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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 6 Recap

Zhang Kexin went to the village to call on the villagers to buy shares in Han Bing. Everyone was not optimistic about the future and prospects of the villa, and Zhang Kexin hit a wall everywhere. Er Zhuzi wanted to use his savings to buy Han Bing’s shares. Da Pang resolutely disagreed, worrying about losing money in the future. Er Zhuzi felt grateful for Liu Laogen’s kindness and insisted on using money to help him. Da Pang was still worried and wanted to ask Xiao Man for advice.

On Tuesday, Zhang Ke was busy watching Zhang Ke, but she didn’t get anything. She couldn’t say anything. Zhang Kexin asked Tuesday to buy Han Bing’s shares. On Tuesday, she used the money in her pocket to support her work. Zhang Ke turned around and left in anger. Da Pang understood that there was no working capital on the account of the villa, and worried that the investment shares would not get a return. Xiao Man firmly believed that the villa could get better and better. Da Pang and her didn’t speculate, so he hurriedly left.

Xiaoqin accompanied Liu Shanshan to the gate of the shopping mall where she encountered Han Shixin. They searched for a whole day without seeing Han Shixin’s figure. Liu Shanshan didn’t want to give up. Xiaoqin was hungry, so she went to buy food nearby. Zhang Kexin called Mr. Huang to complain. Mr. Huang suggested that she buy a copy, which would be regarded as repaying Liu Laogen’s kindness. Mr. Huang promised to give her one hundred thousand yuan, and Zhang Kexin was ecstatic.

Liu Shanshan waited for a long time, and finally saw Han Shixin. Liu Shanshan just wanted to walk over and recognize each other. Suddenly saw Han Shixin’s old classmate Liu Qian accompanied by her, and also personally fed Han Shixin to drink water. Liu Shanshan burst into tears, and she came directly to Liu Laogen’s house. , Seeing Liu Laogen napping on the bed, she couldn’t help crying bitterly.

Liu Laogen was awakened. He desperately comforted Liu Shanshan. He believed in Han Shixin’s personality and believed that Han Shixin and Liu Qian were colleagues. Liu Laogen tried to persuade Liu Shanshan and moved out of his relationship with Han Bing. He showed up to prove that there is a pure friendship between men and women. Liu Laogen wanted to wait for Han Bing to return to the country to bring Han Shixin to ask questions. Liu Shanshan burst into laughter, and Liu Laogen personally cooks her noodles.

Liu Dakui was desperate for money. Tian Yumeng suggested to find a partner for financing, use the existing resources of the villa to integrate, and then develop new projects. Liu Dakui has tried many projects, but the results were unsuccessful.

Zhang Kexin took out 130,000 yuan to buy Han Bing’s shares. Liu Dakui learned that she had borrowed some of the money and persuaded her to take the money back. Zhang Kexin had no choice but to give up. Xia Yu felt that the previous brochure of the Villa was out of date, and wanted to find a professional team to make a new one. Liu Dakui asked Tue Yu to take back the original brochure and destroy it. On Tuesday, Yu took the initiative to request a new brochure. Xiao Man considered that the funds of the Villa were limited. It is recommended to make a brochure on Tuesday.

The bathroom caretaker Uncle Wang’s wife was sick. He was anxious to go home. Pills took the initiative to take care of him. Mr. Wang happily went to take a bath. Pills took away the three donkeys who were taking a bath, locked the bathroom door, The bathroom switch turned off, and then left triumphantly. Liu Shanxing and Song Kaiyuan made an appointment to watch a movie together, but he was late and no one answered the phone. Liu Shanxing was very anxious, so she asked Dalong and others to inquire.

Dalong remembered that Song Kaiyuan went to take a bath, and hurried to the bathroom. When I was looking for someone, I found out that the door was locked. Wang Laosan and Song Kaiyuan were trapped inside. The two had caught a cold. Wang Laosan was outraged and refused to participate in tonight’s performance.

Wang Lao San determined that the pills wanted to harm him, but Song Kaiyuan was involved, and the pills made every possible sophistry. Liu Shanxing discovered that Song Kaiyuan had a high fever of 39 degrees, and rushed him to the hospital. On Tuesday, Yan decided to make Xiao Yan an ambassador for the villa and printed her photo on the brochure. Xiao Yan happily closed her mouth from ear to ear.

Liu Shanxing settled Song Kaiyuan well, she came to Piaowanzi Xingshi to inquire about the crime and forced him to explain the truth, but Piaowanzi had to admit that he wanted to avenge Wang Lao San, and Liu Shanxing slapped her severely. On Tuesday, Yan carefully selected four good-looking waiters in the catering department and took photos of them one by one.

Yao Wanzi was unwilling to give in. He wanted to train an actor who would overwhelm Wang Lao San in the villa. He asked San Donkey and Xiao Wang Gang to discuss, and San Donkey went to the hospital to report to Wang Lao San. Wang Lao San couldn’t swallow this breath, so he asked a few friends to help him teach the pills.

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