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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 9 Recap

Only then did Chu Chu come back to his senses, so shocked that his chin almost fell to the ground. Chu Chu looked at Xiao Jinyu and saw from Xiao Jinyu’s stunned look that this kind of thing was not commonplace even at the emperor’s house, and he felt relieved immediately. child.

Xiao Jinyu didn’t feel at ease at all, but her heart tightened even more. His elder brother had incestuously had children with his father’s concubine when he first became the crown prince. Since this matter can be known to his mother and queen, and it has been handled so cleanly in silence, the person who was ordered to do errands in and outside the palace must not be there. A small number, if this matter leaks out the slightest bit of wind, it is used by someone with a heart to grab three or five so-called witnesses, and use this to make a big fuss, and it is not impossible to tear his under-winged nephew from the throne. .

Xue Rucheng looked at the painting in front of him for a while without making a sound, and Chu Chu’s heart hung in his throat. She is not familiar with the mysterious Sixth Prince, but understands that since the Sixth Prince knew that his wife was a fugitive, and was willing to marry her, he came to Xiao Jinyu to help her family reverse the case. It must be because she likes to be in the bones. He must have hated Xiao Jinyu if he caught his wife. Although Chu Chu didn’t know what kind of temperament the Sixth Prince was, it would definitely not be a good thing for Xiao Jinyu to have another rich enemy.

A cool breeze with a damp chill came in through the slightly opened window and hit Xiao Jinyu’s thin body, deepening the pain of insect bites and ants in every joint of his body. Xiao Jinyu’s body He shuddered involuntarily, coughed a few times, and his face turned pale again.

The account book search found in the Yunyi Mansion was recorded by the general ledger in the Yunyi Mansion. It was as clear and well-organized as the other accounts he did for Yunyi. The only thing was that the other accounts were checked without any penalties. It’s bad, but there are three hundred and twenty-four thousand five hundred and sixty taels of silver in the account, and the whereabouts of it is unknown, even Yun Yi himself couldn’t tell when he took the initiative to confess. According to investigations, Yun Yi has always been a person who must compare baht when it comes to money. Even if it is stolen money, such a gap is abnormal.

Xue Rucheng frowned slightly, moved over, reached out and put a hand on Xiao Jinyu’s left wrist. Before he could feel the pulse, he was suddenly grabbed by Xiao Jinyu. For a moment, he saw the half-dead man who was just alive from his sleeve. He drew a dagger and cut it fiercely on his right wrist, which he kindly felt for his pulse.

Chu Chu was also shocked by Xiao Jinyu’s actions for a while, but after a long time, he still instinctively judged at a glance. Xiao Jinyu almost used all his strength to quickly cut this knife, which cut extremely deep. A stab cut not only cut the blood veins of Xue Rucheng’s right hand, but also cut the veins of his hand.

Xue Rucheng hurriedly clasped his right arm with his left hand, suppressing the blood gushing out of the wound, breaking away from Xiao Jinyu’s hand, and stepped back, looking at Xiao Jinyu, who was still holding the dagger tightly in his hand, with an incredible expression on his face. Seeing Xiao Jinyu grow up, he was convinced that this was the first time Xiao Jinyu hurt someone with a sharp blade in his own hand. The first time he hurt someone was to abolish one of his hands.

Xiao Jinyu’s white shirt was stained red by the blood sprayed from Xue Rucheng’s wrist, and a few drops of blood stuck to his pale neck, which was particularly dazzling. Chu Chu had never seen Xiao Jinyu like this. Holding a bloody dagger, his eyes were cold, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, but there was no smile but only killing intent.

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