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Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 29 Recap

Taro fell in love with Ma Shanshan, but in any case he was so nervous that he couldn’t say the three words I love you. He just said that he wanted to be nice to Ma Shanshan. Ma Shanshan looked forward to taro saying I love you, but Unable to wait, he drove away Taro angrily. Taro asked Ma Shanshan to watch his play. Ma Shanshan didn’t agree, but he looked at the annoyed Taro outside the door through the cat’s eyes.

Liang Chen and Lu Jing kept showing their affection every day, holding their mobile phones to chat all the time, which made Sister Qing and Ke Ke both start to envy them. It has long been reported on the Internet that Lu Jing and Liang Chen were together. Liang Chen’s parents came to look for Liang Chen. Liang Chen’s father was busy cooking, and his mother kept telling Liang Chen and blamed Liang Chen. It should be good-looking, and it should focus on strength.

While talking, Lu Jing rang the doorbell. Father Liang, who was cooking, took a knife to open the door. He would drive away as soon as he saw Lu Jing, but he didn’t expect Liang’s mother, who had been opposed to seeing Lu Jing’s handsome appearance.

After making a big turn of one hundred and eighty degrees, he pulled Lu Jing to ask the long and short questions, and also blamed Liang Chen for wearing too casually, urging Liang Chen to change into a feminine dress. Lu Jing watched the ill-tempered Father Liang take the initiative to help, and took a notebook to record Father Liang’s cooking skills, and asked humbly. Liang’s father also began to like Lu Jing. During the meal, both Liang’s father and Liang’s mother rushed to serve Lu Jing with vegetables.

On the contrary, Liang Chen could only watch. No one of his parents could take Liang Chen into consideration. Lu Jing felt sorry for Liang Chen. He distributed his chicken wings to Liang Chen. Lu Jing always refused to come. The Liang family’s parents ate as much food as they wanted. In the end, they found that they were still alive. But after sending away the contented parents of Liang Chen, Lu Jing also felt very rewarding, at least. Won their likes.

Ma Shanshan watched the taro performance from the stage, and Yu Ke, a good classmate of taro, sat behind Ma Shanshan and told Ma Shanshan that taro liked her very much. At the end of the performance, Yu Ke came to the stage to offer flowers and hugged Taro. Ma Shanshan turned around and left. In fact, Yu Ke only came to tell Taro that she was getting married, and also told Taro about Ma Shanshan just now. Taro hurriedly caught up with Ma Shanshan, explained the misunderstanding and invited Ma Shanshan to have a meal to celebrate. Ma Shanshan readily agreed.

After Lu Jing washed his hair, he asked Liang Chen to blow it out. Liang Chen jokes that Lu Jing’s hair is similar to the pet dog he had raised before. Lu Jing simply threw Liang Chen onto the bed, and the two of them started another wave. “Fight.”

Ma Shanshan saw an interview about the previous scumboy. When he first debuted, he claimed to have benefited from the help of Ma Shanshan. He also hopes that Ma Shanshan can continue to sing on the road and cheer for Ma Shanshan. Ma Shanshan overturned the water glass. At this time, the taro came to Ma Shanshan, and Ma Shanshan, who was in a bad mood, drove away the taro angrily and sadly. Taro had to leave for fear of angering Ma Shanshan, and Ma Shanshan, who closed the door, squatted behind the door. Howling and crying.

Taro came to the bun shop, looked at the long line of people, and thought of Ma Shanshan. And once again lined up a line to call Ma Shanshan, and asked him what stuffed buns Ma Shanshan wanted. Ma Shanshan could no longer refuse cruelly, so he chose meat stuffed buns. This choice made the taro smile.

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