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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 2 Recap

The villa has been open for a few days, but no tourists came to the door. The staff of the security department played games at the door when they were bored. Li Dacheng gave them a severe lesson and prepared them to welcome the tourists. Liu Dakui called Liu Shanxing to borrow money, but there was no money on the books of the Grand Theater, so Liu Dakui had to give up.

Qian Xinyue came back to see her mother Fengying during the holiday and took the initiative to help Xiaoqin with her work. Xiaoqin felt that Qian Xinyue was getting better and better. The two of them were doing laundry while talking and laughing happily. Xia Yu arranged for Liu Shanshan and Lin Zhen to meet. Lin Zhen came to the villa on time. Xia Yu told Liu Shanshan to get along well with Lin Zhen.

Yaowanzi heard that Qian Xinyue was back, and couldn’t wait to see her and stop her from doing these rough jobs. Xiaoqin was very dissatisfied. Yaowanzi tried his best to suppress Xiaoqin. It was a joke that she should rush to take care of people’s rough work. Xinyue will be a musician in the future, and Xiaoqin will be even more angry. Xia Yu ordered a table of dishes to entertain Lin Zhen, tried his best to match Lin Zhen and Liu Shanshan, and then took a chance to hide.

Liu Shanshan admitted that she already has a boyfriend. She didn’t want to come on a blind date, but Xia Yu forced her to meet. Lin Zhen didn’t expect Lin Zhen to feel the same way. He was awkward with his girlfriend and was forced by his mother to come on a blind date. Liu Shanshan and Lin Zhen agreed. Well, pretend that they both agree to fall in love, so that they can get rid of the entanglement of both mothers, and the two will hit it off. Liu Shanshan asked Thorin Zhen to help check that anonymous account, and Lin Zhen fully agreed.

Yao Wanzi filed a complaint with Liu Laogen, claiming that Wang Laosan and Dalong Lagang had formed a gang. Liu Laogen repeatedly emphasized that he was only the assistant of the second pillar, and at best was the stage manager. He had to communicate with the actors well. Yaowanzi wanted a specific position to speak convincingly. Li, Liu Laogen advised him to work with peace of mind and not to think randomly.

Xia Yu pushed the door in, Lin Zhen and Liu Shanshan enthusiastically picked each other’s food, Xia Yu closed his mouth happily, and hurriedly found an excuse to hide. Er Zhuzi led the actors to rehearse, Wang Laosan and Da Mao were busy live broadcasting, letting netizens read gifts, Er Zhu Zi grabbed their mobile phones, Wang Lao San and Da Long yelled at Er Zhu Zi.

Da Pang came to the theater and gave Da Long a severe lesson. Wang Lao San stood up to fight the injustice for Da Long. Da Pang sneered at Wang Lao San. Finally, Da Pang made a big shot. Da Pang announced in public that no one would bully Er Zhuzi. She wanted Bringing the actors from the small theater troupe to the theater, Wang Lao San disagreed, and Da Long also strongly protested, and Da Pang moved out of Liu Laogen to speak.

Song Kaiyuan heard the big fat rant from the crack in the door, and quietly avoided. Song Kaiyuan reported to Liu Shanxing what Da Pang had done, and asked her to persuade him to leave, so as not to affect the performance of the big theater. Weighing the pole to report to Liu Laogen, Liu Dakui has not paid everyone a subsidy so far. The villagers complained that Liu Laogen hurriedly called Liu Dakui and forced him to raise funds as soon as possible to give everyone money. Liu Dakui was helpless, and Liu Laogen took out the last pension money. In case of emergency, Liu Dakui had no face to ask, and Liu Laogen urged him to do it quickly.

Liu Shanxing came to negotiate with Big Fatty, but Big Fatty insisted on bringing actors from the small theater troupe to the big theater to beg for dinner. Liu Shanxing’s bitter persuasion was of no avail. Liu Dakui asked the secretary to calculate the employees’ salaries one by one, and each person’s bank card was sent to each person’s bank card. Big Chili rushed to report good news to Liu Dakui. Yang Dazhao brought members of the band to send warmth to the villa. They Bringing pigs and vegetables, Liu Dakui was very happy, and immediately decided to have dinner tonight.

The staff of the villa and the villagers came to dinner together. Liu Dakui called on everyone to work together to make a fortune. He publicly announced that the salary had been paid to everyone’s account. Everyone applauded and applauded him. Everyone toasted and drank, cheers and laughter resounded throughout the villa. .

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