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Ni Chang 小女霓裳 Episode 15 Recap

Uncle felt that Chengtian’s presentation was not comprehensive enough by himself, and offered to go on stage with Chengtian. Aunt said he was embarrassed. Chengtian sent out all the invitations, and Xie Xiaoni was very confident. When Yan Wenxiu heard that Xie Xiaoni was going to do something to give her a reward, she would be ashamed. He heard that there were still many girls helping her, so Yan Wenxiu sent a post to invite them to prepare some snacks and gifts.

So, for the next day’s Rejoice Party, the ladies and ladies arrived as scheduled. Xie Xiaoni, uncle and aunt prepared meticulously and waited for the girls to come and dress up. Chengtian and Yuanxiang suddenly told them that none of the girls were coming, and said It’s the family that keeps their guns from showing up. Xie Xiaoni calmed down and asked her uncle to bring Chengtian up to the military scene. He and Yuanxiang went to find those girls and had to drag them back anyway.

Uncle and Chengtian stepped onto the stage in embarrassment and made everyone laugh. However, the two of them had no new tricks, and the audience was very dissatisfied, and their aunt hurriedly dragged them off. Xie Xiaoni and Yuanxiang couldn’t find the girls, and they decided to cancel when they were frustrated. This is Su Wenyu bringing some girls, and Ye Rong is also there. Although they are all dancers from Tianxianglou, they are both performers and do not sell themselves.

Ye Rong also wanted to repay Xie Xiaoni’s kindness. Everyone was getting impatient, Xie Xiaoni and others helped everyone dress up, Chengtian and Uncle also put on their clothes and gritted their teeth. Yan Wenxiu heard that Xie Xiaoni was looking for a dancer to support the scene, and the girls she invited all made excuses to watch the fun, and Yan Wenxiu decided to take a look together.

Xie Xiaoni’s clothes are shining on the girls, but some people find that they are dancers from Tianxianglou and feel that they are not on the stage, and many people have left. Xie Xiaoni was still very calm, and then let everyone on stage. Ye Rong’s appearance caused a lot of cheers, and Yan Wenxiu’s face was very ugly in the crowd. Xie Xiaoni’s rewarding party was successfully completed, and Fang also received a lot of orders. Uncle and aunt are very grateful to Xiao Ni, Chengtian and Yuanxiang.

Su Wenyu came to congratulate them, and everyone also thanked him very much. Yuanxiang took Chengtian away. Uncle and aunt also left with a wink. Xie Xiaoni was a little embarrassed. Su Wenyu asked her to accompany her to see the camellia in return. He waited a long time for this appointment, and Xie Xiaoni agreed, saying that she would be there this time.

When Ouyang Ziyu finished the business and hurried back to the capital, he asked Xiaolu and Xiaoqin to clean up the yard to enjoy the flowers. Xie Xiaoni has many ideas, Fang’s business is getting better and better, Su Wenyu is worried that her body can’t stand it. Su Wenyu gave Xie Xiaoni a sample dress pattern, which can save Xie Xiaoni’s time. Su-style business is getting bleak, Su Gongming is very angry, Yan Wenxiu comes up with an idea to let everyone take the initiative, she will do it, Su Gongming is very pleased.

Luo Palace. Ouyang Ziyu took out his beloved Qin. Xiaoqin was curious about who was going to banquet today. Xiaolu triumphantly said that he was Ouyang Ziyu’s favorite. Ouyang Ziyu came to invite Xie Xiaoni early in the morning, but when he met Su Wenyu and Xie Xiaoni going out to guess riddles together, Su Wenyu also said that he would stay with Xie Xiaoni all the time. He didn’t want to lose Xie Xiaoni again. Even if Xie Xiaoni refused him, Su Wenyu would stick to it. Ouyang Ziyu sighed when he saw it.

Yan Wenxiu invited some clothing manufacturers to encourage them to boycott Xie Xiaoni, and everyone quickly went to Su Gongming for suggestions. Su Wenyu was very angry after discovering this, and asked Yan Wenxiu what he was going to do. Yan Wenxiu said that everything he did was for the Su family. Ouyang Ziyu spent the whole night in the garden without eating or moving. Xiaoqin and Xiaolu were very worried.

Xie Xiaoni received an invitation from Su Gongming, inviting her to go to Su Mansion tomorrow. Su Wenyu rushed to stop saying that it was a Hongmen banquet. This was the ghost of Yan Wenxiu, but Xie Xiaoni felt that Fang would be attacked sooner or later, sooner or later. Going. Ouyang Ziyu still didn’t get up early in the morning. Xiaolu woke up when Xiaolu was worried that he was suffering from lovesickness.

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