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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 5 Recap

With the sound of “walking”, everyone rushed to the mourning hall. Although knowing that the fire was extremely dangerous, Xiao Jinyu still rushed into the mourning hall to rescue Chu Chu in spite of his own safety. In the end, Chu Chu protected Feng Jie’s body and left the mourning hall, and was lucky enough to escape. The news of Feng Mansion was on fire spread like wildfire. The second lady was so frightened that she retreated to the bed again and again, seemingly afraid of Feng Jie’s ghost revenge.

The arsonist who had been lying on the wall escaped at night, but he was followed by Jing Yi and witnessed them sneak into the Shence army camp. Due to Zhou Han’s proposition and nearly revealing his identity, Qin Luan hated his inadequate success, and then expected Xiao Jinyu to take Chu Chu to the post-mortem, so he quickly notified Han Ji to stop him.

Just as Mrs. Feng angered Xiao Jinyu for blaspheming Feng Jie’s body over and over again, and even wanted Chu Chu to bury her, only Han Ji and Xue Rucheng came hurriedly. Han Ji condemned Xiao Jinyu for ignoring Shengyu and retaliating privately. On the surface, he was acting justice for Mrs. Feng, but in fact, he had to join the three officials to participate in the performance, intending to give up the power of the Anjun king.

However, Xue Rucheng knew that Xiao Jinyu was a man and would not offend Feng Mansion for no reason, so he helped him to say everything well, and reminded Xiao Jinyu to take Chu Chu away quickly on the grounds that Feng Shangshu was crowned. Before leaving, Xiao Jinyu publicly injured Chuchu’s hand in front of everyone to prove her innocence, claiming that she, a weak woman in a dangerous situation, still wanted to protect Feng Jie’s body. After seeing this, those present had no reason to refute.

Returning to the Sanfa Division, Chu Chu felt sad, until Xiao Jinyu brought the maid Forsythia to visit, and then reluctantly revealed that he was crying because the tool was burned. When the mood gradually calmed down, Chu Chu informed of the results of the investigation, stating that all three deceased had been beaten to death.

Since the murderer had a good grasp of the punch strength, he would specifically select the place with stairs to adjust the height difference between the two to ensure that the punch could accurately hit the eye socket of the deceased’s eyebrow. At first, the deceased was hit hard and the back of the brain was knocked on the raised hard object, but it did not happen immediately. When the brain gradually became hematoma, it made people’s consciousness confused, and finally accelerated death.

Through this speculation, Chu Chu finally found valid evidence from Feng Jie’s brain, and then proceeded with the murder method. Considering that the craniotomy will be detected by others, Chu Chu prepared a hair crown similar to Feng Jie in advance, and it seemed that there was nothing unusual on the surface. Just as Xiao Jinyu asked about the relationship between the stone pendant and the Jade face judge, she didn’t expect Jing Yi to break through the window and the conversation between the two was forced to end.

Xiao Jinyu asked Jing Yi to go to the Han Mansion to make a routine and inquire about the location of the pick-up restaurant on the day, so as to find the murderer hidden in the restaurant. As a result, before Jing Yi left, Chu Chu remembered that he had found the root of Houttuynia cordata in Feng Ying’s teeth, and immediately guessed that the restaurant involved should be the Ruguilou that he had visited before.

As the shopkeeper of the restaurant, Xu Rugui was busy burning down the dossier at this moment. Even though Xiao Jinyu led the crowd to swiftly surround him, he had already left the room. The steward of the restaurant truthfully replied, confessing that the shopkeeper hadn’t left for half a step, but disappeared out of thin air, Xiao Jinyu immediately asked Chu Chu to pour water into the chimney.

Sure enough, several buckets of water were poured out one after another, and the amount of water in the chimney was obviously inconsistent. Xiao Jinyu found the entrance to the secret room based on the hidden stove. However, Xiao Jinyu didn’t take a few steps into the secret room, and suddenly felt dizzy, so she ordered Jing Yi and Wu Jiang to continue investigating, and she walked out of the secret room with the help of the guards.

Chu Chu observed Xiao Jinyu’s expression and guessed that he was afraid of the enclosed space, which led to this symptom. In the past, Chu Chu encountered similar patients, and he knew a little bit, but he could not learn a cure. Nian held an important position in Xiao Jinyu, Chu Chu promised that he would never mention it to the public, and immediately took out a handkerchief to wipe his sweat, but Xiao Jinyu found that Chu Chu was embroidering a pattern on a corner of his handkerchief.

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