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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 32 End Recap

Duan Mucui proposed to Jiang Yi that he wanted to lead troops to attack Anyi City, but Jiang Yi refused. Jiang Wenqing, who was lurking in the human barracks, looked at the situation and seemed to have changed his mentality, acted, and even appeared in front of the prime minister Jiang Yi after disguising. The assassination of Jiang Yi failed, and the Prince of You Clan Weilong became angry. He suddenly realized that the half-blooded human race was his younger brother, Wen Gu, and determined to use Wen Gu.

Hongluan treated Wen Gu for his wounds. Although the two had occasional friction in the human camp, they gradually settled down. Gao Bojian’s soldiers bullied Wen Gu, and showed his face to teach those who bullied Wen Gu with one enemy and three. They also used their agility to make their mark in the camp. Duan Mucui told Zhanyan that if he could help the army improve combat effectiveness and win the war, let him be his lieutenant.

Zhanyan was greatly encouraged and began to concentrate on researching ways to improve the army’s strength and weapons, and made many advanced weapons for Duanmuying. , Also improved the armor of Duanmuying female soldiers, and gave Duanmucui a firecracker. Zhanyan has become more and more tacit in the coordination with Duanmucui, and Duanmucui’s heart gradually opens to Zhanyan.

Duan Mucui dedicated his improved weapons and equipment to the prime minister, Jiang Yi, and asked himself to lead troops to the city of Anyi. Huban and Gao Bojian were very optimistic about Duan Mucui’s use of weapons and equipment to attack Anyi City. Although there was a dispute among the soldiers, Prime Minister Jiang decided to see the appearance of the improved weapon first before making a decision. After seeing Prime Minister Jiang, Zhan Yan said that he was very similar to his adoptive father Jiang Wenqing.

Jiang Yi was not worried about the failure of the siege, but that the prestige of Duanmucui would disappear forever. Yang Jian brought the battle card to Duanmu Cui. It turned out that Prime Minister Jiang just said he didn’t want to, but sent Yang Jian to hand over the leadership of the attack on Anyi City to Duanmuying. Duanmucui was a little worried about attacking Anyi City, and Zhanyan said that he would accompany Duanmucui no matter what happened.

Gao Bojian, who heard the news of Duanmucui’s attack on Anyi City, became furious and sent someone to burn the weapons depot in Duanmuying. Duanmucui privately dealt with the fire thief. Gao Bojian went and sued Prime Minister Jiang Duanmucui for privately torturing his own people, and Jiang Yi fined Duanmuying’s military salary for one month. Zhan Yan turned Duan Mucui’s head, and smashed into Gao Bojian, and was dealt with by Prime Minister Jiang’s military law.

Prime Minister Jiang asked Duan Mucui to execute the military law. Watching Zhanyan being flogged, Wen Gu was distressed and was given a whip for Zhanyan. All the female soldiers in Duanmucui and Duanmu Camp expressed their willingness to accept the remaining punishment for Zhanyan. Seeing this situation, Gao Bojian had to give up.

Duanmucui treated the wounds on his back for Zhanyan, and Zhanyan enlightened and comforted Duanmucui, and Duanmucui’s cold heart was gradually melted by Zhanyan. Hu Chang came to Duanmu Camp and accused Duanmucui of the imminent battle but disturbed the military’s mind. Duanmucui refused to discuss matters with Huban on the pretext of taking a break. Duanmucui thought of Duanmuying’s dead brother. Ami took out the clothes that Duanmuying brothers gave Duanmucui. It was Duanmucui’s favorite light-colored skirt.

Zhan Yan came back and saw the white skirt in Duanmucui’s hand. He remembered the appearance of Duanmucui wearing a white skirt. Duanmucui put on the skirt, saying that he is now suitable for wearing military uniforms, showing her face and enlightening Duanmucui, hoping that Duanmucui can truly be himself. Zhan Yan realized that she had been gradually obliterated by Shen Yuan, worried about the current situation in Kaifeng City. Shen Yuan appeared in Duanmu’s dream, trying to trick Duanmucui into staying in Shen Yuan forever.

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