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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 18 Recap

Guo Tielin tried his best to please Jiangdong, and he took the food and fed him by himself. After passing Jiangdong, seeing him look sloppy, he suddenly felt softened. Before leaving, he promised Tielin that he could go to the nursing home to see him. He was overjoyed.

Guo Jiangdong hated Tielin for being unwilling, not only made him sad, but also dragged down Sanshuang. Ye Xiaomei wondered why Sanshuang hated Tielin so much. Guo Jiangdong would tell me the past. Shuang’s mother was terminally ill. Guo Tielin signed the agreement to give up the treatment and then took his wife home. Guo Sanshuang witnessed this scene with his own eyes, and he held a grudge against Guo Tielin.

Guo Sanshuang tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He connected with Ye Xiaomei all night to make amends to her, but Ye Xiaomei refused to buy it. She revealed to Guo Sanshuang about Tielin’s stomach bleeding. Guo Sanshuang believed that she had used Tielin to deceive grandpa. Ye Xiaomei firmly believed that Tielin was really repentant, and she had secretly checked Tielin’s driver’s license. Guo Sanshuang was still unreliable and wanted to find time to find out about the situation with her grandpa.

Guo Jiangdong couldn’t stand the enthusiasm of Hou Lao and others, and went to a nearby restaurant to eat steamed buns with them. Guo Jiangdong accidentally saw Tielin drinking and discussing business with a few boss-like people in the private room. Guo Jiangdong broke in directly and exposed publicly that passing through Tielin was unreliable, and even the currency was imaginary, and advised those bosses not to negotiate business with Guo Tielin, but things went counterproductive. Those bosses learned that Tielin knows how to make money with virtual currency. Even more convinced of Guo Tielin, Guo Jiangdong had to leave angrily.

I visited Jiangdong in the nursing home through Tielin and gave gifts to every old man. He also bought gifts for the doorman Uncle Zhang. The old people repeatedly praised Tielin for filial piety and went back to call their children accountable. Guo Tielin came to see Jiangdong after giving the gift. Guo Jiangdong reminded him not to be too arrogant and should be a low-key man. Guo Tielin didn’t take it seriously. He now sees the way to make money and promises to let Guo Jiangdong live without food and clothing soon. Worry life.

Guo Tielin couldn’t wait to see his son Guo Sanshuang. Guo Jiangdong reminded him not to be too happy. Guo Sanshuang still hates him until now. Guo Tielin is worried about Tielin’s illegal business. Guo Tielin boasts that the rate of return is very high. Guo Tielin was still uneasy, and Guo Tielin agreed to find time to show him.

Not happy, Hou Lao and Lao Li have heard that Tielin has a high return on earning money. They each took out their retirement salary cards and wanted to follow Tielin to make a fortune. Guo Tielin resolutely refused to accept it, and reminded them to take their pension money. Looking good, Guo Jiangdong was very pleased to see this scene from the window.

On the weekend, I passed by Tielin to Jiangdong and Ye Xiaomei to see a villa. The real estate agency staff explained to them the situation of the king of the building in detail. The community environment is beautiful, the house type is reasonable, and the decoration is luxurious. What medicine is sold in the gourd. Guo Tielin decided to buy this apartment. Jiangdong’s name was written on the real estate certificate to allow the whole family to live together. Guo Tielin also specially prepared a large kitchen for Jiangdong, allowing him to give full play to his expertise.

Guo Jiangdong was very satisfied with the house. He asked Guo Tielin to write Sanshuang’s name on the real estate certificate. He wanted Guo Sanshuang to marry and have children here. Guo Tielin promised, and he took Jiangdong and Ye Xiaomei to the second floor. . Guo Tielin and Guo Jiangdong stood on the balcony, looking at the lakes and mountains in the distance, and Guo Tielin longed for a beautiful new life in the future.

Passing Tielin brought Jiangdong and Ye Xiaomei to the sales office, and paid a deposit of 500,000 on the spot. Guo Jiangdong carefully checked the purchase contract. For fear of being deceived by Tielin, he also asked Ye Xiaomei to check the purchase contract. Ye Xiaomei confirmed that it was correct and went to Jiangdong. Only then happily signed his name, Guo Tielin specifically explained to the staff that Jiangdong’s name must be written on the real estate certificate.

That night, Ye Xiaomei was connected to Guo Sanshuang’s video and sent him a photo of the house. Guo Sanshuang suspected Tielin’s fraud and asked Ye Xiaomei to go to the police station to find out. Ye Xiaomei watched Tielin pay the money. San Shuang only believed it and couldn’t wait to get married with Ye Xiaomei in her new house, but Ye Xiaomei smiled but didn’t answer. Guo Sanshuang was still not at ease, and asked Ye Xiaomei to inquire about Tielin’s business.

Guo Tielin helped Jiangdong complete the formalities and took him out of the nursing home. Guo Jiangdong was reluctant to bear, and couldn’t help but tears. Ye Xiaomei and Wu Hui brought the old people to see Jiangdong off and congratulated him on the housewarming. Guo Jiangdong invited everyone to pass. Come to the greenhouse some days. That night, Guo Jiangdong called Guo Sanshuang. He was wandering in the street and lied to be drinking in a bar with his friends. Guo Jiangdong hoped that he would come back soon. Ye Xiaomei drew down the story of Jiangdong and his son overnight. Wu Hui went to the ward rounds as usual, and she was relieved when she saw that the old people were sleeping well.

Guo Jiangdong invited the old people from the nursing home to have a dinner at home. Ye Xiaomei brought everyone here on time. The old people’s eyes were bright and they were full of praise for the big house. They repeatedly praised the beautiful decoration of the house. Guo Jiangdong was taking the most proud apprentice with him. The kitchen is busy cooking, let them take a look around. Unhappy because of jealousy in every possible way, he was ridiculed by Hou Lao and others. Guo Tielin was too late to arrive, and Guo Jiangdong asked Ye Xiaomei to call him to urge him.

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