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Jue Mi Shi Ming 绝密使命 Episode 16 Recap

The planners were ready to implement the plan at any time. Standing at the door of the hotel, Peng Gengnian couldn’t hide his nervousness. Facing the coming Lu Wenchao, Peng Gengnian quietly hid his anxiety on the grounds that he was scolded by the boss for being in a bad mood. Lu Wenchao came to the room and then gave Manager Hua the opportunity to check his suit pockets. The three of them came to Huo Dong’s room and only heard that his eldest cousin was reprimanding the accountant for lax accounting.

The Hong Kong party called back to Huafu Company’s Huo Dongsan to have gone to Xiamen a few days ago. The secretary immediately took the action team to the hotel when he got the news. In the room, Lu Wenchao pretended to help Peng Gengnian intercede, and several people walked downstairs, drinking tea and smiling, when they happened to ran into the secretary and the group. Lu Wenchao learned of the call from Hong Kong, but told the action team to step back and wait for his instructions.

Ronaldinho and the two traffic men confessed that the pre-planning operation had begun, and they had to be ready to act at any time. After a few glasses of wine, Lu Wenchao finally picked out his intentions. Peng Gengnian, who was about to go out to get the wine, opened the door but found that the room was full of secret agents. Lu Wenchao said that Huo Dong of Huafu Company had gone to Xiamen three days ago, but his eldest cousin was cold and photographed the letter in his inner pocket on the table, but Lu Wenchao didn’t care about the authenticity of the letter, eldest cousin. Then he got up and said that he wanted his boss to call Lu Wenchao’s boss, Boss Xu, to prove his identity.

During the stalemate between the two, Lu Wenchao was still defeated. He immediately changed his face and said that he had misunderstood and waved his subordinates to retreat. Manager Hua took the opportunity to help his eldest cousin to leave, and Peng Gengnian sent Lu Wenchao back to the hotel. All three of them were relieved temporarily. The traffic line is also a battlefield of swords and blood. The big cousin expressed gratitude and admiration for their bravery and wit.

Lu Wenchao looked at the gold noodles that Peng Gengnian gave him, but Cao Ruiying suddenly called but was very lonely. It turned out that today is his father’s death day. He called to his brother Lu Wenchao and said that so many Communists could not catch one of them. . Lu Wenchao replied perfunctorily. It is not so easy to repay the hatred of the country and the family. He needs to take a good rest to settle down. Cao Ruiying lay down on the chair decadently, her grief and anger in her heart overflowing with words.

A notice to arrest Zhou Cheng was posted on the streets and alleys. Yu Liangting came to Pan Yuqing to ask Pan Yuqing who Zhou Cheng was, but Pan Yuqing told him that there was no one named Zhou Cheng at all. Qiulian looked at her husband who was about to leave the house in a hurry and wanted to help him. Pan Yuqing didn’t let her know where she was going, but just took some dry food and turned and ran out.

The secretary was ordered by Lu Wenchao to send his eldest cousin to the port. The eldest cousin and Peng Gengnian hid in the dark to observe the secretary’s departure and then took a rickshaw to leave the dock, and instead took a train to Chao’an. Pan Yuqing explained that as long as the trafficmen and armed squad ensure that the head of the transit is good, nothing else should be involved.

The number of unidentified detainees has soared, and Dapu’s cells are no longer enough, but Cao Ruiying would rather move out of the room and office than let go of a suspicious person. The eldest cousin who came to Chao’an needed to stay overnight in accordance with the arrangement of the transportation station. Peng Gengnian checked the room and stayed with the eldest cousin. Pan Yuqing wandered down the street and came to Lu’s father’s groceries store. Lu’s father told him that as long as he hangs dried fish on the boat on the riverside, it is a signal for action.

Cao Ruiying urged Sunspot to find out the movements of all suspicious persons one by one. Lu Qingquan took his eldest cousin to Dapu on the electric boat. The crew on the boat reminded Lu Qingquan that the crowded places are the safest, and when they dropped anchor Deliberately yelled that the sky would change and the passengers had to rely on themselves after landing. Lu Qingquan and his eldest cousin decided to act separately. Heizi asked the locals and foreigners to line up to go ashore separately, and all the foreigners were taken away for interrogation.

Pan Yuqing grabbed Lu Qingquan who was about to step forward, and his eldest cousin calmly followed the detective team to the dark interrogation room. Lu Qingquan was almost lost in panic, and even had to use his own life to change his eldest cousin. The identity of Pan Yuqing and above ordered Lu Qingquan to calm down immediately, and explained that Lu Qingquan sent a telegram to the superior to clarify the situation, and then he went out. Going to find someone.

The telegram was quickly sent to Huafu Electronics. Xiao Luo and Old Gu were caught off guard seeing the content of “Cousin was seriously ill in hospital” above, but Peng Gengnian left in the name of going to Xiamen with Huo Dong and it was impossible to return to Shantou that day. . Ronaldinho called Peng Gengnian and got instructions to contact Comrade Ling Feng in Shanghai immediately. Ling Feng, who was far away in Shanghai, saw the contents of the Shantou telegram and instantly stood up from his stool in a panic.

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