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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 18 Recap

The day Wen Jinchen went to Singapore coincided with the opening of Yueyue’s new store, Yueyue informed in advance by SMS, hoping that he would come to participate.

On the day of the opening of the new store, Men Keluoque, did not see Wen Jinchen, Yueyue determined to wait, because this store was opened for him, if he doesn’t come, he will open another day until he waits for someone. So far. On the way to the airport, Wen Jun also tried to inform Wen Jinchen of Yueyue’s opening of the store.

Yueyue learned from Long Xiaorong that Wen Jinchen went abroad that day, and finally gave up the idea of ​​waiting for him. Long Xiaorong and Pei Xiuzhe were the only guests who accompanied her. Yueyue finally couldn’t help crying. When everyone scolded Wen Jinchen, the deity suddenly appeared.

When the new store was unveiled, Wen Jinchen was very moved when he saw the name of Ming Restaurant and thought of telling Yueyueshi his dream of opening a restaurant. Yueyue confessed to him on the spot, and the two kissed together. Seeing this scene, Wen Jun was very moved and confessed to Long with a smile, and smiled in agreement.

Wen Liangye and Pei Xiuzhe met again at the bar, and the two discussed the investment in the restaurant this time. Pei Xiuzhe did not expect that what Wen Jinchen said last time was serious, thinking that this person would be too kind to him. Wen replied that he had few sincere friends in his life and work, and Pei Xiuzhe was one of them, and advised him not to drink any more in the future, nor to give up the whole forest because of a woman. There will be a better person in the future. Waiting for him, Pei Xiuzhe agreed.

Wen Liangye called Ye Zhiyu to tell her brother that she had reconciled with Yuan Yueyue, and hoped that Ye would not bother others again, otherwise she would never let her go.

Wen Jinchen took Yueyue home. Yueyue didn’t want the relationship between the two to be built on a commercial basis, so she planned to terminate the marriage contract first, and Wen Jinchen agreed. The next day, Wen Jinchen took Yueyue to her grandfather’s house, ready to sign a contract termination agreement. Grandpa thought he finally wanted to give up this woman, but the Yuan father, who had to be there to terminate the contract, went missing again and did not come anyway. Grandpa finally gave months and months time to find his father to dissolve the marriage contract, otherwise he would have to go through litigation procedures and take Yuan’s family to court.

Yueyue tells her mother about the disappearance of her father, Yuan mother and Yuan father cat and mouse for decades, they will surely find someone.

Yueyue and Wen Jinchen had a sweet meal in the restaurant. At this time, Long Xiaorong and Wen Jun came back from a date. Wen Jun asked someone to give him a glutinous rice cake on the spot. After that, he changed his face in a performance. The smile was speechless. The most weird date.

In order to increase the amount of dining in the restaurant, Wen Jinchen came to a company that rents Wen’s office building, saying that if the company is willing to order employee meals at Ming Restaurant for a long time, he can give them a half-year property fee reduction. However, people do not believe him. What he said, thinking it was a lie, Wen Jinchen was blasted out. Reluctantly, he set up an adult puppet and distributed leaflets around the street. Finally, thanks to his efforts, the restaurant began to receive more orders.

That night, at the restaurant thank you banquet, Yueyue and Long Xiaorong were drunk and were taken home by Wen Jinchen and Wen Jun.

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