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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 3 Recap

Liu Shanxing and Song Kaiyuan called Wang Lao San and Er Zhu Zi to discuss countermeasures together. Wang Lao San was outraged to leave the Grand Theater. Er Zhu Zi decided to resign. Da Pang could not come here to make trouble. Song Kaiyuan approved Er Zhu Zi to resign.

Liu Shanshan came to the bank to find Lin Zhen with a valid certificate. It was found that Han Shixin was sending money to the villa anonymously. Liu Shanshan was extremely excited. Lin Zhen persuaded Liu Shanshan to cherish his relationship with Han Shixin. Da Pang was discussing with the actors about going to the big theater. Er Zhuzi arrived in time and asked Da Pang to take everyone to the mountain village to perform. Naturally Da Pang couldn’t ask for it.

Er Zhuzi packed his luggage and the actors said goodbye. Da Fatty threatened to return sooner or later. Wang Laosan hurriedly took the actors to rehearsals. Afterwards, Wang Laosan recommended to Song Kaiyuan that Da Mao replace Er Zhuzi as stage supervisor. Song Kaiyuan felt that big buying was not appropriate. , Can’t stand the entanglement of Wang Lao San, he still put on the posture of the big axis of the stage, Song Kaiyuan was helpless.

Yaowanzi approached Liu Shanxing, who then offered to replace Erzhuzi as the stage supervisor. Liu Shanxing wanted to discuss with Song Kaiyuan. Yaowanzi firmly believed that Song Kaiyuan would not refute Wang Lao San’s face and asked Liu Shanxing to put pressure on him in the name of Liu Laogen. , Liu Shanxing told the pills to dry well and promised to help him run it.

Liu Shanxing and Song Kaiyuan discussed that they wanted Yaowanzi to be the stage supervisor. Song Kaiyuan resolutely refused to agree. Liu Shanxing lied about Liu Laogen’s intentions, and Song Kaiyuan had to follow suit.

Song Kaiyuan, a chef of Liu Shanxing, got married as soon as possible. Song Kaiyuan wanted to do a good job in the big theater. Now he has no intention of thinking about marriage. Liu Shanxing is very dissatisfied. She wants to get married as soon as possible and live a stable life. Liu Dakui didn’t want to go home late after get off work. Xia Yu called Liu Dakui to get points. She contacted the villa for a team building activity of 400 people. Liu Dakui thanked her for her. Xia Yu took the opportunity to set up a sales department in the villa. To take over the sales department in an all-round way, Liu Dakui could not be the master, so he promised to hold a meeting tomorrow and make a decision.

The first batch of a hundred-member team arrived on time, and Liu Dakui and Xia Yu brought the staff to greet them. The villa resumed its former prosperity. Xiaoqin accompanies Liu Laogen to exercise. Liu Laogen sends her to inspect the villa, and then truthfully report the situation of the villa, so as not to deceive Liu Dakui and others by not telling the truth.

Liu Dakui convened a board of directors to discuss with everyone about the establishment of a sales department. On Tuesday, he was the first to stand up against it. Xia Yu and him argued for reasons and repeatedly explained the importance of the sales department to the villa. Dajiao fully supported Xia Yu’s management of the sales department. On Tuesday, Yan also changed his mind and promised to support Xia Yu’s work. Liu Dakui asked Xia Yu to start the sales department in the city, and Xia Yu asked Liu Dakui’s secretary, Xiao Wang, to help.

Xia Yu went out and saw Xiaoqin and tried to persuade Xiaoqin to work in the sales department. Xiaoqin worried that everyone would take care of Liu Laogen. Xia Yu promised to find someone to serve Liu Laogen. Xiaoqin was very annoyed. She repeatedly emphasized that she was not a nanny, but a life. Waiter, Xiaoqin was angry and wanted to sue Liu Laogen. Xia Yu didn’t want to talk with her, so she hurriedly made excuses and left.

Xiao Wang didn’t want to go to the sales department, feeling that she was a pawn that was randomly instructed. She complained to Liu Dakui. Liu Dakui explained her interest and persuaded her to work in the sales department at ease. Xiao Wang was relieved a little bit. Xiaoqin returned to Liu Laogen on time, and truthfully reported that Xia Yu had brought in a large number of customers, and also set up a sales department. Xiaoqin did not want to go to the sales department. She was worried about Liu Laogen. Liu Laogen encouraged her to seize this good opportunity and go to the sales department. At work, Xiaoqin wanted to learn acting more, so Liu Laogen advised her to go to the sales department to exercise.

Er Zhuzi came to plead guilty to Liu Dakui. Da Pang wanted to bring the actors of the small theater troupe to the big theater. He lied that the villa had invited the small theater troupe back to perform. Liu Dakui had this intention and asked Er Zhuzi to resume the performance at the villa. Continue to serve as the head of a small theater troupe. Liu Laogen called to inform Liu Dakui to let Xiaoqin go to work in the sales department.

Liu Dakui went home and gave Xia Yu a severe lesson. He complained that she shouldn’t have poached Xiaoqin. He was worried that Liu Laogen was at home alone. Xia Yu concluded that he was upset because of Xiaowang’s affairs. Liu Dakui forced her to take Xiaoqin away. Qin sent home, otherwise the sales department would be removed, and they would quarrel with each other if they didn’t agree. Liu Shanshan came to persuade her after hearing the news. She offered to move back to the old house to take care of Liu Laogen. Liu Dakui disagreed. Xia Yu supported Liu Shanshan’s idea. She was angry to transfer Xiaoqin and Xiao Wang to the sales department.

Xiaoqin came to the villa with luggage, and Li Dacheng took the initiative to help her carry the luggage. Liu Shanshan bought two meals and wanted to eat with Liu Laogen. When Da Chili learned that no one would take care of Liu Laogen, he couldn’t help worrying about Liu Laogen.

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