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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 14 Recap

Yuan Caixi asked Li He why they became the way they are now. Li He said that they broke up because of their voluntary affairs, and that he broke the agreement. They had an agreement before to go to the Haitian University together. Li He and Yuan Caixi talked about their acquaintance. His sneakers for running that day broke. Lin Chuan lent him the shoes and passed the examination.

Li He wore the shoes given by Lin Chuan and won Morinaga’s first championship of this year. Later, the two agreed to go to Haitian University together. From then on, they called him the boss, and every time he mentioned university, he was Haitian University. Li He felt very sorry for them.

He felt that university was a very important choice and would be of great help to the future life, so he wanted to take them to take the exam for Huaqing. He felt that Lin Chuan was angry because he violated the agreement. Yuan Caixi told Li He that Huaqing was what he wanted, and asked him if he had thought about what Lin Chuan wanted. Everyone’s choices and pursuits are different.

Ning Zeyu returned home and her mother sat on the sofa and waited for him. She turned his room to find that he was still reading programming books, and slammed those books into a box. Mom said that as long as Ning Zeyu can successfully enter the law department, she and his dad have plans for his future. But Ning Zeyu doesn’t like studying the Fa. He likes to write codes and design programs. He wants to do challenging things.

The next day Ning Zeyu was brought home by Li Hera as soon as he left the house and asked him if the book in the box belonged to him. Li He sent him a message last night. He didn’t get back to Li He and thought something was wrong. Then he went to take out the garbage and saw Asked if he had thrown away these books, Li He didn’t wait for him to speak, and then he said that these books should be put here first. He wanted to read and tell him at any time that Li He’s house would be fine, or it would be fine to send him to school. .

Han Yayi asked Lin Chuan to have a barbecue. She told him that Li He came to Yuan Caixi as a tutor and included them and did not leave them behind. Li He never thought of abandoning the dream he shared with him. Li He just I want to pursue higher and better results and goals with him. Li He was sitting on a chair and tying his shoelaces. A pair of shoes appeared in front of him. Lin Chuan sat beside him, but Lin Chuan didn’t speak.

Li He said that he thought that he wanted to take Huaqing’s test. He couldn’t keep the promise of Haiti University, but he invited Lin to accompany him to take the test for Huaqing. How could Lin Chuan go? The little shop in his house was supported by his mother alone, so how could he go so far alone? Li He said that Lin Chuan’s mother worked so hard to make Lin Chuan have a good university and a good future. Li He painstakingly persuaded Lin Chuan to take the Huaqing exam together.

Ning Zeyu’s mother discovered that Ning Zeyu deceived the teacher to conceal the teacher forged her signature and secretly filled out the volunteer form. Her mother was very angry and asked Ning Zeyu to hand over her mobile phone. From now on, she will stop all extracurricular activities, which means she will call early in the morning Tell his head teacher to go to the college entrance examination from today, and Ning Zeyu will go home as soon as school is over. Ning Zeyu slammed the door and ran away to Ye Jingxi’s house. Ye Jingxi showed him the video of the audition.

Ye Jingxi didn’t want to go, so she deliberately performed badly. Ye Jingxi told him that if he really loves programming, then stick to it. At the beginning, Ye Jingxi’s parents also opposed him to make music. There was a business in the family that he could inherit. Ye Jingxi told his mother that he could not inherit the family business, but if he did that, he might be unhappy for the rest of his life. Then his mother agreed, and Ye Jingxi told Ning Zeyu to call home to report safety anyway.

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