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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 17 Recap

Photos of Ye Jingxi and Yuan Caixi circulated on the Internet. People in the company were very busy with this matter, and there were fans looking for Yuan Caixi. Ye Jingxi ran away by herself. Li He and Yuan Haoxi pulled Yuan Caixi to avoid the fans, but they were still blocked by them. Ye Jingxi rushed to attract the fans’ attention in time. Li He Yuan Haoxi and Yuan Caixi returned to Yuan Caixi’s house. Yuan Caixi asked Li He if he would not leave. Li He pulled Yuan Haoxi while walking upstairs and entered Yuan Haoxi’s room. Yuan Caixi smiled helplessly. After a while, Yuan Haoxi and Li He entered Yuan Caixi’s room through another door. Li He said that in order to protect her, he and Yuan Haoxi would sleep in her room, and they were driven out by Yuan Caixi.

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