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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 12 Recap

The next day I will give Ye Jingxi a make-up lesson. Li Hyuk discussed with his brothers in the group about how to prevent the monitor from focusing on him. Jiang Yuan suggested that I should practice Ye Jingxi vigorously tomorrow, and the monitor would forget him. Li Hyuk felt This trick is bad, let Lin Chuan help. Lin Chuan suggested that Li He wear something special tomorrow. The couple outfit is the best. It does not ask for the same style but the same color, and declares sovereignty directly.

Li He thinks this idea is good. So Li He hurriedly called Yuan Haoxi, Yuan Haoxi thought it was a sales promotion and refused to wait for the other side to speak. Li He asked him to help. Yuan Haoxi asked him to benefit. Li He threatened him if he was tired of life. Yuan Haoxi said that Yuan Caixi was his elder sister. Li He couldn’t refute and he had to promise to give him chicken legs for a week. Li Herang He told Yuan Caixi what color clothes to wear tomorrow, and Yuan Haoxi promised to tell him as soon as possible.

The next day, Yuan Haoxi told Li He that Yuan Caixi was wearing a green jacket and blue jeans. As soon as Li He heard it, he hurriedly took out the clothes in the closet and picked them out. His father came in and saw that he had to finish it and remember to tidy it up. Ye Jingxi also picked a set of clothes, and narcissistically said to the mirror that he was in good shape. Yuan Caixi took Ning Zeyu and Li He to Ye Jingxi’s house. As soon as Li He came in, he said that he and the monitor wear the same color.

After three weeks of training, Yuan Caixi felt that Ye Jingxi’s physical fitness was up to the standard. The next step was to correct his English pronunciation. Ning Zeyu felt that his grammar and pronunciation still had some problems. Ye Jingxi ran down from upstairs and pulled Yuan Caixi into the room and locked the door and asked Yuan Caixi to have a word with him, despite the fact that Li He and Ning Zeyu outside would not open the door.

Ye Jingxi, Ning Zeyu and Li He were playing against the landlords. Since he had just taken Yuan Caixi to the dialogue, Ning Zeyu and Li He joined forces to deal with him, and even tried to teach him. Yuan Caixi who came over saw them and stopped them. people. Eighty thousand people called Ye Jingxi to go to class, but Ye Jingxi said there was no time for him to ask for leave. Yuan Caixi asked Li He and Ning Zeyu to correct their attitudes. Ning Zeyu said that since they wanted to correct their attitudes, Yuan Caixi would ask Yuan Caixi not to lock the door against others. Yuan Caixi self-reviewed and promised to correct her own attitude.

Sister Hua found that Ye Jingxi hadn’t gone to class. Sister Hua was very angry and scolded 80,000 yuan and knocked on the door of Ye Jingxi’s house with 80,000 yuan. Yuan Caixi wanted to open the door and was pulled by Ye Jingxi and the two squatted against the wall. Ye Jingxi turned off the phone and pretended not to be at home, and left with 80,000 persuasion. Li He and Ning Zeyu knocked on the door. Ye Jingxi, who had just relaxed, was instantly nervous, but before she could stop Yuan Caixi, Yuan Caixi had already opened the door. Ye Jingxi was relieved to see them.

The test paper was issued. Li He scored ninety points in the English test. Ning Zeyu’s score dropped significantly but he ranked first. Ye Jingxi improved by more than forty points. In order to thank Yuan Caixi for inviting Yuan Caixi to eat at home on the weekend, Yuan Caixi was hesitant to hear the voice of Ning Zeyu next to him, and Li He refused to be left behind and said to go, Yuan Caixi was helpless.

Yuan Caixi and Ye Jingxi ate the problematic pizza. In order to prevent Yuan Caixi from being exposed to the media, Ye Jingxi asked Li He to send Yuan Caixi to the hospital. Ning Zeyu stayed with Ye Jingxi and waited for 80,000. Yuan Caixi was already vomiting almost nothing, Li He was very worried about her, so he decided to try before she eats so that she won’t have any problems.

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