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Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零 Episode 16 Recap

Ye Xiaomei asked the golden oriole to fulfill her promise to return the 50,000 yuan. The golden oriole promised to give her a 500,000 yuan dowry when she got married. Ye Xiaomei was angry and wanted to rely on her every day to ask for money. Speechless, I had to ask the golden ori to help deliver food.

Ye Xiaomei returned to the nursing home drunk. Uncle Zhang hurriedly opened the door and wanted to send her back to the room. Ye Xiaomei insisted that she stumbled back. Guo Sanshuang was bored in the room. Ye Xiaomei suddenly came to the teacher to ask her crimes. She complained that he didn’t have a phone call or text message. Guo Sanshuang cried out for injustice. He made countless calls, but Ye Xiaomei never answered. Ye Xiaomei found out that the phone was turned off.

Ye Xiaomei fell drunk on Guo Sanshuang’s bed. Guo Sanshuang took the opportunity to report the loss of her tricycle. Ye Xiaomei no longer pursues it. She has already asked Golden Orioles to help deliver food. Guo Sanshuang wants to join that company and work in Zhuhai for a few months. Ye Xiaomei disagreed. Early the next morning, Ye Xiaomei woke up in a daze and found herself sleeping on Guo Sanshuang’s bed. Guo Sanshuang explained repeatedly that she realized that she had taken off her clothes and slept here last night. She was so ashamed that she was ashamed of herself and hurriedly took Guo Sanshuang. Drive out to change clothes.

The old people gathered around the door to watch the excitement. Guo Jiangdong reminded Sanshuang not to repeat the same mistakes his father had done with Tielin. Ye Xiaomei changed her clothes and came out of Guo Sanshuang’s room quietly. The old people looked at each other. Golden Oriole recharged 100,000 yuan to the fresh cold chain company. The company sent a large cart of dishes. The vegetables were fresh and packed in special fresh-keeping boxes. Wu Hui was worried that the price was too expensive, and Ye Xiaomei persuaded her not to worry.

After Sanshuang came to say goodbye to Ye Xiaomei, Ye Xiaomei forbade him to leave. At this moment, the golden ori took the initiative to come to see Ye Xiaomei, greeted her with warmth, and gave her the latest bag. Ye Xiaomei was unmoved. The golden ori only wanted her to say “Thank you mother”. Ye Xiaomei said to you. He promised to pay her back if he had money. Golden Oriole decided to take over the nursing home and let Ye Xiaomei concentrate on comic creation. She also promised to help her with packaging and promotion. Only after Ye Xiaomei realized that online likes were all operated by her with money. Golden Oriole confessed to this, and Ye Xiaomei clearly stated her The dream is to fulfill Lin Sufen’s last wish, and the golden ori will not force it.

Ye Xiaomei refused to accept the bag from the golden oriole. The golden oriole asked her to refund the money and put the money in the nursing home. Guo Sanshuang took Ye Xiaomei to an Internet celebrity shop for dinner. They waited a long time before they arrived. Guo Sanshuang gave all the beef balls to Ye Xiaomei. She once again proposed to go to Zhuhai to work for a few months. Ye Xiaomei refused to agree and worried about him. Going back to the old way, after Sanshuang, I took out the company’s detailed introduction. Ye Xiaomei felt that this was a formal company, so she reluctantly agreed to let him try. After Guo Sanshuang, she wanted Ye Xiaomei to keep him. He felt very disappointed. .

Today is the day for Sanshuang to go to Zhuhai. He and his friends arrived at the airport early. Ye Xiaomei was late to see off the plane. She also called Sanshuang to inform Sanshuang. She was very disappointed. I asked Ye Xiaomei to take care of Jiangdong. Without going back to board the plane, Ye Xiaomei sent a back photo of Sanshuang at the moment. It was only after Sanshuang realized that she was hiding aside, her heart was happy, and she sent a message to ask Ye Xiaomei to wait for him to return. Ye Xiaomei was busy in the nursing home step by step every day, and her life was peaceful and comfortable. She gave a portrait of each old man in the nursing home and posted it at their door.

Guo Tielin drove to the nursing home to visit his father Guo Jiangdong. The guard Zhang Shu stopped him and asked him to register according to the regulations. Later, he discovered that Jiangdong did not have this son in his documents. He suspected that he was selling insurance or promoting health products. Tielin defended in every possible way, but Uncle Zhang didn’t listen at all. Guo Tielin had already inquired clearly and determined that both Jiangdong and Guo Sanshuang lived here. Uncle Zhang was determined not to allow him to enter the door. Guo Tielin had to call his superiors and ask them to call the dean of the nursing home.

Guo Sanshuang reported on her itinerary to Ye Xiaomei countless times a day. Ye Xiaomei was too disturbed. Wu Hui received a call from her superiors and reported to Ye Xiaomei that she had visited Tielin to visit Jiangdong. Ye Xiaomei called Guo Sanshuang to confirm, but he Always on the phone. Ye Xiaomei hurried to find Jiangdong to confirm. Guo Jiangdong only asked her to bring two sentences to Tielin. Guo Jiangdong didn’t admit that Tielin was his son, and asked him to “get away from where”.

Ye Xiaomei met Tielin at the door. She concealed Jiangdong’s first sentence and only relayed the second sentence. She repeatedly stated that there was no such son in Jiangdong’s materials, and that Tielin would not be angry when she visited Jiangdong. After a few boxes of fruit and supplements, I left. Wu Hui advised Ye Xiaomei to explain the truth to Guo Sanshuang, but Ye Xiaomei didn’t want to worry about Sanshuang.

Ye Xiaomei recorded the story of Guo Jiangdong and Guo Tielin in the form of comics that night. She called Guo Sanshuang overnight, and Guo Sanshuang drank with the client. She was already drunk and unconscious, and he never answered the phone. Ye Xiaomei came to the Internet celebrity shop alone and saw Tielin eating noodles here alone. She greeted him on the initiative and recommended special beef balls to him. She ordered one on the spot.

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