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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 17 Recap

Yuan Xiang told Chengtian that Xie Xiaoni wanted to choose who had nothing to do with them, but Chengtian said that she had no thoughts about Xie Xiaoni, but didn’t want her to be deceived by a bad man, even if she changed Yuanxiang. Ouyang Ziyu helped Xie Xiaoni thread the needle, and Xie Xiaoni smiled happily. Su Wenyu was drunk all night because of his father’s death. The guard and maid persuaded them for a long time, but it was useless. Yan Wenxiu asked them to go down first, saying that he would drink with him.

Yan Wenxiu said that she was more sad than Su Wenyu, because she had to stay now. Su Wenyu asked her to go back. Su’s family had nothing to miss. Su Wenyu didn’t like her and would not marry her. Yan Wenxiu said that he stayed for his own sake. For his self-esteem and decency, he agreed to marry Su Wenyu, because he didn’t want Big Brother Su to break his promise when his bones were still cold, she would help Su Gongming defeat the Fang family in one fell swoop. One day Su Wenyu will understand that all she does is for the Su family.

On the birthday of Ouyang Ziyu, Fang’s party arrived as scheduled, and Yuanxiang also brought two chickens. Ouyang Ziyu asked Xiaolu to take everyone around and waited at the door before seeing Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni hurried over with the winter clothes she had picked up, which she drove out specially before Ouyang Ziyu’s birthday. Ouyang Ziyu took Xie Xiaoni to walk under the camellia, which is his characteristic arrangement.

At the birthday banquet of Ouyang Ziyu, from time to time, he lowered his head and whispered with Xie Xiaoni, Ouyang Ziyu had already prepared the wing room. Today, everyone can stay drunk and not return. Yuan Xiang is very excited. Su Wenyu came to Su Gongming and offered to take charge of the Su family’s family business, but he couldn’t intervene without Su Gongming’s instructions. So he wanted to ask what was the reason. Su Gongming said that he didn’t want Su Wenyu to be overworked. The shop was not in a hurry, so he simply let Su Wenyu do it. Supervised.

Yan Wenxiu heard that Su Wenyu was sent to supervise the affairs, but he didn’t understand why Su Gongming was necessary. After all, he had no children and no daughters from Su Wenyu’s family. Yuan Xiang, Chengtian and others were already drunk, everyone went back to rest one after another, Ouyang Ziyu looked at Xie Xiaoni, Xie Xiaoni also drank too much, insisted Ouyang Ziyu wear her winter clothes.

Seeing Ouyang Ziyu wearing winter clothes, Xie Xiaoni remembered that when he was a bun, she looked at his eyes stupidly and said that he had himself in his eyes. Scenes from the past emerged, Xie Xiaoni couldn’t help calling him steamed buns, Ouyang Ziyu looked puzzled, because she wanted to eat steamed buns.

It happened that the kitchen prepared steamed buns, and Xie Xiaoni put the steamed buns into his mouth and bit into them, just as before. Xie Xiaoni called him a steamed bun, but seeing that Ouyang Ziyu no longer remembered what happened at that time, she was a little aggrieved, so she could only comfort herself that she didn’t remember, so she could just remember it.

Su Wenyu woke up and found Yan Wenxiu beside her bed. Yan Wenxiu said that there was a way to let the semicolon continue to be in charge of Su Wenyu. Su Wenyu was shocked after hearing her method. Yan Wenxiu is going to marry Su Wenyu sooner or later, so helping him is helping herself, as long as Su Wenyu listens to her and goes to Su Gongming for a showdown. Su Wenyu followed this method to find Su Gongming and confessed, saying that if he didn’t hand over the semicolon to him, he would tell the story of the Su family’s interception. Su Gongming lost his temper, but he was helpless. Xie Xiaoni pointed to the moon and said it was a big bun.

Ouyang Ziyu put a cloak on her and took her to the roof, which was closer to the moon. Xie Xiaoni said that her parents and brother were on the moon, so she wanted to be closer to them. Ouyang Ziyu wiped her tears, knowing that she was holding back in her heart, so she let her speak out. Xie Xiaoni was very wronged. She was like walking in a desolate desert without knowing the end or when to stop. Ouyang Ziyu hugged her, Xie Xiaoni was already asleep. Ouyang Ziyu said, you can keep walking, and he will protect Xie Xiaoni for the rest of his life.

The next day, Xie Xiaoni woke up to find that he was holding Ouyang Ziyu’s hand tightly, and Ouyang Ziyu fell asleep next to her bed. Ouyang Ziyu got up and asked the maid to cook her sober soup, Xie Xiaoni blushed. Ouyang Ziyu, Xiaolu, and Xiaoqin sent everyone out of the palace, and Xie Xiaoni was very reserved before leaving. Six months later.

Xie Xiaoni and Yuan Xiang were distressed because Fang’s old patrons stopped asking them to make clothes. Su Wenyu met Shen Lan in the casino, Xie Xiaoni in the crowd recognized him at a glance, and was terrified. Su Wenyu found out that Xie Xiaoni had inquired about Shen Lan, and quickly went into hiding, but Xie Xiaoni was very excited, and she finally had the opportunity to let her family feel wronged.

Shen Lan ran out of money and decided to ask Su Gongming for money, Xie Xiaoni hurriedly followed. Shen Lan met Su Wenyu in the alley, and asked him not to look for his family anymore, as long as he was willing to leave the capital, he would give him entanglement and settlement expenses. Shen Lan beat him violently, took the silver from him and left triumphantly. In the middle of the night, Xie Xiaoni finally waited until the drunk Shen Lan was discovered. Xie Xiaoni took out the scissors and questioned Shen Lan.

Who sent him to intercept Xie’s family back then, Shen Lan recognized her as Xie Xiaoni and told her to stop her. Su Wenyu passed by and wanted to help. Xie Xiaoni was suddenly taken away by a man in black. Shen Lan pinched Su Wenyu’s neck like crazy, Su Wenyu picked up the scissors to protect himself, and stabbed it down. The man in black took Xie Xiaoni to a safe place and took off his mask. Unexpectedly, it was Ouyang Ziyu.

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