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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 13 Recap

Ye Jingxi knew that Ning Zeyu and Li He prevented him from being alone with Yuan Caixi, and he also knew that they came to give him make-up lessons to guard him. The three admitted that they liked Yuan Caixi and each talked about their own advantages. Ye Jingxi said that she was a childhood sweetheart with her. Ning Zeyu said that she shared a common language with her.

Li He said that he carried her on his back, hugged her and carried her. He heard what Li He said. Ning Zeyu and Ye Jingxi taught Li He together. Unexpectedly, Li He overpowered Ye Jingxi instead. Ning Zeyu stopped when he saw it before he could do it. Several people were arguing not to be outdone, and they pretended to be good buddies as soon as Yuan Caixi came in.

Li He and Ning Zeyu were chatting as they walked. Ning Zeyu asked Li He’s little head, what was thinking. Li He felt that what Sister Hua said today made sense. He sighed that Ye Jingxi told them. It was about the same size but had to bear so much. This was how Ning Zeyu said he had a small brain capacity. Although Ye Jingxi is about the same age as them, he has already set his own future, and of course he has to bear a lot if he wants to do what he does.

Li He asked about Ning Zeyu’s love of programming. Ning Zeyu said that his parents would not support it if they knew about it. He still didn’t know how to do it well. He was quite envious that Li He and Yuan Caixi could do what he liked. Ning Zeyu’s parents have always hoped that he will follow their life plan without any deviation. The topic came to Li He, and Li He and Lin Chuan agreed to go on running together with Hai Ti University.

Teacher Luo sent a notice of parent meeting and future volunteer list to the students, so that they can go home to discuss with their families, and they can take this opportunity to talk to their parents about their development after graduation. Han Yayi envied Yuan Caixi’s score in the Beikai exam. Han Yayi wants to go to Zhongzhen. Although the Chinese Department of Zhongzhen University is newly established, the teachers and teaching concepts are very new. The most important is the creative writing course. .

Ye Jingxi was discharged from the hospital. Yuan Caixi, Li He and Ning Zeyu asked 80,000 for the key, and came to him in advance to surprise him. Ning Zeyu sorted out the paperwork and notes for the past few days and brought it to him. Yuan Caixi A volunteer list was brought to him, and several people talked about their respective wishes.

Ye Jingxi failed the audition and prepared to concentrate on reviewing. Several people formed a study group just to study hard. The movie audition Ye Jingxi deliberately failed to let the casting director disappoint him. Sister Hua came to Ye Jingxi very late. She knew that Ye Jingxi missed a professional music university. He wanted to study music.

Sister Hua asked him to study seriously on his own. His strength passed the college entrance examination. Since he did not choose the path of an actor, it made him think clearly which way to go and how to take this path. The company arranged professional music training for Ye Jingxi. He was going to take a two-week leave. He told Yuan Caixi and others about it, and they were very supportive.

Ning Zeyu filled out Tiangong’s volunteer form, and Li He filled out Huaqing’s volunteer form. The teacher talked to them, and they said they really wanted to go. Li He wanted to test Huaqing’s high-level athletes, and asked Yuan Caixi to teach him as a tutor. Li He told Lin Chuan Jiangyuan Yunxiang that he wanted to take the exam for Huaqing, and hoped that they would take the exam together, but for various reasons they did not agree, and finally he went to tuition by himself. Yuan Caixi saw that Li He was the only one who felt that their sports students were awkward, so he asked Li He to invite herself to dinner.

When Li He and Yuan Caixi came to eat, they saw Lin Chuan. Li He walked over to Lin Chuan and told Lin Chuan that he knew he had changed the college entrance examination and volunteered for Lin Chuan, but he didn’t care about him. He wanted them to become better. Never thought of leaving them alone, they can go together. Not to mention whether Huaqing Linchuan can pass the exam, even if he passes the exam so far from his home, he can’t go.

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