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Memory Dissection (记忆切割)

Memory cut
Also known as: 记忆切割, Memory Dissection (记忆切割)

Genre: Drama, Movie, Mystery
fruit Jing Lin
fruit Jing Lin
Release Date:
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  • Amber Kuo
  • fruit Jing Lin
  • Liu Xuehua
  • Xu Zheng

The film tells the story of a young girl Zhang Xiner (played by Guo Caijie) who was traumatized by witnessing her parents being murdered when she was young. This painful memory accompanied her growing up in an orphanage. Repeated torture gave her the idea of ​​suicide. The counselor Liu Mei (played by Liu Xuehua) as Zhang Xiner’s guardian took care of her every step of the way and saved her from falling into the abyss many times. When Liu Mei learned of the success of the animal memory cutting experiment by the biological scientist Professor Dong (played by Guo Jinglin), new hope was ignited.

In order to make Zhang Xin’er forget the past, Liu Mei painstakingly found Professor Dong and asked him to help Zhang Xin’er reshape this painful memory. Zhang Xin’er is also willing to take the risk to become the subject of the first human memory cutting experiment. The experiment that was originally smooth has gradually become out of control due to successive accidental discoveries. In the end, on the verge of failure and collapse, the truth about the tragedy of Zhang Xiner’s parents has surfaced…

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