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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 8 Recap

Xu Rugui was stunned for a moment, then slowly nodded thoughtfully, held up the teacup for a few mouthfuls, raised his head and just wanted to say something, suddenly there was a flower in front of him, and he fell on his stomach with a thud.

When Chu Chu heard the two talking, she wanted to yawn in the clouds, and was suddenly startled by the movement of Xu Rugui’s head hitting the table. She instinctively screamed and jumped a step back. He recovered before standing still. Here, he rushed to Xu Rugui’s side with one step, sniffing with one hand and feeling for his pulse.

In order to save people, Chu Chu untied Xu Rugui’s coat neatly, and when he pulled the sleeve down, he felt a damp inside of the left sleeve and a smell of alcohol. The dark blue clothes were soaked and it was not conspicuous. Xu Rugui just fed the glass of wine to the sleeve while raising his head.

Taking off two coats and a middle coat, Xu Rugui’s upper body was exposed. As soon as Xiao Jinyu wanted to speak out, Chu Chu took off Xu Rugui’s underpants three times, and Xiao Jinyu only had time to sigh silently.

Chu Chu retreated to the base of the wall, Xiao Jinyu pushed the wheelchair to Xu Rugui’s side, pulled out the crutches from behind the wheelchair, stood up slowly on the crutches, slowly lowered his body, and knelt down beside Xu Rugui.

The whole process was slow but smooth and graceful. Chu Chu was stunned, and he didn’t even think of going to help him. Xiao Jinyu didn’t take Xu Rugui’s pulse or sniff his breath. Instead, he looked at his neck inch by inch. It was more like looking for something than diagnosis and treatment.

When Xiao Jinyu checked Xu Rugui’s right arm, he stopped for a while, then turned Xu Rugui over with great difficulty and continued to examine it carefully. After checking all of them, Xiao Jinyu put on Xu Rugui’s clothes again.

Chu Chu still remembered how she walked from the gate to the small yard. She ran out in the wind and snow, passing by several people wearing gold and silver. No one took a second look at her, so she went out smoothly. It’s like home. Chu Chu walked down the cliff in the dark along the winding mountain road where the carriage passed when he came up.

The mountain breeze in the harsh winter in the north was not as soft as Jiangnan, and the wind and snow made her face hurt. Chu Chu walked halfway and couldn’t help but stop and tighten the flap tightly. He breathed a few breaths on the hand that was red with cold, and looked up. I took a look at Ruguilou, which had been blurred into a small piece of light.

When the red shadow fell down the cliff, it passed directly in front of Chu Chu. Chu Chu didn’t have time to see clearly, but it was enough to distinguish that the person who fell from Ruguilou was a person, a person in red.

Panting and running to the bottom of the cliff, Chu Chu saw the red shadow lying on the ground from a distance, as if it was still moving. Chu Chu was overjoyed in his heart, and ran over in a hurry, but stopped anxiously a few steps away from Hong Ying.

She saw that Hong Ying was a woman, and a woman with a beautiful profile. In the snowy night, this woman was in red like a fire, but gently caressed the people under her body, murmured, her gentle voice melted into the mountain breeze and the flying snow, Chuchu could not hear what she was talking about. But there is a strong feeling that she is talking about a very beautiful thing.

She was about to leave quietly and quickly by the side of the road, trying not to disturb them as much as possible, but couldn’t help being curious, and took one more look when she passed by. Chu Chu saw at a glance that the man lying under the woman in red was a man, and then took another look, and noticed that the man was actually lying on the snow. He stopped and took another look. The expression of the man’s face clearly fell into his eyes. , Chu Chu couldn’t help screaming in surprise.

Jing Yi didn’t want to knock on Xiao Jinyu’s room door in the middle of the night. It is said that Xiao Jinyu should be sleeping soundly under the effect of the drug at this moment, but the voice coming from Xiao Jinyu’s room is completely different.

Jumping in the window, the guard was not in the room, only Xiao Jinyu lay down beside the bed, vomiting into the spittoon under the bed, and there was no filth in the spittoon. All he tried to spit out was a small amount of water.

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