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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 19 Recap

Ye Rong said that the person who gave her the money didn’t know the right identity, and told her to go to court to testify. Yan Wenxiu came to deliver chicken soup to Su Wenyu, but found that he had already run away. Su Wenyu sneaked into the jail and met Ouyang Ziyu and asked him to help Xie Xiaoni get rid of crime. Ouyang Ziyu said that he would do his best. Su Wenyu’s excitement also made Ouyang Ziyu became suspicious, but Su Wenyu denied leaving.

Ouyang Ziyu came to see Xie Xiaoni, and was very angry when she saw her hands and her fingers were red, but Xie Xiaoni smiled and asked him to help Chengtian and Yuanxiang tell the story of life and death. Ouyang Ziyu would definitely rescue Xie Xiaoni, but Xie Xiaoni told him not to stay in this tenth place and would not see him again. Ouyang Ziyu was heartbroken.

Ye Rong went to the court to confess that she had hallucinations. She did not see Xie Xiaoni killing. The adult asked who Xie Xiaoni was with that night. Ouyang Ziyu suddenly appeared and said that Xie Xiaoni had been with herself that day, and it was also the home he sent Xie Xiaoni back to. , Master Futai saw that His Royal Highness Luo quickly knelt down, and quickly let go of Xie Xiaoni.

Ouyang Ziyu hugged Ouyang Ziyu and was about to take her to the hospital. Xie Xiaoni was shocked and quickly said that it was inappropriate. Ouyang Ziyu ignored it, and Su Wenyu behind him was very sad. Xie Xiaoni convicted her. Uncle and aunt, Chengtian, and Yuanxiang specially prepared food to thank him. Xie Xiaoni’s hands had not recovered yet. Ouyang Ziyu comforted her that she should take good care of her injuries, and then revive Fang’s family.

Xie Xiaoni thought that she would never come back again. Ouyang Ziyu told her again that the Fang family would be able to cheer up in the future. Xie Xiaoni is the mainstay of the Fang family. If she falls to Chengtian and Yuanxiang, she will not be able to hold it anymore. Xie Xiaoni is very I soon figured it out, she shouldn’t blame herself. Xiaoqin said that the whole city knew about Ouyang Ziyu helping Xie Xiaoni’s testimony, and he was going to make a big fuss.

Ouyang Ziyu didn’t care about it. Ouyang Ziyu determined that Su Wenyu must have a problem. Su Gongming was worried that Xie Xiaoni would look back to find out who framed her, and Yan Wenxiu was also worried about the pair of scissors. Xie Xiaoni came to ask Ye Rong who actually bought her. Ye Rong refused to say that she was in danger in order to help Xie Xiaoni, so she couldn’t say anything else.

Su Gongming went to the Fang family and asked the Fang family to close the store and close the business. Xie Xiaoni refused to admit his framing, and the Fang family would never close the store and close the business. Yuan Xiang was very worried that the source of the goods was in their hands, even if they had new orders, they would not be able to receive them, not to mention Xie Xiaoni’s hand was injured. Su Wenyu heard that this incident had left to come to Su Gongming.

He couldn’t kill him like this, but Su Gongming kept saying that it was for Su Wenyu and he couldn’t let the Su family leave any troubles. Ouyang Ziyu came to Xie Xiaoni and saw that she was grinding her hands before they recovered, saying that she wanted to make cloth by herself. Xie Xiaoni couldn’t figure out who wanted to harm her. Ouyang Ziyu suggested that she leave the capital for a while, but Xie Xiaoni felt that she had done nothing wrong and should not hide. Seeing her insistence, Ouyang Ziyu could only tell She shouldn’t investigate the matter without authorization.

Xie Xiaoni looked at the moon and thought, she must be able to survive and get better. Ouyang Ziyu was playing the flute, and Chengtian, who heard the sound, took Yuanxiang’s hand. Ouyang Ziyu gave the flute to Xie Xiaoni, and he can only care about her when he wants to play. Ouyang Ziyu raised his hand to touch Xie Xiaoni’s face, but finally landed his hand on her shoulder. Xie Xiaoni wiped her tears and said that she wanted to ask Ouyang Ziyu for something.

I heard that Xie Xiaoni was still making cloth Yan Wenxiu and smiled. They might not be able to make clothes even if they want to make clothes. Chengtian, Yuanxiang and Xie Xiaoni spent several nights making cloth, Chengtian asked Xie Xiaoni and Yuanxiang to go to bed first, and he stayed here to work. Late at night, Chengtian heard a knock on the door when she was taking a nap, and when she opened it, she found that it was a girl.

She said that the maid in the house had a bad life. She had stolen the master’s delicateness and wanted to change some money to go back to her hometown. Yan Wenxiu secretly took advantage of them to talk. Slid in and made some tricks on cloth. The next day, Chengtian found that the cloth in the dyeing vat was torn. Xie Xiaoni saw that there was corrosion in it. Chengtian also remembered what happened last night.

As soon as the delivery date was approaching, Xie Xiaoni and others were so anxious that they could only calm down and re-buy the original grey fabrics. In the end, they did not expect that the Su family bought all the fabrics on the market. Xie Xiaoni comforts everyone, there is always a way, but in fact she has no idea. Ouyang Ziyu came and said that he would take Xie Xiaoni to see someone.

Yan Wenxiu told Su Gongming about this matter. Su Gongming was very pleased and waited to see how Xie Xiaoni made a fool of himself. Ouyang Ziyu helped Xie Xiaoni rescue the aunt in prison, and returned her innocence and took back the land.

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