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Liu Laogen 4 劉老根4 Episode 1 Recap

After the unremitting efforts of the government and people across the country, the epidemic in China has finally been brought under control. Liu Laogen can’t wait to call his family back for reunion dinner. Liu Dakui’s family of three, Xiaoman, Liu Zijian, Fengying, Song Kaiyuan and Liu Shanxing are all present. Xiaoqin did it. There was a large table of dishes, and Liu Laogen let Xiaoqin also sit down, but Xiaoqin had no choice but to sit down. Liu Erkui also rushed back from the field. He could not go home until after half a month of quarantine as required. After more than half a year, Liu Laogen was reunited with his family. He was sincerely happy.

Liu Dakui stood up and spoke. Liu Laogen was very dissatisfied. Liu Shanxing hurriedly stopped Liu Dakui and asked Liu Laogen to say a few words. Liu Laogen first thanked his family for supporting the country’s requirements for the epidemic and stayed at home for more than half a year, and then talked about the next stage. Work and life arrangements.

At the same time, the staff of the villa gathered at the gate, clamoring to see Liu Dakui asking for wages. On Tuesday, I brought security forces chief Li Dacheng and others desperately to stop them. I hadn’t paid my salary for a month, so I rushed to grab something to get my salary at the villa. On Tuesday, I hurriedly called Liu Dakui to report the matter.

Liu Dakui did not dare to delay, so he had to find an excuse to ask for a leave of absence from Liu Laogen and went to the villa. When Liu Dakui arrived, the employees had already left. He learned about the situation from Tue Yu and Li Dacheng and praised both of them. Liu When Da Kui returned to the office, the secretary had already put away all the valuables, worried that the employees would be rushing wildly. At this time, the theater was not at peace either, Erzhuzi called the actors together to discuss the next stage of rehearsal plans.

Pillball and Dalong would fight together if they didn’t agree with each other. Erzhuzi couldn’t control the situation, so they had to call Song Kaiyuan. Asking for help, Song Kaiyuan didn’t dare to tell the truth, and found an excuse to leave. Liu Shanxing left with him.

Liu Laogen was disappointed and called his grandson Liu Zijian to his side. His mobile phone rang suddenly. Liu Laogen saw that he was selling insurance and hung up on the spot. The actors in the small theater troupe were also ready to move. Da Fat urged everyone to rehearse at ease and not to trouble Liu Laogen, but they were worried that they would not be able to catch something when they were late, so Da Fat was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Yang Dazhao was taking the members of the small band to rehearse seriously. They learned that the staff of the villa had asked Liu Laogen for money, so they hurriedly went to Liu Laogen’s house to support.

Xiaoqin heard the news and came out to see what happened. Yang Dazhao learned that Liu Laogen was taking a nap, so he took someone to guard Liu Laogen at the door of his home. Da Chili called on the staff of the catering department to protect the plants and trees in the villa. When she learned that everyone had rushed to Liu Laogen’s house to ask for money, she picked up a rolling pin and went out. Big Chili saw from a distance Yang Dahorn leading people at the door of Liu Laogen’s house, mistakenly thinking that they were asking for money, and rushed to Xingshi with a rolling pin. Yang Dahorn thought Big Chili came to Liu Laogen’s house to grab something. When the individual disagrees, he fought.

When Yang Bighorn was knocked to the ground, Dajiao realized that he was also here to protect Liu Laogen, and couldn’t help laughing. Song Kai originally went to the Grand Theater to appease the pills and the dragon, and announced the good news to everyone that the Grand Theater is about to resume work and performances. Song Kaiyuan encouraged everyone to rehearse, and the actors were very excited. Liu Shanxing promised to give everyone a subsidy. , And there will be no less.

Zhengganzi spotted an excellent business opportunity. He put up a “high price recycling…” sign at the entrance of the small supermarket. He wanted to take this opportunity to buy office supplies robbed from the villa and make a fortune. Practice, sneer at him. When Liu Laogen learned that the employees had come to make trouble, he hurried out to ask why. Liu Laogen asked Liu Dakui to give everyone a subsidy of 1,000 yuan a month, but Liu Dakui really couldn’t raise money. He didn’t pay the employees for half a year, so Liu Laogen decided immediately. Selling Liu Dakui’s car and letting him live in the villa and work, Liu Dakui dared not say anything.

Yang Dazhao and Dajiao saw that Liu Laogen had solved the problem, and they left with peace of mind. Liu Dakui went to Xiaoman and learned that there was only 30,000 yuan on the account. He asked Xiaoman to use this money to subdue the utility bill. In fact, the villa receives anonymous transfers of money every month. Now it is 200,000 in total. Liu Shanshan asked Xiaoman to do so. When the money was given out in an emergency, Xiaoman firmly disagreed with the use of this unexplained money.

Liu Dakui was desperate. Xia Yu was kind to him and couldn’t wait to report a good news to him. Xia Yu introduced to Liu Shanshan the chief of the bank credit section, and let them meet in two days, but Liu Dakui was not optimistic about this passage. feeling.

Yang Dazhao decided to sell his own pig to help Liu Laogen, and the other members of the small band also generously donated their money. The employees once again gathered at the entrance of the villa, forcing Liu Dakui to sell the car as soon as possible to pay everyone. Liu Dakui’s Mercedes-Benz has been in operation for more than ten years and can’t sell much. At this moment, I received a notice from the superior on Tuesday. The villa will be opened tomorrow, and he smiled repeatedly and greeted everyone back to their posts. He promised to pay everyone as soon as possible.

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