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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 20 Recap

Ouyang Ziyu asked Xiaolu to send the aunt back. The aunt thought that Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu were husband and wife, and wished them happiness. Su Wenyu hasn’t been to the shop lately. Yan Wenxiu told him not to make Su Gongming upset. Su Wenyu begged her to let Xie Xiaoni go. Yan Wenxiu sneered and said that Xie Xiaoni was killed by Su Wenyu in this field today. He still has the face to plead. ? Su Wenyu satirized Yan Wenxiu using herself as a bargain and treating marriage as a child’s play. Yan Wenxiu had no emotion at all, and he did not dare to accept her emotion.

Xie Xiaoni and Ouyang Ziyu didn’t understand why the Su family wanted to kill her, but they didn’t understand what they thought. Xie Xiaoni decided to go to Xizhou, where she could buy cloth or appreciate the local customs. Ouyang Ziyu was worried that it would be unsafe for her to go alone, and wanted her to wait for her to handle the matter with her. However, Xie Xiaoni was really anxious and decided to agree. Go together for days. Su Wenyu came to Xie Xiaoni and asked her what to do, and advised her not to fight with Su Gongming anymore. After all, she is a weak woman.

Is it so difficult to admit her fate? Su Wenyu wanted Xie Xiaoni to understand the duty of a woman. Xie Xiaoni was very angry when she heard that. She thought that Su Wenyu was different from others, but she did not expect that he was also a person who looked down on women. Xie Xiaoni looked down on Su Wenyu, and the two would not have to be friends anymore, Su Wenyu was heartbroken.

Yuanxiang helped Chengtian pack her luggage and told Chengtian to take care of herself. She cried as she talked. Chengtian was startled and quickly comforted. Yuanxiang wanted to go, but she also had to stay and take care of herself. Uncle and aunt, keep Fang’s. Chengtian was also very relieved of Yuanxiang, and told her many things.

Ouyang Ziyu had been checking the accounts of the Gongshi Bureau. Xiaolu worried that it would be bad for him to offend too many people. Everyone kept one eye open, but Ouyang Ziyu was straightforward. The Heavenly Family sent Ouyang Ziyu to the south to count the ink, and Ouyang Ziyu knew that he was obstructing the Palace and City Bureau. Ouyang Ziyu decided to go there simply, remembering that today is the day Xie Xiaoni left, and hurried to find that she had already left. Yan Wenxiu and Su Gongming were shocked when they heard that Xie Xiaoni had gone to Xizhou.

Ouyang Ziyu suddenly let Xiaolu detour to Xizhou, Xiaolu looked puzzled. Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian walked to the fork in the road and took the map given by Ouyang Ziyu to find their way. Ouyang Ziyu said that he was much better than Su Wenyu. Xie Xiaoni dropped the handkerchief and was put away by the mysterious person behind him. This person was waiting for them in a masked face. He decisively shot them when he saw them coming.

Xie Xiaoni was scratched on his face. Cheng Tian Chengtian was ruthless to protect Xie Xiaoni. After stabbing a sword fiercely, Xie Xiaoni was also seriously injured. This person was a killer sent by Su Gongming. The killer brought back his handkerchief and said that Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian had been killed by her. Su Wenyu accidentally encountered this scene and was very excited, but Su Gongming said that he was trying to protect Su Wenyu. If she did not kill her dead person It’s Su Wenyu! Yan Wenxiu knocked Su Wenyu fainted. As for Xie Xiaoni’s death, it was more than deadly.

Su Wenyu was tied up. Su Wenyu knocked out while Di’er poured water on him. She ran to Fang and said that she came to Xie Xiaoni. Uncle, aunt, and Yuan Xiang didn’t want to see him, so they just told him Xie Xiaoni to go. Xizhou. Su Wenyu was shocked. It turned out that this matter was true. Su Wenyu cried and told them that Xie Xiaoni was killed on the way to Xizhou. Yuan Xiang and his uncle and aunt didn’t want to believe it. Yuan Xiang fainted as soon as he was anxious. .

Xie Xiaoni and Chengtian did not die, but were rescued by Ouyang Ziyu. Xie Xiaoni has not woken up due to excessive blood loss, and the wounds on his face are deep. If it is prolonged for too long, it will leave scars. Yuan Xiang was very sad when she woke up, and her uncle and aunt comforted her that Xie Xiaoni might be with Ouyang Ziyu, and she would never be okay. Ouyang Ziyu stayed beside Xie Xiaoni all day. Xie Xiaoni woke up, but was shocked when he saw the wound on his face. He quickly turned around and let Ouyang Ziyu go out. A woman who is pleased with herself, how can Xie Xiaoni not? sad.

Ouyang Ziyu fed Xie Xiaoni porridge, Xie Xiaoni was upset and refused to eat, and even broke the bowl. Ouyang Ziyu told Xie Xiaoni that the female assassin had been beaten away by him, and it was certain that someone had been sent by the Su family. Xiaolu followed the female assassin and saw her coming out of the Su Mansion. The Su family also incited the clients to make trouble. Yuanxiang had no money and finally made trouble in the government. Fortunately, Ouyang Ziyu had sent someone to give them double compensation. Xie Xiaoni heard some collapse, what should she do.

The Fang family didn’t have Xie Xiaoni, and didn’t mean to move away, Yan Wenxiu still refused to let them go. Seeing Yuanxiang making clothes for Chengtian, my aunt teased her carefully. Yan Wenxiu received a letter from her father, saying that what she had done in the capital made him feel chilled and wanted Yan Wenxiu to stay at ease in the capital to be married, and that there was no longer her eldest daughter in the Yan family.

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