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Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 Episode 15 Recap

A year ago, Jiang Hao and Li Teng brought the stars to see He Liping, but the stars didn’t know that He Liping was his mother, and He Liping didn’t know that the girl in front of them was his own daughter, maybe they were connected by blood and bones. It’s very agreeable. Jiang Hao never told Xingxing the truth, and only seriously took care of Xingxing as his biological daughter.

When Jiang Hao told Qiao Yufei about his life experience, he was clearly heard by the stars hiding in the room, and the stars were very upset and sad. When Ruan Nianchu came together, he found that Li Teng was preparing breakfast for herself. Li Teng said sweetly to Ruan Nianchu that after she married herself, her life would only get happier. When the two kissed me and me, Li Teng called me.

On an overseas call, the person on the phone told Li Teng that Dan had come to Yuncheng, and this time he came for Ruan Nianchu, because Dan also wanted Li Teng to taste the taste of losing everything, so Dan would follow The people around him started to start, making him desperate for life.

It turned out that Chen Guozhi called during this call. When Chen Guozhi was about to beg for mercy, he was killed by his cruel Dan, and the so-called Dan was actually Torrey. Ruan Nianchu came up with an idea to use himself as a bait to print Dan, but Li Teng disagreed with Ruan Nianchu’s suggestion. Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu didn’t know about it. Tori installed a bug on the cat, so Li Teng Tori’s plan had long been known, but Tori decided to accompany Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu in the scene of the bait bait, and at the same time prepared another hand.

Li Teng sent his subordinates to take Ruan Nianchu to a place, and he and his brother turned on lighters. It turned out that Li Teng planned to propose to Ruan Nianchu. Li Teng told Ruan Nianchu that the brothers who were present today were dead, and he invited them to witness the moment of their marriage proposal. Li Teng knelt down on one knee and told Ruan Nianchu that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. As long as he recognized her, he would never change.

He asked Ruan Nianchu affectionately whether he would marry him, and Li Teng took out the diamond ring. Ruan Nianchu was so touched. Ruan Nianchu told Li Teng that he didn’t care about honeymoons and weddings, and only hoped that the two could live a hundred years old. This was her second wish. Li Teng agreed to Ruan Nianchu and put a wedding ring on her at the same time.

The warm courtship ceremony was interrupted by the news of the disappearance of the stars, and everyone was in a mess. Xing Xing came to the hospital to find his mother He Lihua, but he met Tori, who pretended to take Xing Xing to find his mother. Jiang Hao, Li Teng and others almost turned Yuncheng all over, but finally found nothing. At this time, Tuoli called Ruan Nianchu to inform Xing Nianchu that Xing Xing was in the hospital.

A group of people hurried back to the hospital, and the stars indeed knew all the truth. Xingxing plans to sing a song for He Lihua tomorrow, let Jiang Hao accompany him, but Jiang Hao wants to accompany Li Teng, so he can tell Xingxing that as soon as the mission ends tomorrow, he will accompany her.

According to the plan, Ruan Nianchu moved to the hotel, and Tuoli had sent his men to closely monitor everything. Tori also helped the stars set up the birthday scene together. Ruan Nianchu sent a text message to tell Li Teng that he had arrived at the hotel, and Li Teng replied to rest assured. At the same time, Vasha walked into the hotel, and Tori’s men immediately followed after seeing this. As soon as Vasha entered the hotel, she took out her gun and planned to kill Ruan Nianchu. What she didn’t expect was that Jiang Hao, who was dressed in disguise, was lying in the hotel. Jiang Hao quickly subdued Vasha and held the dagger against her. Of the aorta.

He Lihua was very happy to see the birthday venue arranged by the stars. At the same time, Ruan Nianchu appeared at the birthday venue. At this time, He Lihua seemed to be in a good state. She told Ruan Nianchu that she was worried every time Xia Fei went out of the mission, but in fact, men like them knew that there was an abyss, but they still struggled. He Lihua didn’t blame Xia Fei for leaving herself, because he knew that Xia Fei was just doing what should be done. Ruan Nianchu learned through conversations that He Lihua had known that Xia Fei had passed away.

Everyone happily celebrated Lihua’s birthday, and the atmosphere was very happy and harmonious. On the other side, Vasha suddenly countered Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao was stabbed severely by Vasha and fainted to the ground. Duan Kun entered the room and pulled Vasha away, but Vasha insisted on killing Ruan Nianchu himself. Duan Kun told Vasha why it was so painful because he had done wrong things all the time, because even if Vasha killed Ruan Nianchu, Li Teng will not fall in love with her either.

Duan Kun pulled Vasha and met Li Teng and his subordinates in the aisle of the hotel. Vasha and Duan Kun were subdued and sent to the police station. Vasha told Li Teng that he had loved him for seven years and waited for him for seven years. He was very happy that he was valuable to Li Teng’s action, but everything was over. When Duan Kun got into the police car, he told Li Teng that everything was just the beginning, which made Li Teng a little puzzled. At the same time, Jiang Hao, who had fainted, was also sent to the hospital for rescue.

Tori used He Lihua’s birthday cake to stun everyone present. Li Teng called Ruan Nianchu’s phone. Tori answered and told Li Teng that he had put some sleeping pills in the cake. Li Teng was annoyed when he heard that, he once again put Ruan Nianchu in danger, it was really a hundred secrets, only to blame himself for underestimating this Toli.

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