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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 21 Recap

One month later. Xie Xiaoni came to Xizhou with Ouyang Ziyu, Chengtian, and Xiaolu. Xie Xiaoni accidentally got wet by a girl, Asuna, and the girl took them back to her shop to change her clothes. The girl’s husband Jiang Pingchuan is also a native of the Central Plains, and I feel close to my fellow townspeople. This is their shop, Herb Hall, with a lot of special rouge gouache. Jiang Pingchuan also saw that Xie Xiaoni wearing a veil must have a wound on his face, saying that he can Ouyang Ziyu was a little worried to help her heal her face and hand injuries within ten days, but Xie Xiaoni was willing to give it a try, so she agreed. Jiang Pingchuan and Asuna also invited a few people to rest here for a few days, and they lived in the Herb Hall.

Asuna arranged a room for several people. Ouyang Ziyu was still worried about the injury on Xie Xiaoni’s face. Asuna joked when she saw Xie Xiaoni’s injury and said that she would marry her immediately if Xie Xiaoni’s injury recovered. Ouyang Ziyu’s face His happiness is beyond words. Yan Wenxiu boiled chicken soup for Su Wenyu, and saw him holding the handkerchief embroidered by Xie Xiaoni in a daze.

Yan Wenxiu was very angry and said that he was going to smash Fang’s shop to vent his anger. Su Wenyu firmly believed that Xie Xiaoni was dead, and it didn’t matter whose shop he smashed. Yan Wenxiu led the people to smash the Fang family’s shop to completely drive them out of the capital.

Uncle and Aunt and Yuan Xiang quickly resisted. Xiaoqin led the people to show that Fang family was the property of the Luo Palace from today. Who would dare to move! Xiaoqin’s appearance relieved them, and Xiaoqin gave them the letter Ouyang Ziyu wanted her to forward. This is Chengtian’s letter, saying that they have already arrived in Xizhou, Yuan Xiang immediately felt relieved, they were just alive.

The ten-day period has not yet arrived, Jiang Pingchuan and Asuna are also very concerned about Xie Xiaoni’s injury. Asuna went to boil medicine, Jiang Pingchuan said that Asuna is straightforward, and if there is anything, just say it. Jiang Pingchuan was originally a doctor, and now he is dealing with these flowers and herbs, balm powder, Xie Xiaoni asked him if he thinks he is overkill.

Jiang Pingchuan sighed. He made a mistake and killed a 13-year-old child. He was saved by Asuna because he wanted to end his life because of guilt. The two returned to Xizhou. Jiang Pingchuan also began to study the use of flowers and herbs. Method, Xie Xiaoni listened very attentively. Jiang Pingchuan also has regrets. He may never go back to the Central Plains in his life. It would be no regrets if the research method of beauty can be carried forward in the Central Plains.

Ouyang Ziyu caught Chengtian and Xiaolu fighting the cricket together. Ouyang Ziyu fainted with a headache when he saw the cricket. After seeing it, Jiang Pingchuan knew that Ouyang Ziyu’s headache was related to amnesia, and he was probably irritated. Jiang Pingchuan used acupuncture and moxibustion to awaken Ouyang Ziyu’s memory. Xiaolu and Chengtian looked very worried by the side. Ouyang Ziyu fell into the memory of Xie Xiaoni in his sleep, and the scenes of the past emerged, with smiles and tears, Ouyang Ziyu’s memory gradually became clear.

Ouyang Ziyu ran out in a panic. Seeing Xie Xiaoni sitting in the yard and looking at the flowers, her heart was very complicated. Ouyang Ziyu carefully asked her if she still likes buns as beautiful as camellia. Xie Xiaoni turned her head in surprise until she heard the words. Sister Er, she whispered a bun, and Ouyang Ziyu responded. Xie Xiaoni shed tears, and the bun is finally back! Ouyang Ziyu buried his head and hugged Xie Xiaoni. She has suffered over the years, and he will never leave Xie Xiaoni again. Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu were playing around as before, and they were very happy with the sound of steamed buns.

Xie Xiaoni is in a bad mood recently, and Ouyang Ziyu has been by her side. Herb Hall. Xie Xiaoni’s face also recovered for some time. Ouyang Ziyu wanted her to take off her veil and have a look, but Xie Xiaoni was worried and didn’t want to disappoint him.

Several people have been living for ten days, and it is time to leave. Asuna helped Xie Xiaoni take off the veil. The scars on her face were gone, and her hands were healed. Several people expressed their magic. Xie Xiaoni quickly paid respect to Xie Jiang Pingchuan and Asuna to ask Jiang Pingchuan to be her teacher. After the technique was brought back to the Central Plains, Ouyang Ziyu, Chengtian and Xiaolu were also willing to stay together as they wished. But Jiang Pingchuan refused.

Xie Xiaoni took out a purse and asked him to accept it. This is a purse that Xie Xiaoni embroidered based on Jiang Pingchuan’s description, almost the same as the one left by Jiang Pingchuan’s mother before his death. Jiang Pingchuan burst into tears, Asuna hurriedly greeted everyone to take their seats, Jiang Pingchuan also promised to accept Xie Xiaoni as an apprentice, and to apprentice tomorrow. Asuna asked Ouyang Ziyu to be responsible for the reading of the two children, and Chengtian and Xiaolu watered the trees.

When Ouyang Ziyu mentioned the Xie family, Xie Xiaoni was a little sad. Her parents and brother would never come back. Ouyang Ziyu always believed that the Xie family could not do something like that. What you do is to learn your skills well, and only after returning to the capital can you find the real culprit.

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