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She is the One 全世界都不如你 Episode 17 Recap

Yueyue continued to deliver lunch to Wen Jinchen every day, but Wen Jinchen never went downstairs to meet someone. On this day, when he regretted that he wanted to go downstairs to meet with him, Yueyue had already left. After a few days, he would go downstairs every meal, but Yueyue never came again. In desperation, Wen Jinchen had to start with Long Smile.

Wen Jinchen had always concealed from his father that his brother Wen Liangye had done wrong on Wen. After hearing this from others, the old man came to Wen Jinchen to question. Grandpa severely reprimanded Wen Liangye for what he did to his company. However, Wen Jinchen believes that grandpa never treated his brother as his own family, otherwise he would not be forced to find ways to prove himself and use despicable means to protect himself. Own beloved. Grandpa was furious after hearing this, saying that Wen Jinchen was too innocent and was always easy to be deceived by people around him.

The relationship between Wen Jun and Long Xiaorong has been relatively ambiguous recently. Wen Jinchen sent him to look into the news of Yueyue from Long Xiaorong. Wenjun was very happy, and Long Xiaorong had no control over Yueyue’s affairs as soon as he faced Wen Jun. I said it all, even the address of the restaurant where I was going to open it.

Yueyue found a suitable commercial area, but after learning about the rent of 80,000 yuan a month, she had no choice but to give up. This scene was seen by Wen Jinchen who had come secretly. Wen Jun persuaded him to have a good chat with “Yuan Siya”. Wen Jinchen refused, saying that the matter involved too many benefits, and it was not just him and Yue Yueliang. Personal business, and then took back the bank card originally intended for Yue Yue, thinking that perhaps it is best not to disturb.

Wen Jun met Yueyue and gave her a one million bank card, saying that he was a rich second-generation. The money in this bank card was regarded as an investment in her hotel. However, Yueyue believed that it was Wen Jinchen’s money and refused very firmly. Wen Jun reflected on why he is not like a rich second generation in the eyes of others, and the money is indeed his own.

Yuan’s mother learned of Yueyue’s recent situation and called her to tell her that she would support her no matter what her plan was. She also took out all the money she saved to open a restaurant for Yueyue, and Yueyue finally had the original capital. It starts as soon as it starts. The restaurant has entered the renovation stage after the moon and moon. Although it is very busy every day, it is very sufficient.

Wen Jinchen informed his grandfather that he planned to go abroad to deal with the affairs of the company branch in Singapore, and at the same time, he also lived in a different environment for a period of time. Grandpa knew that he was depressed because of the Yuan family’s daughter and Wen Liangye’s affairs, so he agreed, hoping that his grandson could make corrections as soon as possible before returning to China to start again.

That night, Wen Jinchen secretly came to the shop under the moon plate, and it was very distressed to see the people who worked so hard to decorate themselves. After Yueyue fell off the ladder, she happened to see him, and Wen Jinchen ran away in a hurry. Yueyue thought that since Wen Jinchen ran as soon as she saw herself, she must have not let go of this relationship in her heart.

Ye Zhiyu also booked a ticket to Singapore, intending to start a new life with Wen Jinchen, but Wen Jinchen didn’t want to eat this set. He directly pointed out that he now knew the “Yuan Siya” and Wen Liangye’s in his grandfather’s hand. The photo was given by her. I hope that Ye Zhiyu will not have other thoughts about herself, but Ye Zhiyu refused.

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