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Please Classmate 拜托了班长 Episode 11 Recap

Ye Jingxi took Yuan Caixi to the library to avoid fans. In order to avoid her making a sound to attract fans, Ye Jingxi covered her mouth. After the fans left, Yuan Caixi pushed him away and asked him why he brought her here. Ye Jingxi asked Yuan Caixi if he remembered eating chocolate in the library when he was a child and soiled other people’s books. Yuan Caixi remembered that when he was a child and Daxiong reading in the library when he ate chocolate and soiled the book, Yuan Caixi couldn’t believe that the big bear was Ye Jingxi.

Finally, Yuan Caixi After taking out the whistle necklace and the lollipop, Yuan Caixi believed that she was very happy to find the big bear. After that happened, Ye Jingxi’s mother took him to another city. He went abroad as a trainee, and he has not returned until now. He also went to Yuan Caixi’s house to look for her, only to find that she had moved. Ye Jingxi had no choice but to find all the high schools in Haven City, and finally found her name on the list of three good students on their school’s official website.

Li He was very angry. Ye Jingxi took Yuan Caixi and ran most of the campus. The two of them stayed in the library for so long. Netizens voted for the new generation of most popular male idol Ye Jingxi ranked first. They also praised him for having many fans. Li He said that this is a group of little girls, and the monitor never chased stars. Lin Chuan reminded him that Ye Jingxi and Yuan Caixi are childhood sweethearts.

When Lin Chuan returned to the classroom, he saw a large group of classmates surrounding Ye Jingxi asking for an autograph and taking photos with Han Yayi. Lin Chuan walked over and pulled Han Yayi out of the classroom. Standing outside the classroom, Han Yayi was still looking at the classroom like an idiot. She said that Ye Jingxi was her love for Ye Jingxi, and Ye Jingxi was her belief. Lin Chuan was angry and left, and even forgot anything about coming to see Han Yayi.

Lin Chuan walked back to the sports equipment room. Li He came to ask him how he was. Lin Chuan told him that he wanted to ask Han Yayi, but as soon as he returned to the classroom, he saw Han Yayi admiring Ye Jingxi too much. . Ning Zeyu asked Yuan Caixi if he wanted to prepare a copy of these papers and materials for the new classmate. Yuan Caixi had already prepared Ye Jingxi and she could go back and get a copy. Ning Zeyu deserves to be the monitor, Yuan Caixi said that because Ye Jingxi was a good friend of her childhood, but he moved when he was a child, and they never saw him again after he moved.

Ye Jingxi went to the supermarket. The fans and classmates immediately ran to the supermarket to get things to give him. Ye Jingxi asked them to put them back. Han Yayi and Yuan Caixi, who had come with Ye Jingxi, left after seeing this scene. Ye Jingxi also left afterwards. Huang Yuan and Pan Hao were beside her. Huang Yuan wanted to follow Ye Jingxi when she left. Pan Hao would get hurt if she held her and told her not to go. Huang Yuan could be taken to the infirmary by Ye Jingxi if she thought about it. Turning around and leaving, Pan Hao was angry and posted a Weibo with a big celebrity playing big names.

Ye Jingxi, Yuan Caixi and Han Yayi went to the cafeteria to eat together. His fans and classmates were very excited and happy with him. What should Ye Jingxi ask them to do when they go back. Yuan Caixi wanted to help Ye Jingxi with dinner but forgot to get the meal card. Han Yayi helped them with dinner. Li He watched Yuan Caixi and Ye Jingxi behave closely and couldn’t eat.

Ning Zeyu told Li He about the major events that happened to Ye Jingxi and Yuan Caixi when they were young. The monitor was bullied because he was a single-parent family. Ye Jingxi helped her. Ye Jingxi helped her celebrate her birthday, but a fire broke out. They never saw Ye Jingxi after she moved. In the face, Li He didn’t think the problem was big.

Ye Jingxi asked Yuan Caixi as a tutor to help him with his homework, and Yuan Caixi agreed without hesitation. Yuan Caixi came to Ning Zeyu and Li He to be Ye Jingxi’s tutor. Li He didn’t agree, but Ning Zeyu persuaded him to help.

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