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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 7 Recap

It has been several years since Xiao Heng disappeared. Xiao Jinyu believes that his father’s appearance must change, and I am afraid that it cannot be accurately identified. Princess Xiping’s face was embarrassed, and it was a long time before Xiao Heng was informed of the stab wound on Xiao Heng’s chest.

Sun Deming found some treasures from elsewhere to honor Qin Luan. It seemed that he was loyal to his master. In fact, Qin Luan had already learned that his apprentice would take advantage of him in private. Qin Luan hated that iron could not become steel, and warned Sun Deming to keep himself safe, otherwise he would not be able to keep his butt and separate his head.

The assassin walked confidently into Ruyifang to fetch things. When he came out, he was assassinated by another assassin who was a beggar. Jing Yi led them to capture them all and stuffed them with steamed buns into their mouths to prevent them from committing suicide by taking poison.

Jing Yi saw that Xiao Jinyu was a little special to Chu Chu, and specifically told Chu Chu to please Xiao Jinyu, and could not let go. As long as Xiao Jinyu did not rush Chu Chu away, the assessment would continue, and Chu Chu might still be selected. Jing Yi hoped that Chu Chu would stay in the Three Laws Division to provide Xiao Jinyu with more opportunities.

Jing Yi took the beggar to the yard to eat. When Jing Yi saw the beggar holding the chopsticks, he said in amazement, “You beggars still use chopsticks to eat.” The beggar threw away the chopsticks and picked up the rice with his hands. The killer claimed that the gold in the bag was left by his father’s generation, and he was a scholar.

Xiao Jinyu read a sentence from the book at random, but this person couldn’t say the next sentence. Xiao Jinyu said that he hadn’t even read the four books, so he was a scholar. The man hurriedly said that some days he stopped reading and now sells leather goods. Xiao Jinyu asked about the market price of the leather goods again, but this person still couldn’t answer. Xiao Jinyu went solo, told the killer not to go around in circles, and told the killer that now Xu Rugui was about to kill his wife and children.

The killer was worried about the safety of his wife and children and confessed everything he knew. It turned out that there was another person who murdered with him, but half a month ago, that person disappeared, so he killed all three of the dead recently. Xiao Jinyu asked about another physical feature and painted a portrait. According to the note that Xiao Jinyu gave him, Jing Yi lied that the beggar hadn’t acted on the killer’s wife and children, and was still alive.

As soon as Leng Yue came back, she saw Chu Chu sitting and grinding the mirror. Leng Yue asked Chu Chu if she had touched Xiao Jinyu from head to toe and had to pick Xiao Jinyu’s clothes. Chu Chu admitted that there were these things, but they were all for testing. Chu Chu praised Leng Yue from head to toe, and said that if he were a man, he would definitely want to marry Leng Yue. Lengyue was so exuberant with her praise, she laughed.

Xiao Jinyu came to Chu Chu and told Chu Chu to fill out the autopsy form, but not to fill in the name. After hearing that, Chu Chu felt a little lost, and then turned the loss into strength, trying to grind the spoon into a mirror.

Xiao Jinyu hadn’t seen Leng Yue for a year, and found that Leng Yue still didn’t have a proper shape, either moving this or touching it. Xiao Jinyu asked Leng Yue about the Jade Judge. Leng Yue asked his friends on the rivers and lakes many times, and no one knew this person. But Leng Yue found out that Chu Chu’s family valued her very much, and that Chu Chu was definitely not Chu Ping who went out and fooled around.

Leng Yue put Xiao Jinyu’s paint on the table on her hands, Xiao Jinyu wiped her hands on Leng Yue’s veil, Chu Chu saw that Chu Chu was a little angry, and crumpled the autopsy sheet in her hands.

Wu Jiang took Jingyi in according to the wanted list drawn by Xiao Jinyu’s painting. Chu Chu looked at the portrait and immediately affirmed that this was the corpse that was struck to death by lightning.

Suddenly Xiao Jinyu showed Chu Chu a portrait. Chu Chu’s eyes widened subconsciously, and then Xiao Jinyu showed Chu Chu a drawing of the wound, which was even more surprised. Xiao Jinyu asked Chu Chu if he knew the person in the painting. Chu Chu said yes, but he quickly denied it. Xiao Jinyu asked Chu Chu pendant if it was given by the person in the painting, and Chu Chu quickly denied it. Xiao Jinyu still awaits further questioning, so she came down to report, and Chu Chu hurriedly slipped away from the palace.

Chu Chu lay down on the bed regretfully, saying that he was an idiot, how could he tell these things. Qin Luan followed the order to invite Xiao Jinyu into the palace. Xiao Jinyu refused because of his busy schedule. There was something in Qin Luan’s words, and he directly used the emperor to suppress others.

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