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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 6 Recap

Jing Yi and others searched for clues in the secret room, only to find a small number of files that had not been completely burnt down from a bookshelf, which recorded information about the princess mansion in recent years, and traced the whereabouts of the horse Xiao Heng, as well as Xiao Jinyu and the minister of the court. trend. In the palace hall, Tang Xuanzong reprimanded the little eunuch for having trouble with his hands and feet. Qin Luan hurried to wait, almost exposed because of the beard on the soles of his feet.

Xiao Jinyu drew Xu Rugui’s portrait based on his memory. Both the appearance and appearance of Xu Rugui were portrayed in the bones. However, Chu Chu always felt that this person was a little weird. Only after thinking about it, he realized that he had disfigurement marks, so the facial features seemed to be pieced together. As Chu Chu expected, Xu Rugui escaped from the restaurant to meet Zhou Han, and casually tore off the disguise attached to his original appearance.

Zhou Han repeatedly urged Xu Rugui to stay away from Chang’an and never fall into Xiao Jinyu’s hands. On the contrary, Xu Rugui had a clear mind and didn’t put Xiao Jinyu in his eyes at all. Before dawn, Zhou Han used the plague as an excuse to escort Xu Rugui out of the city. Originally, Xiao Jinyu had combined various clues to lock the location on the map, including inferring Xu Rugui’s general information, but they were still a step late.

On the way to Tonghuamen, the officer suddenly encountered a man in black who intercepted him. Unexpectedly, the opponent had no intention of hurting people’s lives. After a moment of entanglement, he heard the whistle and retreated. When the officer arrived at the city gate, Zhou Han, who knew the Shence army, was as early as Yizhuxiang. Before leaving the city. Xiao Jinyu found a brocade thread in Xu Rugui’s residence, which should be a symbol of Ruyi Cabinet.

At the moment the Talisman is not in the place where it is usually stored, Xu Rugui probably only went to the cabinet today to pay the killer. Now Ruguilou is sealed up. Once the killer gets the news, he will definitely take the money and flee for his life. Xiao Jinyu believes that Zhou Han will assist Xu Rugui to leave, so he gives the portrait to Jing Yi and asks him to post it out of the city to find it.

Leng Yue sent a letter from the rivers and lakes to inform him about Chu Chu’s true identity. Xiao Jinyu learned through Leng Yue about the date of Chu Chu’s birth. His father Chu Ping’s wife had passed away several years ago. It is said that Chu Chu was an illegitimate child of Chu Ping, but the identity of his biological mother is unknown. Because of the simple relationship of the Chu family in the local area, only the lone witch doctor had close contacts with him. The witch doctor left the local area five years ago and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Early the next morning, Xiao Jinyu sent Chu Chu back to the Three Dharma Division and couldn’t help asking about the meaning of the handkerchief embroidery pattern. Chu Chu said frankly that this pattern is located on the fifth rib on the left side of the human body, which is also the closest to the heart. Just place your hand on this bone. You can feel the beating of your heart.

On the way to the princess mansion, Xiao Jinyu took out her handkerchief and smiled. After having lunch with Princess Xiping, Xiao Jinyu took the initiative to ask her about her father and gave out the clues she found last night. Princess Xiping was shocked when she learned that someone was spying on the princess mansion secretly. She simply revealed the truth to Xiao Jinyu, saying that there were only clothes in the tomb of Xiao Heng, and the body had not been found yet.

The controversy between the Nanya and the North Division was like fire and water, and the day when the news of Xiao Heng’s death came back to Chang’an, it coincided with the great chaos of Chang’an Ganlu. The North Division headed by the eunuch carried out a mass murder, and the Nanya headed by the prime minister was slaughtered, and even the first emperor was placed under house arrest.

With the promotion of Xiao Heng’s post, even if the princess has the Nan Leng clan as her backer, if she insists on asking the court for an understanding, I am afraid that in the form of the court at that time, she would have caused a murder before she could get an explanation. After listening to his mother’s explanation, Xiao Jinyu looked solemn. He thought that his father was still alive, but this matter was of great importance.

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