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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 17 Recap

Guo Tielin admitted that he shouldn’t run away from home and threw a mess to Guo Sanshuang and Guo Jiangdong. Guo Tielin claimed to have made a lot of money now, and wanted to come back and compensate them. Ye Xiaomei gave him an idea to spend more. Money pleases Jiangdong.

Guo Tielin bought leather shoes, belts and gold jewelry for Guo Jiangdong and sent them to the nursing home by the courier. Guo Jiangdong was very happy at first, but he received different gifts every day, and they were all expensive. He became uneasy and didn’t want to After Sanshuang, spend money again. Guo Jiangdong called for the first time to remind Sanshuang. Guo Sanshuang was very busy. His colleagues discussed with him about buying things with public funds. Guo Jiangdong mistakenly thought that Guo Sanshuang would embezzle public funds privately, worrying that he would continue to make mistakes, so he hurried. Come to report to Ye Xiaomei and ask Ye Xiaomei to stop Sanshuang.

Ye Xiaomei had to admit that those things were bought by Tielin, Guo Jiangdong was furious, he resolutely never accepted anything from Tielin, and Ye Xiaomei’s hard persuasion was of no avail. Wu Hui rushed to hear the news, but she persuaded Jiangdong to leave. Ye Xiaomei truthfully reported Guo Jiangdong’s attitude to Guo Tielin, and advised Tielin not to worry.

Guo Jiangdong took all the things that Tielin gave to Ye Xiaomei, and asked her to tell Tielin to take the things away. Ye Xiaomei used various excuses to shirk her. Guo Jiangdong finally agreed to let Tielin come to the nursing home and return it to him by herself. Ye Xiaomei was ecstatic, and Guo Jiangdong finally agreed to meet Tielin. She hurriedly told Tielin the news. After crossing Tielin, she came to the nursing home early. Guo Jiangdong was very cold towards him and forced him to take things away. Lin had to obediently pull away all the gifts.

Guo Jiangdong was still angry and warned Tielin not to buy anything for him. Ye Xiaomei came to urge Jiangdong to eat. Guo Tielin wanted to treat her father to a good meal, but Guo Jiangdong insisted on going to the cafeteria for dinner, and Tielin was helpless. , Had to follow Guo Jiangdong to the cafeteria for dinner.

Guo Tielin and Guo Jiangdong had a meal face to face, and took the opportunity to take him out for a walk after the meal. Guo Jiangdong didn’t buy it at all, and even mocked him. Guo Tielin was ashamed and had to leave in angrily. Ye Xiaomei tried to help Tielin and Guo Jiangdong ease the relationship, but she couldn’t think of a better way. She was too anxious, so Wu Hui persuaded her not to rush.

Guo Sanshuang sent a WeChat message to Ye Xiaomei every day to report her safety. Ye Xiaomei has never dared to reply to her message or tell him about Tielin, not wanting him to affect her work. Guo Sanshuang couldn’t wait, so she hurriedly called Ye Xiaomei. Ye Xiaomei had to tell her about Tielin’s visit to Jiangdong to apologize, and she tried her best to say good things to her. Guo Sanshuang was determined not to visit her grandpa through Tielin. She was worried. He wanted to cheat grandpa’s money again, but Ye Xiaomei had arranged for them to meet. Guo Sanshuang was so anxious that his mobile phone suddenly ran out of power and had to give up.

Guo Tielin drank with his friends. He drank a lot in one breath, and finally became drunk and unconscious, so he called on behalf of the driver. After Tielin stumbled and wanted to get into the car, he suddenly vomited blood. The driver rushed him to the hospital. The doctor initially checked Tielin’s condition and suspected that he was suffering from gastric bleeding caused by cirrhosis. The driver turned it out. Tielin’s cell phone called Ye Xiaomei to report.

Ye Xiaomei hurried to the hospital. The doctor had arranged for Tielin to undergo a CT examination. The result of the examination was gastric ulcer. The doctor advised Ye Xiaomei to contact Tielin’s family. Ye Xiaomei was in a dilemma and could only stay and take care of Tielin. After Tielin went to sleep peacefully, Ye Xiaomei remembered what Sanshuang had said, and hurriedly took the key to check in the car to confirm that the Big Ben had passed Tielin.

Guo Tielin woke up early in the morning and saw Jiang Dong lying next to him. He was so excited that he couldn’t speak. Guo Jiangdong severely criticized him for a meal. Ye Xiaomei bought breakfast and hurriedly hid out wittyly. She reminded him before she left. Tielin shouldn’t make Jiangdong angry anymore. Guo Jiangdong was anxious when he learned that he was sick and was hospitalized. Guo Tielin accompanies Jiang with a smile to please Guo Jiangdong and peels the eggs for him personally. Guo Jiangdong doesn’t buy it at all.

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