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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 20 Recap

Yueyue felt a little retching, thinking she was pregnant, and she came to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test stick, but she happened to be seen by Wen Jinchen. Yueyue talked with Long Xiaorong and told her own experience in the way of “I have a friend”. She wanted to consult how to deal with it, and she was very enthusiastic to help analyze. After Yueyue went home, she was really pregnant with a pregnancy test. Wen Jinchen was very happy. He said that if it is a boy, he will teach him to play basketball. If it is a girl, he will learn to cook with Yueyue and see that he likes children very much. Looks like Yueyue is very pleased.

Wen Jinchen plans to take Yueyue to see her grandfather. Now that she is pregnant, grandfather can’t help but admit the relationship between the two. As he was about to go out, Yuanmother brought Yuanfather to him. After learning that Yueyue was pregnant, Yuanfather was very happy and proudly thought that the raw rice had been cooked. In any case, the Wen family could not terminate the contract.

Wen Jinchen drove to his grandfather’s house and drove the tortoise as fast as he could, for fear that it would affect Yueyue and her fetus. Grandpa was very angry when he learned about the pregnancy, saying that all matters of the Wen family could only be decided by himself. Wen Jinchen was puzzled, saying that grandpa had always wanted to have a great-grandson, and now he already had why he would separate the two. After thinking about it, the grandfather finally let go and agreed to “Yuan Siya” as the granddaughter of the Wen family. He also asked the nanny to enroll in various maternity courses and prepare a special driver for Yueyue.

The sisters are of the same heart, and Yuan Siya on the other side is also pregnant with the baby. After thinking about it, she decided to tell Wen Liangye the good news when she moved to Yong’an City and all the dust settled.

On the same day, Yueyue, who was eating, had a sudden stomachache, and came to a holiday, and realized that the pregnancy test stick was wrong. Wen Jinchen thought about it and planned to get the certificate before grandpa found out. However, Yueyue has not yet informed her true identity. She can only use the name “Yuan Siya” when registering for marriage. She is not willing, and in desperation, will I am Yuan Siya’s younger sister. My sister escaped from the marriage on the eve of her marriage. She was reluctant to be arrested. She told the truth about the matter. She also claimed that the reason for not telling the truth before was because she was afraid of injuring her family, but at present she can’t do anything. Pretending to be a sister and married him.

After Wen Jinchen learned the truth, he was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t care, because what he liked was the January Moon in front of him.

Yueyue told Wen Jinchen about her sister and Wen Liangye. Wen Jinchen found her brother Wen Liangye. Wen Liangye thinks that grandpa never hides his dislike for him, even though she really wants to help her brother run the Wen Group for many years. , Still failed to get Grandpa’s attention. Wen Jinchen didn’t want his brother to keep hiding with his lover, but his brother said that he would do his best to prove himself.

Grandpa Wen came to stay at Wen Jinchen’s house and brought a doctor to Yueyue for an examination. Wen Jinchen stuffed a red envelope for the other doctor, hoping that the doctor would help conceal the truth about not being pregnant. I didn’t expect that the doctor would not hesitate or be surprised. Of course he would say that Yueyue is pregnant.

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