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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 16 Recap

Xiaolu was worried that Ouyang Ziyu didn’t invite Xie Xiaoni. Ouyang Ziyu insisted that she was not invited, and he would order some dishes to Fang’s. Xie Xiaoni went to Su Mansion, and Su Gongming didn’t expect her to come. Moving out of Xie Xiaoni and invited Tianxianglou dancers to scratch her head and pose, it was ill-formed and caused the capital to be smoky. Xie Xiaoni rebutted with reason, but Su Gongming insisted on accepting punishment and going out of business.

Months, can’t open without permission. Su Wenyu suddenly broke out and said that Xie Xiaoni had been privately appointed for life with Xie Xiaoni. Xie Xiaoni was the future young grandmother of the Su family. Su Gongming was very angry, and Xie Xiaoni was also very angry. Why did the Women’s Festival make a joke at random, not to mention Xie Xiaoni never said that she would marry To Su Wenyu. Su Wenyu chased Xie Xiaoni and asked why she couldn’t marry him. Ouyang Ziyu suddenly appeared to help Xie Xiaoni.

Ouyang Ziyu said bitterly that he didn’t expect that there would be such a person next to Xie Xiaoni within a few days of leaving the capital, but Xie Xiaoni said that this was her personal affair. If he didn’t bother him, Ouyang Ziyu was so speechless that he quickly let Xiaolu go. Check what happened to Su Mansion just now. People in Beijing now think that Xie Xiaoni will marry into the Su family in the future, and many people even ask when the Su family and the Fang family will merge.

Su Gongming thinks that Su Wenyu wants to usurp power even more angry. Su Wenyu bought drunk in the restaurant, but Steward Xiao quickly took him back to Su Mansion. Su Wenyu was drunk drunkly on the street, and Shen Lan suddenly appeared when Steward Xiao was helpless, and Steward Xiao was so scared that he hurried back home with Su Wenyu on his back.

Ouyang Ziyu heard about Xie Xiaoni and Su Wenyu’s affairs, and felt that Su Wenyu was too extreme. Xie Xiaoni would only have a harder time going on like this, so let Xiaolu pay more attention to this matter. Shen Lan went to see Steward Xiao to see Su Gongming, but Steward Xiao said that Su Gongming was not there. Shen Lan came to ask for money again, and Steward Xiao quickly took a lot of money to him. Su Wenyu saw it and wondered, but Steward Xiao said that he was his distant relative. Su Wenyu quietly followed Shen Lan out, saying that he would take Shen Lan to see the official, but Shen Lan backhanded his neck and said that if he didn’t know what to do, he would tell them all about their Su family’s murder.

In order to suppress Fang Shi, many people in the silk and cloth industry have suppressed the price. Of course Ouyang Ziyu couldn’t help but Xiaolu persuaded him not to go to the muddy water. It is the best policy to protect himself. Ouyang Ziyu sighed, he could ignore the affairs of the Palace and Municipal Bureau, but Fang could not.

Su Wenyu ran back to find Su Gongming and asked about Shenlan Su Gongming suddenly panicked, so he planted the matter on Big Brother Su, saying that he was looking for someone to intercept and kill the Xie family. Su Wenyu believed it was true, as if the sky was falling down, he went to ask Big Brother Su but found that Yan Wenxiu was there. After Yan Wenxiu went out and hid quietly outside the door to eavesdrop on, Su Wenyu asked Big Brother Su if he sent someone to intercept and kill the Xie family.

Big Brother Su admitted that they indeed owed the Xie family a few lives. After Su Wenyu collapsed and left, Yan Wenxiu hurried to catch up. Su Wenyu advised her to return to Huaizhou as soon as possible. There was no good person in the Su family. Before Su Wenyu had time to grieve, Big Brother Su couldn’t do it anymore. Before leaving, he told Su Wenyu to carry forward the Su family, also to marry Yan Wenxiu, and Yan Wenxiu to help Su Wenyu well. Brother Su swallowed, Su Wenyu and Yan Wenxiu cried sobbing.

Buying is getting worse every day, and my aunt is very anxious. Ouyang Ziyu came and Yuan Xiang was very enthusiastic. Uncle and aunt heard that Ouyang Ziyu was the prince and was so stupid that he immediately saluted. Ouyang Ziyu said that day was his birthday, and everyone was invited to join him. Everyone quickly agreed. Yuan Xiang told Ouyang Ziyu that Xie Xiaoni was making winter clothes for him. Ouyang Ziyu hurriedly entered the room and tried Xie Xiaoni’s winter clothes before he made them. Xie Xiaoni put them on himself. Xie Xiaoni was afraid that Ouyang Ziyu would not like it, but Ouyang Ziyu obviously liked it very much, and Xie Xiaoni also used his mind. Ouyang Ziyu asked Xie Xiaoni to do it slowly. If he is done now, what reason should he use to find her in the future.

Ouyang Ziyu asked Xie Xiaoni to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. He had been away from the capital for many years and there were no prominent officials, and Xie Xiaoni agreed. Chengtian obviously didn’t want to go, and Yuanxiang didn’t always encourage Ouyang Ziyu to go to Xie Xiaoni’s side.

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