zifang was willing, She could not be the daughter of Lu Yunji, and follow Yan Zifang to the end of the world, wherever she can go, but Yan Zifang left cruelly.

The next day Sheng Chumu woke up and found that Fu Rou in front of him was a living person. He asked why there were blood stains on Fu Rou’s female official uniform. Lu Yingying had long told Fu Rou not to tell Yan Zifang about her imprisonment. In return for anyone, Fu Rou agreed to Lu Yingying’s terms, and she could only lie to Sheng Chumu by casually telling a lie.

After inquiring about her situation, the people in the palace also came to Fu Rou. Sheng Chumu hugged Fu Rou tightly and told her to keep quiet. He realized that this was a good opportunity to escape from the palace. Fu Rou hesitated very much. She couldn’t leave her parents behind. Sheng Chumu tried to persuade him again and again, but Fu Rou refused. Sheng Chumu was a little sad, but Fu Rou suddenly turned to stop Sheng Chumu and agreed to run away.

Sheng Chumu was the first to find the Supreme Emperor and the Empress. The emperor wanted to reward him for his merits, but Sheng Xiaojing said that it was his duty to save people and that he did not need rewards. Instead, he wanted to punish Lu Qi, who was ineffective in guarding, and Liang Wang took the Supreme Emperor with him.

His handwriting came to intercede with Lu Qi, and brought General Cao’s subordinates. He slandered General Cao and leaked his route. The prince also interceded for Lu Qi. This matter was of great importance. The emperor asked King Zhou to thoroughly investigate the matter and asked King Liang to investigate it. Sheng Chumu has not returned, and Sheng Xiaojing is a little worried, so she asks Sheng Chuling to send someone to find him, and then asks him to lie to Mrs. Sheng that Sheng Chumu has gone to Guangzhou.

Unexpectedly, Sheng Chumu really took Fu Rou back to Guangzhou, but the two were shy in their pockets, and Sheng Chumu ordered more dishes on impulse. Sheng Chumu had to say to stay in the store as a clerk to pay for the meal. Lu Yingying took the medicine home, and only the last one was left, but Lu Qi hadn’t woke up yet, and Fu Yin was very worried.

The queen held a banquet with her sons in the palace. Thinking that her life expectancy was less than three years, the queen was very emotional and couldn’t help but exhort them. After eating, the prince said that Zhou Wang was responsible for investigating Da Cang Mountain. , I couldn’t help complaining. The queen told him not to be impetuous, and the prince again asked Zhan Xuanzhi to leave the East Palace. The queen knew that although Zhan Xuanzhi’s words were unpleasant, it was good for the prince. The queen refused to transfer Zhan Xuanzhi away, but The prince did not understand the queen’s painstaking efforts. King Zhou and King Liang arrested General Cao for interrogation.

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