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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 3 Recap

Jing Yi didn’t believe in Xiao Jinyu’s judgment at first, but when he came to Wu Ji’s cell, he gradually realized that the truth was about to come to light. Sure enough, he only used a few words to figure out how Wu Ji murdered and hides the treasure. Yan Mansion Study Room. When the dust settled on this matter, Chu Chu heard Xiao Jinyu’s admonition to his subordinates, and it was almost the same as what the Jade Mian judge said.

Because of this, Chu Chu increasingly felt that Xiao Jinyu was the rumored Jade Mian judge, but Xiao Jinyu’s denial made her fall into self-doubt. Chu Chu inspected the man’s body and found that he was good at holding a pen in his left hand and holding a knife in his right hand, and his habit of using both hands was different from that of others.

Xiao Jinyu thought after hearing this, if this person comes from the army, it is completely normal, because the military commander needs weapons in the right hand for training. Even if he was a left-handed person, there is still no exception. Explaining clearly the true identity of the deceased made Chu Chu feel very surprised. After all, he had never been to a military camp since he first arrived in Chang’an City, let alone met or offended military personnel.

Just as Chu Chu was puzzled, he suddenly realized that it was a man who wanted to marry her as a wife. The guards next to him sneered when he heard the words, Xiao Jinyu threw an eye knife, scared the guards immediately returned to serious expressions. As Chu Chu currently has no place to live and is worried that he will be rejected by the innkeeper, he plans to live in the deserted temple temporarily.

Considering that Chu Chu still has great usefulness, Xiao Jinyu asked her to rest in the three law department first, and at the same time facilitated the investigation of the case. Chu Chu took the opportunity to inquire about Xiao Jinyu’s private life with her maid, Lianqiao, and was shocked when she learned that Xiao Jinyu was not married yet. She really couldn’t figure out why the Beijing girl preferred Jingyi over Xiao Jinyu.

According to the native method provided by Chu Chu, Wu Jiang used boiled eggs to invigorate the wounds on Xiao Jinyu’s forehead to remove blood stasis. At this time, there was a strange noise outside the door, and Xiao Jinyu knew that Jingyi didn’t take the usual path, and came through the window again. As a result, Jing Yi turned the window to no avail, but was teased by Wu Jiang instead.

Although Jing Yi found the scroll stolen by Wu Ji in Yan’s Mansion, he found that Wu Ji had been poisoned and died when he returned to prison. Nowadays, the murderer is at the mercy of the law. It is difficult to continue to find useful clues in the case. Xiao Jinyu had no choice but to let Jing Yi stay in the Sanfa Division to rest, and then go to Shence Camp tomorrow to investigate the identity of the man who hijacked Chu Chu during the day.

Qin Luan took a self-portrait in the mirror and was quite proud. He even compared himself with the emperor. He had only one regret, that is, his identity as an eunuch was embarrassing, so he often put a fake beard on his mouth for comfort. Zhou Han reported to Qin Luan that the man had been killed, but Qin Luan was furious and ordered him to send someone to watch Xiao Jinyu and Princess Xiping immediately to prevent any accidents.

In the middle of the night, a woman screamed from Feng Mansion, and Feng Jie, Shangshu of the Criminal Ministry, died suddenly in bed. After Xiao Jinyu received Feng’s obituary post, she asked Chu Chu to pretend to be a maid and mourn with him, but in fact she helped with the post-mortem. Chu Chu happily agreed, not only changing into the maid’s clothes, but also learning etiquette under the temporary training of Xiao Jinyu.

Chu Chu was trembling in learning and almost fell. At the critical moment, she grabbed Xiao Jinyu by the collar. She wanted to take the opportunity to check the sword wound on his chest, but she was disappointed. In the blink of an eye, on the day of condolence, Chu Chu followed Xiao Jinyu and others to Feng Mansion, because she suffered from being unable to approach the corpse, Jing Yi secretly created chaos.

Seeing Jing Yi winking, Chu Chu hurried over to inspect the deceased, and unexpectedly found scratches on Feng Yan’s body. When Mrs. Shang Shu saw it, Jing Yi explained the reason for Chu Chu, and found an excuse to fool around. After the incident, Jing Yi took Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu to a restaurant for dinner. Chu Chu felt that the shopkeeper looked a little strange and seemed inappropriate.

Xiao Jinyu specially places a table of Qianzhou cuisine to test Chu Chu, and believes that Chu Chu is indeed from Qianzhou. Chu Chu thought that the scratches on Feng Jie’s chest were not fatal, and seemed to be caused by saving people. In order to confirm the speculation, Chu Chu asked Xiao Jinyu to pretend to be the dead, and slowly approached him.

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