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Liu Laogen 4 (2021) 劉老根4

Liu Laogen 4
Other Title: 劉老根4, Liúlǎogēn 4

Genres: drama, family
Zhao Benshan
Release Date:
 May 1, 2021
Related Show:


  • Zhao Benshan
  • Yan Xuejing
  • Li Jing
  • Fan Wei

“Liu Laogen 4” is the fourth part of the TV series Liu Laogen, a contemporary rural themed drama starring Fan Wei, Yan Xuejing, Li Jing, Song Xiaobao, Wang Xiaobao and others.

One year after the stage was established, business was booming. After recovering, Liu Laogen was fascinated by the development of the folk orchestra. In the villa, Da Kui wanted to choose a general manager to replace Han Shixin, who had left, which triggered a battle. At the same time, Liu Laogen tried to test the medicine box in order to cooperate with the big pepper, but he was self-defeating and caused misunderstandings among the people in the villa.

The head of Song, played by Song Xiaobao, came to apply for Liu Laogen’s nanny. The stewed tofu made during the interview was approved by Liu Laogen and stayed behind. So Liu Laogen, Dajiao and Lao Songtou lived together. Lin Gengxin, incarnate as a bank employee, enters the villa and is forced to blind date with Shanshan. A series of hilarious and funny stories were staged lively in the small village.

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