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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 4 Recap

Er Zhuzi led a small theater troupe to perform in the villa, and the wonderful performances of the actors won warm applause from everyone. Since Xiaoqin left, Liu Shanshan moved home and lived there. She took good care of Liu Laogen. Liu Laogen saw something was wrong with her. Liu Shanshan had no choice but to admit that she wanted Han Shixin. Liu Laogen felt that Han Shixin knew that it was not bad to correct it. Liu Shanshan wanted to go to Han Shixin, but suffered.

I don’t know where to find someone. Liu Laogen called Han Bing overnight and asked her about Han Shixin’s news. Han Bing decided to return to China to match Liu Shanshan and Han Shixin’s marriage. He also asked Liu Laogen to help with one thing, and Han Bing paid for Han Shixin. Li Dan’s company was mortgaged. Due to the epidemic, Han Bing wanted to take out the shares of the villa for an emergency because of the epidemic. However, Liu Laogen was also in trouble, but he still agreed.

At the end of the performance, Xia Yu personally went backstage. Erzhuzi and the actors performed for the first time after half a year. The excitement was overwhelming. Xia Yu pointed out everyone’s shortcomings one by one. Da Fatang strongly protested and condemned Xia Yu for not knowing how to turn two. Xia Yu was angry that she would stop her performances, but was not convinced, and threatened to go to the sales department as a manager. Xia Yu slammed the door and left in anger.

Xia Yu carefully selected four sales staff and sent Liu Zide to Shenyang for training. Xiaoqin was full of confidence. Xia Yu saw Xiao Wang listlessly and severely criticized her. Song Kaiyuan wanted to work with Liu Shanxing on stage. Liu Shanxing refused. Yaowanzi came to Song Kaiyuan and Liu Shanxing to report on their work and persuaded them to support the actors in the live broadcast.

Liu Shanxing and Song Kaiyuan strongly disagreed. Yaowanzi suggested The Liu Laogen stage union was established, and then to discuss cooperation with the live broadcast platform. Several live broadcast rooms were opened on the second floor to let the actors live broadcast for two hours. Liu Shanxing and Song Kaiyuan thought it was feasible.

Liu Laogen discussed with Liu Dakui and wanted to raise five or six million to Han Bing. Liu Dakui couldn’t make up the money at all. Liu Laogen wanted to mortgage the big theater, so he sent Liu Dakui to discuss with Liu Shanxing and Song Kaiyuan immediately. Yao Wanzi announced to everyone that it would set up a live broadcast union. The actors were very excited, and Wang Lao San just wanted to know how much commission he could get.

Liu Dakui handed over the villa to Tuehu to take care of it. He was determined to raise money for Han Bing. Tue Tue happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. He sat at Xiao Wang’s desk and imagined that Xiao Wang would massage him. Da Kui caught him, and on Tuesday, Yan was frightened and groaned. Da Chili bought a large amount of Dumpling Vegetables and came to cook for Liu Laogen. When he ran into the scale, he chatted a few words with him. Da Chili clearly stated that he didn’t have any thoughts and was here to repay Liu Laogen.

Liu Dakui came to discuss with Liu Shanxing about the loan, Liu Shanxing agreed to discuss with Song Kaiyuan, and Liu Dakui went to the bank to contact him. When Da Mao overheard the conversation between Liu Dakui and Liu Shanxing, he asked Wang Lao San to go to Song Kaiyuan to report, and he tried his best to instigate Song Kaiyuan. When Song Kaiyuan learned that Liu Dakui was going to mortgage the big theater to Han Bing, he was dumbfounded, Wang The third child gave him an idea.

Song Kaiyuan used the contract for live broadcast of the labor union and asked the actors to sign on it. Liu Shanxing made it clear that only the actors who signed can continue to stay in the theater. Wang Laosan stood up to oppose it and demolished Liu Shanxing in public to mortgage the theater. When he went out, he yelled at Song Kaiyuan as a big idiot. Liu Shanxing confessed to this, and Song Kaiyuan couldn’t tell why.

Wang Laosan refused to sign the contract, and the others began to waver. Wang Laosan urged everyone to leave the theater. Song Kaiyuan hurriedly stood up to stop him. His voice became hoarse because of the anxiety. Wang Laosan took the opportunity to propose two conditions and cancel the live broadcast union. Song Kaiyuan immediately announced the cancellation of the live broadcast union, but he only had 20% of the shares in the theater and had no right to decide. Liu Shanxing and Wang Lao San fought hard on reason, and Wang Lao San angered to strike out. Song Kaiyuan had to call Liu Laogen to report the matter, and Liu Laogen agreed to give up the mortgage, and Song Kaiyuan breathed a sigh of relief.

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