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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 4 Recap

Seeing that Chu Chu was about to bend over to kiss, Jing Yi immediately pulled her away, and forsythia came in through the door with the fruit. Everyone present except Chu Chu felt embarrassed. However, Chu Chu was open-minded. This behavior was only to emulate the doctor’s implementation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Therefore, Feng Jie’s chest scratches were entirely from the hands of women. Moreover, the second wife of Feng Mansion was good at medical skills, which should have been caused by hastily rescued.

Because he could not see the second wife during the previous condolences, Jing Yi remembered Mrs. Feng’s fierce response to the deceased’s grievances, and inferred that Feng Yu died under a woman. If it is said that it would be humiliating, Feng’s family tried to cover up Feng Yu. cause of death. Although Jing Yi was right, Xiao Jinyu believed that there must be a hidden truth in it. Coupled with Chu Chu’s copying of the original words of the Jade Judge, he immediately realized it and proposed to re-examine Feng Yan’s body.

The officials in the DPRK and the central government informed Shang Shu Feng Jie about the cause of death. Tang Xuanzong was furious and ordered officials of Grade 7 or above not to drink and have fun outside of the rest days, otherwise they would be dismissed and investigated. Originally, Tang Xuanzong wanted Xiao Jinyu to go to Feng Mansion to express his condolences, but he did not expect him to take the first step, and then he was surprised. This kind of human relationship is completely different from his style.

Princess Xiping asked Wu Jiang to inform Xiao Jinyu to go home as soon as possible, otherwise she would come to the Three Laws Division in person. According to Xiao Jinyu’s entrustment, Jing Yi personally checked the military records in the Shence Camp, and found that someone suddenly reported back to his hometown last night. Since then, there has been no death or corpse.

In the past month, homicides have occurred one after another in Chang’an City. All three Beijing officials suddenly died suddenly in full view. It seemed reasonable but very unusual. While the two were still discussing, the guards came to report Qin Luan’s visit and asked Xiao Jinyu to take the initiative to apologize to Feng Mansion by imperial decree, promising that there would be no disturbing Feng Shangshu’s move to settle down in the future.

Originally, Qin Luan wanted to prevent Xiao Jinyu from continuing to investigate, but he did not expect that his behavior was in the hands of the other party, so he could take this opportunity to go to Feng Mansion to find out. After leaving the Department of Three Laws, Qin Luan learned through his men that Chu Chu was from Pingle Town, Guanling County, Qianzhou. His father Chu Ping had only married one wife. Later he gave birth to his eldest son, Chu He, and died of dystocia. He did not expect that a few years later , There is an extra daughter out of thin air, which is now Chuchu.

Qin Luansi and Xiao Heng disappeared in the southwest. In less than a year, Chu Chu existed in the family of Wu Zuo in the southwest. Now Chu Chu brought Xiao Heng’s tokens to Chang’an City, so she suspected that she was most likely Xiao Heng. Illegitimate daughter. In order to prevent accidents, Qin Luan continued to send people to verify Chu Chu’s identity, and be sure to find out the origin of the other party.

Jing Yi asked the three tomb robbers to bring back the bodies of the two late Shang Shu. Chu Chu discovered that there was an interrogation room and an autopsy room for the Jade Mian Judge in Xiao Jinyu’s residence, which even more puzzled him. But the Jade face judge that Chu Chu knew was a story she heard when she was six years old.

Chu Chu gave Xiao Jinyu the pamphlet of the legends of the nine gods catching the six doors, and Xiao Jinyu found that the contents above were all adapted from the case solved by Xiao Heng. At that time, in addition to Xiao Heng’s father who was the insider of this matter, there was also Jing Yi’s father, but Jing Yijue did not believe that Chu Chu and his father knew each other.

After examining the two corpses, Chu Chu found that they had the same injuries as Feng Shangshu, both on the back of the head and on the brow bones, so it was inferred that they were all done by the same person. Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu were in the room to restore the fighting situation at the time of the case. Chu Chu was unable to accurately determine the cause of death, so he proposed to re-examine Feng Jie’s body.

That night, Xiao Jinyu was talking to Mrs. Feng in the front hall, and learned that before Feng Jie’s death, it was Han Ji who sent him home, and even explained the source of Feng Jie’s injuries on the grounds of the knocks. After Wu Jiang and Jing Yi left the housekeeper and servants in the mourning hall, Chu Chu hurried over to do an autopsy. They did not know that Qin Luan’s eyeliner had already been guarded by the wall. Because he was worried that the matter would be exposed, he planned to burn the mourning hall and hide there with Chu Chu.

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