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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 5 Recap

Xia Yu came to the office to find Liu Dakui and found a cute girl with glasses sitting inside. She claimed to be Liu Dakui’s secret room, Tian Yumeng, and mistaken Xia Yu for Liu Dakui’s mother. Xia Yu was furious, Tian Yumeng was so frightened that he confessed his mistakes. Liu Dakui just came in. Xia Yu sent Tian Yumeng out and said that Liu Dakui had a meal. Liu Dakui hurriedly explained that this was the daughter of Director Tian, ​​who graduated with a master’s degree in economics and was in the villa.

After leaving for a while during the internship, Xia Yu just woke up like a dream, and hurriedly called Tian Yumeng in, accompanied by a smile on her face, and asked her warmly. Tian Yumeng had forgotten everything about holding her when she was a child.

Da Chili noticed that the staff in the catering department was a bit unruly, so he called them to a meeting to give lectures, emphasizing the rules and regulations of the villa, and on the spot promoted Xiao Yan, who was hard-working, to be the person in charge. Let him listen together, and publicly pointed out that he did not work hard or stick to his post. He jumped up and down in the villa. On Tuesday, he was not convinced, so he assumed the role of Assistant Liu Dakui. After completing her assistant’s internal affairs, Da Jiali handed him an important task on the spot, letting Tue Yu take full responsibility for the catering department, and she had to take care of Liu Laogen.

Zhang Kexin returned from school and successfully obtained the pharmacist qualification certificate. Xiaoqin happened to be studying in the city, so he drove her to the station in person. Zhang Kexin learned of Xiaoqin’s current situation and reminded her not to stand in the wrong line. Xiaoqin wanted to relocate and follow her. Fuck, Zhang Kexin asked her to wait at the original post first.

Da Chili came to take care of Liu Laogen and urged him to take medicine on time every day. Liu Laogen strongly protested, resolutely refraining from taking medicine, and asked Da Chili to make him a plate of chili stew, so he went to find Yang Dajiao and others to perform a ensemble.

Zhang Kexin returned to the villa with a suitcase, and saw an elderly tourist fainted from a distance. She hurried to rescue her. After Zhang Kexin tried his best to rescue him, the old man finally regained consciousness. Zhang Kexin checked that he had low blood sugar and asked the old man’s children to help him back to the room to add sugar. Yang Dazhao took his son and the band members to practice hard work. They were crying on the ground, Liu Laogen suddenly sat in front of them, and Yang Dazhao turned around in fright and ran away.

Zhang Kexin came to report directly to Liu Dakui, and on Tuesday, Liu Dakui rushed over. Liu Dakui asked him to learn from Zhang Kexin, treating them both as right-hand men. Xiaoqin went to the street to wander around while studying, and kept taking selfies. She turned out the photos to enjoy, and suddenly saw Han Shixin appearing in the background of the photos.

Dajiao made a few dishes and wanted to have a drink with Liu Laogen. Yang Dajiao brought his son to Liu Laogen’s house and pleaded guilty. Liu Laogen reminded Yang Dajiao to change his son’s career and don’t deal with dead people all day, otherwise it would be difficult to find someone, Yang Da On the contrary, the horn complained that Liu Laogen was not meaningful enough.

He secretly lived with Big Pepper without telling everyone. Liu Laogen tried all kinds of defenses and tried to bring Big Pepper and Yang Big Horn together. Of course, Yang Big Horn couldn’t ask for it. Big Pepper resolutely opposed it, claiming that he was already in his heart. There were people, Liu Laogen greeted Yang Dazhao and his son to sit down and eat together.

The more Liu Shanxing thinks about it, the more things are wrong. He suspects that Song Kaiyuan and Wang Laosan are acting in partnership. Song Kaiyuan denies and complains that Liu Shanxing and Liu Dakui do not treat him as family members. If there are difficulties in the family, you should tell him as soon as possible. When he mortgaged the big stage, Liu Shanxing also felt wrong, and kept apologizing to him. The two of them resolved their misunderstandings and happily went to dinner together.

It has been several days since Zhang Kexin returned to work in the villa, but she still couldn’t find the status. She often remembered the days when she and Mr. Huang were studying and working together. Mr. Huang called Zhang Kexin and encouraged her to get the position of deputy manager of the catering department. confidence. Xiaoqin wanted to tell Yao Wanzi about Han Shixin’s news, and worried that his mouth was lax. Xiaoqin wanted to explain the matter to Xiao Wang, but in the end he wanted to say nothing.

Liu Dakui went around looking for friends to borrow money, but he bumped into walls everywhere, and Tian Yumeng was anxious for him. Zhang Kexin made an idea for Liu Dakui to transfer Han Bing’s shares, and this financial crisis could be resolved smoothly. Liu Dakui let Zhang Kexin take full responsibility for this matter. Zhang Kexin came to the cafeteria and called on members of the catering department to buy Han Bing’s shares. Everyone’s wages were paid. If he didn’t come out, and he didn’t have the money to buy shares, Zhang Ke left in anguish. Xiaoqin called Liu Shanshan directly and told her that Han Shixin was in the city. Liu Shanshan couldn’t wait to see the photo.

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