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Super Me (超级的我)

Super me
Also known as: 超级的我

Genre: Drama, Movie, Magic, Adventure
Zhang Chong
Writer: Z
hang Chong
Release Date:
June 28, 2019 (April 4, 2021)
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  • Darren Wang (Sang Yu)
  • Elvira Cai
  • Song Jia
  • Kenneth Tsang

If you can make money by sleeping, if you can get rich if you dream, but you have to pay a price, would you join?

The 18-line screenwriter Sang Yu (played by Wang Dalu) was originally struggling in life, but overnight he possessed the magical ability to fetch things from his dreams. By realizing the treasures in his dreams, he became the winner of life and even spent a lot of money to pursue him. To Huaer (Song Jia), who has been in secret for many years, but Sang Yu, who happily grabs in his dream, gradually realizes that this dream of lying and winning has pushed his life to the edge of losing control…

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