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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 12 Recap

By observing the deadly wound, Chu Chu concluded that the long pillar around the deceased was the murder weapon. Since the only fatal wound on the deceased was from bottom to top, it was enough to prove that the force between the murderer and the deceased was equal, so the murderer did not think of attacking the deceased’s head. Ministry, but difficult to attack.

Confirming the current speculation, Chu Chu and Xiao Jinyu conducted a simulation at the crime scene again, and found that the murderer was highly similar to a child, but the child was unable to use such explosive power. Therefore, it showed that the murderer was a person with cruel legs. It is very likely. It’s Uncle Witch Doctor.

As for when the house was haunted, Chu He recalled that it started with the laying of bricks, and there were frequent strange noises, and at first he was a little bit sad. Xiao Jinyu concluded that the corpse of the deceased was deliberately reserved by the witch doctor, and should be submitted as evidence, and then ordered other people not to leak the matter, especially Chu He should take care of his mouth.

However, when Chu He returned home, he immediately revealed to Chu Ping that the corpse was found in the haunted house tonight. Because the father and son couldn’t figure out Xiao Jinyu’s journey, they planned to go to the county office tomorrow. Chu He worried that Xiao Jinyu would investigate Chu Chu’s life experience and wanted to take her away, but Chu Ping reprimanded him instead.

Xiao Jinyu took the initiative to explain to Chu Chu the reason for coming to Qianzhou, as well as the origin of the stone pendant, hoping that she can truthfully tell the identity of the uncle witch doctor. But Chu Chu didn’t notice Xiao Jinyu’s real purpose. Instead, he believed that the other party did not take the second test and used himself as a chess piece. Not only was he disappointed and wronged, he pushed Xiao Jinyu aside and took the door.

Seeing that Jing Yi was busy all night, Leng Yue simply went to send him early, which made him a little flattered. Originally Leng Yue wanted Jing Yi to concentrate on eating, but she suddenly found useful clues in the dossier. After the incident, Jing Yi immediately reported to Xiao Jinyu, saying that Chu Chu’s true identity was actually a coffin.

It turned out that Xu’s family was pregnant in August at the time, and later died in an accident. Later, when Chu Ping was buried for him, he found Chu Chu, who was already an abandoned baby. Because Chu Chu is the fetus in the womb of the Xu family, the popularly known “coffin” is more taboo by neighbors and villagers, so Chu Chu’s origins are concealed from the outside.

Through Chu Ping’s narrative, Chu Chu finally knew his life experience. The Chu family bowed down to Xiao Jinyu not to sin against Chu Chu. Even the elderly Grandpa Chu was in tears. After Chu Chu saw this, he hurriedly begged Xiao Jinyu not to embarrass his family, and was even willing to confess the relationship between the stone pendant and the uncle witch doctor, but because Chu Chu did not trust him, Xiao Jinyu spit blood and fell on the spot.

At the same time, Qin Luan came to worship the horse on an order, and was about to order the little eunuch to place offerings, but was thrown to the ground by Princess Xiping with a whip, blocking his way. Princess Xiping warned Qin Luan not to hurt Xiao Jinyu, otherwise he would have to die. Just as the two were in a stalemate, Xue Rucheng also brought people here, claiming that he came to worship the consort on a sacred decree.

Qin Luan couldn’t understand the emperor’s thoughts, and simply took the eunuchs away first. But after returning to the palace, Qin Luan was furious, feeling that he had suffered a great humiliation before, and ordered the eunuchs to throw out all the tributes. Because Xu Rugui’s assassination failed, Qin Luan was furious. Sun Deming hurriedly informed Xu Rugui of the new opportunity to make sure that he would succeed this time.

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