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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 30 Recap

When the taro reappeared at the door of Ma Shanshan, with the hot buns in his arms, the taro put the buns on Ma Shanshan, and when Ma Shanshan was eating the buns, the taro slowly picked up the water cup fragments on the ground. Ma Shanshan shed tears and apologized to Taro, telling Taro that the person was a thief, stole her things, and stole his dream. Taro felt the same way, saying that he knew that Taro knew everything about Ma Shanshan.

Liang Chen didn’t know that Lu Jing was live-streaming, and he was talking directly on the game, only to find that everyone heard it. Liang Chen was a little nervous, but quickly adjusted himself to say hello to everyone, and was called by Lu Jing to play the game together. Still not forgetting to show a wave of love, Liang Chen was going offline to rest, and Lu Jing was afraid that she would kick the quilt and closed the live broadcast to accompany him.

Taro took the previously recorded video of Ma Shanshan’s creation of the song to her, and it was secretly recorded in the auditorium by accident. Now it has become the main evidence. The scumboy became famous with this song three months later, which is enough to prove it. After the plagiarism of the scumbag, with the evidence, Taro hopes to give the decision to Ma Shanshan.

Lu Jing took his father to participate in Liang Chen’s concert, Liang Chen chose a very ordinary song, but Liang Chen knew that this song was of great significance to her, and it contained too many memories of her and Lu Jing. It is also a song that Lu Jing must play every time he broadcasts. Liang Chen sang the song with Lu Jing in his eyes, and Lu Jing also hummed softly, looking at Liang Chen affectionately and with a smile. Liang Chen confessed that Lu Jing has each other in his life. When asked by the host, Liang Chen bluntly gave this song to the most special person in her life. This is Lu Jing’s favorite song. She also wanted Lu Jing to listen to it. Liang Chen also got a journey of philharmonic music. The runner-up

When Liang Chen got off the stage, he went straight to the backstage to hug Lu Jing and gave his own kiss. Unexpectedly, Lu Jing’s father happened to see him. Liang Chen felt embarrassed. Lu’s father asked for a photo and insisted not to allow Lu Jing to wipe his face. Lu Jing was also happy to take pictures with her lip print. In his father’s eyes, this was the real look of a talented woman, and he proudly sent the photo to his wife.

Lu Jing knew that Liang Chen would definitely get the place, but didn’t know which place it was, so he made three cakes, each with a place on top, to celebrate Liang Chen’s merits. The two tasted the sweet cake together.

Lu Jing also won the first place in the big data competition, winning glory for China. Liang Chen saw the broadcast and was very excited to give Lu Jing a video to celebrate. Lu Jing also transferred his scholarship to Liang Chen, and Liang Chen gave Lu Jing a pocket money. Keke looked at Liang Chen who was so happy and felt like her. For this lonely family, it was simply hurt, and he couldn’t help but persuade Liang Chen to be more reserved, but Liang Chen turned his lips.

After getting off the plane, Liang Chen saw Lu Jing waiting at the airport from a distance, so she threw all the bags in her hand to Ke Ke, and she flew over and hugged Lu Jing, insisting on Lu Jing’s back. Then, I didn’t expect Dad Lu to appear behind him again, stunned Liang Chen, and also shy and embarrassed. On the contrary, Dad Lu looked at the little couple happily. Then there was a meeting between the parents of Lu Jing and Liang Chen, and the family was happy.

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