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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 10 Recap

Xiao Jinyu obviously didn’t expect the presence of a fourth person in this room, frowned, but the cold eyes were always fixed on Xue Rucheng’s body. Chu Chu hurriedly raised his head to look for the figure that would always float silently from the beams of the room like a snowflake, but the beams were too high and the room was too dark. Looking up from the ground, only a dimness could be seen.

The person on the beam finally couldn’t help but floated down, with a face that was quick to draw a smile, pointing to the three small plum blossoms in the blank space around the calligraphy, and looking at Xue Rucheng, it was dark and dark. White face. Chu Chu looked at the plum blossom print on the paper and made a silent gesture in his heart. As expected, the imaginary cat fell on all sides before the split.

Jing Yi sent Chu Chu and Xiao Jinyu down from the window, until they were transported to the carriage of Wang An’s Mansion parked at the back door. Without going back to open the door for Xue Rucheng, he pulled up the reins and beat the horse. The confrontation just now seemed to exhaust all of Xiao Jinyu’s stamina. Xiao Jinyu lay on the couch holding Chu Chu’s hand, closing her eyes and frowning, even breathing a little effort.

Sitting in a familiar carriage, everything in Xue Mansion just now seemed like a nightmare that had penetrated into her mind out of thin air. Chu Chu hadn’t figured it all out for a while, nor had she bothered to figure out things that had little to do with her. She only cared about the person lying on the couch, and all the fear and anger in her heart at this moment were all because of the threat and pain Xue Rucheng put on this person. Chu Chu was even regretting how he didn’t take the dagger from Xiao Jinyu’s hand just now, and then stabbed Xue Rucheng a few times.

Xiao Jinyu left this sentence for Chu Chu before he vomited blood and fell into a coma. When she woke up again after struggling, she was already in the bedroom of Yixinyuan, and it was already midnight. Chu Chu, who was guarding the bed, saw Xiao Jinyu open his eyes and quickly touched his face to help him find his place. His face was full of anxiety and joy, but his voice was extremely soft, as if he was afraid to scare this newly waking up. Human-like.

Xiao Jinyu opened her mouth, and the word she tried to say was just like a hoarse voice, but Chu Chu knowingly picked up a bowl of water and fed it into his mouth with a spoon little by little until Xiao Jinyu shook her head slightly before putting the bowl down. , Carefully tighten the quilt for him.

When Mu Yao saw Xiao Jinyu, Xiao Jinyu was already sitting neatly in Yixinyuan’s study, with a dagger on the book table in front of him, and the blood stains on the blade had been cleaned, and it was as bright as new.

After Mu Yao got up and looked at Xiao Jinyu’s exceptionally pale face, he frowned, did not say a word, only lowered his brows and looked at the ground pleasingly. As soon as Mu Yao left, Chu Chu walked out from behind the screen in the corner, without asking a word, until he sent Xiao Jinyu back to the room, lay down on the bed, and changed his clothes that were soaked in cold sweat after a short while sitting. , Carefully massaged his stiff body from the pain, and when his faint blue face gradually eased, Chu Chu breathed a sigh of relief.

In the past two years, Xiao Jinyu has become more and more afraid of the cold. For him, winter is simply a natural disaster that lasts for several months. Every time he survives the winter, he always has a feeling of escaping from death. This winter has just started, Xiao Jinyu already has the feeling of being frozen from the inside out.

Chu Chu seemed to have been slapped in the face, and suddenly stunned. Seeing this person lying weakly on the bed, Xiao Jinyu had always been strong and always wanted to be strong. Chu Chu had never heard him speak calmly and discouraged. If so, he had never seen such a clear fragility and helplessness in his eyes. She only hated Xue Rucheng for harming his parents and Xiao Ju.

Now she threatened him again. For a while, she forgot that the man had watched him grow up since he was a child, and he respected the husband who had respected him for more than 20 years like his biological father. Such a relative who has been dependent on since childhood suddenly became an enemy, and if it was someone else, he would have already collapsed.

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