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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 11 Recap

After a simple questioning, Xiao Jinyu offered to spend the night. Although others felt that the writer was relatively unlucky, as a prison officer, he had been in contact with corpses all the year round. Should be worthy of respect. Because of Xiao Jinyu’s words, Grandpa Chu seemed to have found a bosom friend, and immediately began to enthusiastically discuss the food and drink.

Although Xiao Jinyu saw that the Chu family treated Chu Chu well, they did not seem to have an attitude toward relatives. Especially when Chu He saw his sister go home, he was even more defensive to the person who sent her back. It was all this unusual that Xiao Jinyu changed his plan temporarily. Originally, he was going to meet Jing Yi at the county government office that night, but now he has to stay in the Chu family first to find out the mystery that still puzzles him.

Chu He privately asked Chu Chu about the course of the Chang’an trip. At first, his emotions were fairly stable, but when he learned that Xiao Jinyu wanted to examine Chu Chu’s origin, he immediately exploded Mao and insisted that Chu Chu give up his exam. However, Chu Chu did not agree, because she was still looking forward to being able to be like a Jade Mian judge and taking her family to Chang’an to see the prosperity of Chang’an.

However, Chu He didn’t understand Chu Chu. His attitude on this matter seemed to be unspeakable. Seeing Chu He put down an angry word and slammed the door out, Chu Chu stood where he was at a loss. At the same time, the shopkeeper received an anonymous letter and got a secret letter from the letter, that is, “the fish decoupled into Guizhou.”

That night, Chu Chu personally cooked a table of food to express his gratitude. The atmosphere was pleasant to get along with, except that Chu He always stared at Xiao Jinyu thoughtfully, as if he wanted to see why from him.

On the other side, at the reception banquet held by the county government, Qianzhou governor Li Zhang took the magistrate of Guanling County Zheng Youde and the county magistrate to entertain Jingyi and Lengyue graciously. Jing Yi suddenly retakes a handful of copper coins on the table, Zheng Youde hurriedly stepped forward and picked up the coins, thanking Jing Yi for his reward.

Seeing this, Leng Yue slapped the table angrily, reprimanding Zheng Youde for pretending to be silly, Li Zhang looked panic, Jing Yi went straight ahead and pointed out that the string of copper coins was made by private casting. As soon as the voice fell, Li Zhang and Zheng Youde exclaimed at the same time, with unbelievable faces. The two knelt on the ground and took the copper to observe carefully, and quickly pleaded guilty to Jing Yi.

Because of the clever coin casting method, which can almost be fake, Li Zhang and others did not realize that fake coins were already circulating on the market. Jing Yi didn’t wait for Li Zhang to refuse, and directly handed over the case to him for investigation. At the same time, Chu Chu made a hangover soup for Xiao Jinyu in advance, and then broke his stomach problems. Xiao Jinyu was very useful for this.

Considering that Chu Chu’s autopsy tools had long been lost in the fire, Xiao Jinyu specially took good materials from the Changan swordsman and made a new set of tools from Chang’an to Qianzhou. Chu Chu learned that this was made by Xiao Jinyu staying up all night, and was deeply moved. Jing Yi came over the wall and passed a message to Xiao Jinyu, saying that the Chu family seemed to often go to worship the Tomb of No One.

Chu He used his drunkenness to make trouble with Xiao Jinyu and asked him to go to the house of the uncle witch doctor, because the house was haunted for years and occasionally made strange noises. Xiao Jinyu readily agreed, and went with Xiao Jinli, Chu He, and Chu Chu. Sure enough, there was a ghost cry. Before they could go far, they found a stone stone making a strange sound through the sound of the wind. Xiao Jinli used a wooden stake to push down the stone, but he did not expect a man’s body to be kept inside the wall. According to Chu Chu’s inspection, he found that the man had broken his roots and carried the sign of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so he concluded that the other party was an eunuch before his death.

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